All About Hair Transplant Treatments

What is Hair Transplantation?

Even while men seem to like hair transplantation more, women do occasionally require this type of transplantation. Periodic hair loss may be hereditary or congenital. Spills can occasionally be very annoying even if they are so minute that they are not visible to the human eye. Treatments for hair transplantation are necessary.

Actually, there is no external hair transplant surgery while using hair transplant therapies. It involves moving the hair from the parts of your scalp that aren’t prone to shedding to the bald spots. With the aid of specific procedures, the hair is transplanted into the bald area from the donor portion of your head, which is split into donor area and recipient area. This in turn treats the problem of baldness by making your new hair thicker and longer over time.

Who Can Get Hair Transplant Treatment?

Treatments for hair transplantation do not need to meet any additional requirements. There are, of course, some characteristics that those who are thinking about obtaining a hair transplant should have. The majority of those who are thinking about getting a hair transplant share these traits.

  • Not Being Completely Bald
  • Sufficient donor area
  • Having a healthy body

Are Hair Transplant Treatments Risky?

Like other treatments, hair transplants have side effects. Every treatment has hazards, even if they are minor. because they are medical procedures that call for anaesthetic. Even the easiest treatments and the healthiest patients are at danger from anesthesia. There are dangers associated with hair transplant procedures in addition to the anesthetic risk. Depending on the desired clinic, these risks may change. For your hair transplant procedures to be successful and trouble-free, you should carefully select the clinic you like. Otherwise, there are a lot of problems that could arise. the dangers associated with hair transplant surgery;

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction to anesthetics
  • Loss of Transplanted Hair
  • Unnatural Appearance
Hair trasnplant before after
Handsome happy young man combing his hair

Countries Offering Successful Hair Transplant Treatment

If you’re considering a hair transplant, you should unquestionably opt to have the procedure performed abroad. Because therapies for hair transplants shouldn’t be left to chance. Selecting a nation whose name you commonly hear in relation to hair transplant treatments is quite necessary if you want to receive successful hair transplant procedures. You don’t sound like a foreigner in this country. Turkey is regarded as the global capital! You can arrange to undergo treatment in this nation, which offers the hair transplant procedures that are the most effective. Since it will take a while to see the outcomes, even if the treatments are successful in any country without problems, you don’t want to be late, do you?

A few months after planting, you will be able to view the complete outcome. Even though that is a considerable amount of time, what if the transplants seem so fake and absurd? There is too much at stake. Even when you believe the treatments are going well, as your hair begins to grow, you could feel anxious rather than excited. They might take a different path or make a skewed path of progression. You should also receive therapy in a good nation that has a successful track record if you want to avoid going through all of them.

Countries Offering Affordable Hair Transplant Treatment

Prices for hair transplant procedures are just as crucial as their success. This has a significant impact. Therefore, choosing a country is crucial. You will learn how expensive beauty treatments are if you do some research on hair transplant procedures. You can also look at the table below for this. Some nations believe it to be a joke! If you don’t do enough research, you can regret it because the price disparities are so great. Additionally, the prices will be greatly impacted by the country you choose to receive your treatments. It would be wiser to give up on this matter right away if you intend to obtain treatment in a nation like Germany or England.

The number of hair transplant specialists is limited in these nations since there are few hair transplant facilities there and because they are not favored nations. It also explains why its costs are so astronomically high, making it one of the nations you should certainly stay away from. Instead, as was previously indicated, you can receive the best care at the most affordable cost by receiving treatment in Turkey, which is effective. The low cost of living and high demand for hair transplants in Turkey significantly lower the price of hair transplant procedures. When compared to other nations, savings of up to 80% are possible.

Hair Transplantation Treatment Price in Turkey

Despite the extremely low cost of medical care in Turkey, CureHoliday makes sure that you receive the best care possible from the most accomplished surgeons because to our years of experience. This allows you to receive treatment at the most reasonable costs. Unlimited amount of grafts, one charge, in contrast to the pricing at many clinics!
With our package prices for lodging, transportation, and other tests that must be performed in a hospital, we also provide services that will limit your additional costs;

Our Treatment Price is 1,350€
Our Treatment Package Price is 1.650€
Services included in the package;

  • Full-time transplant treatment in the hospital
  • prp therapy
  • Medicines
  • shampoo set
  • 2 days stay in a 5 star hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • PCR test
  • nursing service
  • Medication

Why are Hair Transplant Treatments Cheap in Turkey?

There are many hair transplantation clinics: Competition is a result of the abundance of clinics offering hair transplants. Clinics give the best costs to entice international patients so that they will choose them.

Exchange Rate Extraordinarily High: Due to Turkey’s extremely high exchange rate, even the best treatments are extremely affordable for foreign patients. As of 14.03.2022, 1 euo is 19.82 TL in Turkey. This is a factor that has a significant impact on the purchasing power of visitors.

Low cost of living: When compared to other nations, Turkey has a lower cost of living. This has an impact on treatment cost. In actuality, the final two elements considerably lower the cost of not only treatments but also lodging, travel, and other necessities of life in Turkey.

Things to Know About Hair Transplant Treatments

  • Treatments for hair transplants are of utmost importance. People should not be treated ignorantly because of this reason. There are some things you should start with and things you should accomplish before deciding on therapy. Obtain information in-depth about them;
  • The appearance of hair transplant procedures must be natural: Keep in mind that you must select skilled surgeons before undergoing hair transplant treatments. Depending on the direction of the hair, hair transplants should be done correctly. If not, an undesirable and unnatural-looking image is both conceivable and likely to happen.
  • You Can Get Hair Transplant Treatments Without Spending Thousands of Euros: Given that they are cosmetic procedures, hair transplant treatments are frequently highly pricey. However, you should be aware that there are less expensive options available. If you choose wisely, you may be able to receive Hair Transplantation treatments at a very low cost.
  • You should be aware of what hair transplantation entails. You should be aware that your obligations extend beyond organizing the treatment and paying for it. Following therapy, there are some habits you should avoid. Because of this, you ought to employ certain shampoos and post-treatment care.
  • You should be aware that following hair transplantation, your hair will fall out: Your hair will shed suddenly after transplantation; this is known as shock shedding. Later, it will resurface. Don’t worry, the likelihood that you will encounter a treatment-related issue will be incredibly low as long as you make sure your doctor has experience.
  • Edema after treatments is a frequent consequence that must be avoided. But you can stay away from it. Edema will slow the healing process and result in swelling and bruising. Applying cold pressure will help give the least amount of edema for this (with ice).

Hair Care After Hair Transplant Treatment

  • Treatments for hair transplants demand a lot of care and attention. As a result, you must do these actions.
  • Regular use of the prescribed medications is advised. In addition to being crucial for maintaining a regular blood flow and reducing discomfort, drugs are crucial for avoiding infections. Therefore, frequent usage of the prescribed medications is crucial.
  • Sweating should be avoided because it harms hair follicles and inhibits their normal growth.
  • After planting, take care to take a break from stress because stress can trigger hair loss. You can do this by taking a two-week vacation in the nation where you will relocate. The rest of our content has information about this.
  • Remember that you will be taking medication after planting; therefore, you should abstain from alcohol for one week. Alcohol harms newly rooted hair because it enters the circulatory system directly from the blood circulation.
  • The neck epilation area’s bandages should be taken off the day following hair transplantation, and dressing should be applied. Ice should then be applied to stop edema from settling on the head and eyes.
  • Nothing will be applied to the transplanted area after the second day following hair transplantation. Use just the medications and remedies that your doctor has recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

Treatments for hair transplants can be incredibly thought-provoking. It’s crucial that you do your homework before treatments and find the answers to any queries you may have. Therefore, by reading the FAQ down below, you can unwind a little.

Is Hair Transplantation a Painful Procedure?

Treatments for hair transplants are typically not too comfortable. Considering a needle going in and out of your head, this will undoubtedly be unsettling. However, throughout the procedures, your head will go completely numb. During the procedure, you won’t feel a thing thanks to local anaesthetic. Treatments are painless as a result. Additionally, the method of treatment you select will be picky about post-treatment pain. You should anticipate experiencing pain following treatments if you decide to use a procedure like the FUT technique. However, you won’t feel any pain if you select a method like FUE or DHI.

How Much Graft Do I Need?

A physician-performed hair analysis will establish how much hair is required. Compaction can be used on the spill-prone regions after the spill type has been identified. The best outcomes are typically attained after the second session in situations where a single session is insufficient.

Is There an Age Limit for Hair Transplantation?

Age is less important than the type of shedding for the process. It indicates that the hair density in that area has fallen below 50% of the usual density if the skin is visible when viewed with the unaided eye. Hair transplantation is the most practical treatment in this situation for the patient.

What is the Importance of Age Factor in Hair Transplantation?

Whether or not the hair loss has stopped is the key determinant in determining age during the transplanting process. The pace of male pattern hair loss reduces after the age of 35 and is a permanent condition. It should be remembered that when the supplement is created in kids under these years, shedding may continue, and the patient may need a second or third session.

How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?

It usually takes 4 to 8 hours to transplant hair. After hair transplantation, the patient needs roughly 7 days if he doesn’t want the procedure to be known in his professional and social circles. If he does not have these worries, he can resume his normal activities in a day.

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