Are Dental Treatments Better in the UK or Turkey? Price Comparison UK vs Turkey

If you are from the UK, you have most certainly heard of people who traveled abroad to get dental treatments, or perhaps you have already tried it yourself. The biggest motivation behind flying across borders for dental care is without a doubt the opportunity to find better prices.

This is why thousands of British people and others from countries where dental care is similarly expensive, choose to pack their suitcases and head for the airport to get dental care overseas. Currently, one of the most visited dental tourism destinations is Turkey.

But can you really get good quality dental care abroad, particularly in Turkey? While the promises of cheaper dental treatments sound great, it is only natural that patients want to fully trust a dental clinic and dentist before they can leave their smile in their hands.

In this article, we will look into the matter and try to answer some worries about getting dental treatments abroad.

Dental Treatment Quality in the UK and Turkey

Problems concerning teeth are universal concerns shared by every person across the world. This is why dentistry is a sector that is always in high demand everywhere.

In order to provide their patients with successful results, dental clinics and dentists everywhere need to practice continuously and keep themselves informed about the latest methods and technologies. If these principles are followed, the success rate of dental treatments goes up too.

When it comes to quality dental care, a good dental clinic in the UK and a good dental clinic in Turkey will be very similar because in order to be good they need to keep a certain standard. Both will work with experienced dentists, use the latest dental technologies, use trusted dental product brands, be good at communication, and offer guidance before and after the treatment. So, if you are worried about getting dental treatments in Turkey, you can be confident that you will receive world-class dental care when you choose a reputable dental clinic. When you find the right clinic, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the dental care you will get.

The rule of thumb when choosing a dental clinic and a dentist, either in your home country or abroad, is to thoroughly research. Not all dental clinics provide the same standard of services.

Dental Care Cost in the UK

The cost of dental treatments in the UK can be counted among the most expensive in developed countries. While NHS covers some treatments, there are also many essential treatments such as dental implants that are covered only in specific cases.

Considering that the average cost of dental implants in the UK is around £1,600-2,500, it is easy to understand why people can find it difficult to afford these treatments. This causes many people to postpone having any dental care which tends to make the condition of their teeth worse over time.

How Can Dental Treatments in Turkey Be Cheaper?

It is said that generally, the cost of getting dental treatments in Turkey is approximately 50-70% less expensive when compared to the UK or similarly pricey countries. It is only natural that you may wonder why exactly this is the case. There are several factors at play in determining the prices of dental care in Turkey.

To list some of them we can mention the low cost of living in the country, the low cost of operating dental clinics, overall operation costs, and most importantly favorable currency exchange rates for foreigners. 

If you have been following the news about the economic climate in Turkey, you might be aware of the drastic depreciation rate of the Turkish lira against currencies like the US dollar and the euro in recent years. This has created an opportunity for foreign citizens to receive very affordable dental care in Turkey as their money’s value greatly increased.

As a result of this, Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for Brits and many others alike for dental tourism.

Cost Comparison of Dental Treatments in the UK vs Turkey

Why Travel to Turkey for Dental Treatments

Turkey has a long history of being a popular destination for medical and dental tourists. However, there has been an increase in recent years in the number of international nationals visiting Turkey for dental care.

Some of the interesting factors that attract international dental tourists to Turkey are the well-established history of quality medical tourism in the country, increased opportunities for affordable vacations and travel due to cheaper airfare, and, of course, the high-quality, affordable dental care services offered by renowned clinics in Turkey as mentioned above.

Another perk of traveling to Turkey is that you will be able to skip all the waiting and schedule an appointment according to the timeframe that is most suitable for you. Therefore, you will save not only a lot of money but also heaps of time.

Aside from the cheaper prices and no-queues, Turkey also offers an opportunity to indulge in a holiday and have dental care treatments at the same time. As dental operations take only a couple of hours per appointment, you will have time to enjoy yourself and go around as a regular tourist. There are many dental clinics in tourist cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Fethiye, and Kusadasi, so you can travel to the city you like the best. There are also dental holiday packages that you can choose which will include other expenses like accommodation and transfer. These are also very in demand because they make the stay in Turkey very convenient.

All these combined contributed to the growing number you dental tourists to Turkey who are looking to get treatments such as dental implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, and Hollywood smile makeovers.

Affordable costs of dental treatments, experienced dentists, well-equipped clinics, the opportunity to have a holiday in a beautiful country, and accommodation and transfer deals, are some of the reasons why Turkey is a great destination for dental tourists.

CureHoliday helps and guides foreign patients in creating their dental treatment plans.  If you want to learn more about dental treatments and dental holiday packages in Turkey, you can get in touch with us directly through our message line and benefit from our free consultation opportunities. We are proud to be able to offer you the highest quality treatment dental treatment packages at the most competitive prices.