Best Dental Centres and Best Dental Implant Prices in Kusadasi, Turkey

Dental implants are the most effective and long-lasting way to restore missing teeth. Living with missing teeth presents several challenges, no matter if it is a front tooth or a rear molar.

In addition to lowering people’s self-confidence, missing teeth can damage general oral health and cause other dental issues over time. For this reason, it is important that missing teeth are treated.

How Does a Dental Implant Work?

A dental implant can replace a tooth’s whole structure, including the tooth root. If the damage or decay on a tooth has spread to the tooth root, dental implants are a great option.

Dental implant surgery involves drilling a hole in the jawbone where the missing tooth is located. Then, a metal screw-like implant post is inserted in the jawbone. The implant post can be made of titanium or zirconia materials, and it acts as an artificial tooth root. A dental prosthetic is installed on top of the implant once it has integrated with the jawbone over the course of a few months, at which point the lost tooth is completely replaced.

If your dentist evaluates that there is not enough bone structure to support a dental implant in your jaw, additional treatments such as a sinus lift or bone grafting may be necessary.

Once completed, a dental implant looks and functions like a natural tooth. When properly cared for, a successful dental implant can last for more than 20 years.

What Are Dental Implants Used For?

A dental implant can solve various functionality and aesthetic problems caused by missing teeth.

Dental implants are necessary when;

  • You have a missing tooth
  • You need to have a tooth extraction which will result in a missing tooth
  • You have a jawbone loss
  • You have a cracked tooth
  • You do not want to use dentures
  • You have multiple missing teeth
  • You need dental bridges
  • Most or all the teeth in one or both jaws are missing
  • You wish to improve the aesthetics of your smile

These are just some of the few scenarios that might necessitate the use of dental implants in dentistry.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you might be concerned about how much they cost.

Dental implants are one of the most complex dental procedures. They require expertise and fine surgical skills. Additionally, specialized dentistry products are used during the treatment. Considering these factors, dental implants are among the most expensive dental treatments in general.

Here is a short list covering dental implant prices around the world. The prices are starting prices for a single titanium implant without an abutment and dental crown.

Country Dental Implant Cost in €
United Kingdom€1,500-€3,000
United States€2,000-€4,000
Mexico €1,100
Germany €1,800
Hungary €900
Poland €800
Turkey €210-€300

8 Factors That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

Getting dental implants has many benefits, but the cost of the treatment can also be expensive. Some reasons behind the high cost of dental implants are;

  • The number of dental implants needed
  • The location of the missing teeth in the mouth
  • Whether additional treatments are necessary (tooth extraction, bone grafting, sinus lift, etc.)
  • The brand of the dental implant post
  • The type of dental crown that is used
  • The overall oral health
  • Policies of the dental clinic
  • The overall cost of living in the country

Is Traveling Abroad For Dental Care Worth It?

The expense of dental care is still a concern for millions of individuals worldwide. Finding cheap dental treatment is becoming more and more challenging, especially for residents of more wealthy nations like the US, Australia, and the UK. A lot of dental procedures might have long wait lists and are frequently not covered by insurance.

Here, many people seek to have more affordable dental treatments by travelling abroad to less expensive locations. Dental tourism is becoming more popular each year because of the conveniences it provides. When you find the right country and a recognized dental clinic, you can get dental treatments without having to wait for appointments and avoid paying huge amounts of money.

Is Turkey Good for Dental Work?

Turkey is a very popular location for dental tourism because of its skilled dental facilities and dentists, practical dental vacation packages, and effective treatments. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Turkish dental clinics because of their good reputation.

Additionally, Turkey offers some of the most reasonable prices for dental care. Typically, the cost of dental care in Turkey is between 50% and 70% less than it is in nations like the US and the UK. Thanks to this international patients can save a lot of money on dental treatment expenses which makes their trip worth it.

Turkish dental clinics can afford to offer world-class dental care with reliable dental product brands because of the low cost of living in the nation. Also, foreign citizens can benefit greatly from favorable currency exchange rates in recent years. For example, 1 EUR is worth 18 TRY as of November 2022 which is a very advantageous rate for patients.

Best Dental Clinics in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a seaside port city in the western region of Turkey. It is a well-loved location that is visited by thousands of tourists every year. It has also earned itself a reputation for providing great dental care.

There are a great number of dental clinics operating in Kusadasi. Many of the clinics treat foreign patients routinely. The medical staff and many dentists can speak English. Some clinics also offer language services for other languages.

Because they treat a lot of patients each year, dentists in Kusadasi are very experienced in their practice. Dentists in Kusadasi have the opportunity to treat different dental cases and they have expertise in handling all sorts of dental conditions thanks to their experience.

The dental clinics in Kusadasi are equipped with the latest dentistry tools and technologies. Some clinics also have their own dental lab where they create their own dental prosthetics which ensures that treatments are done very quickly.

Cheap Dental Implant Prices in Kusadasi

dental implant

Turkey is a very appealing travel destination since dental care is so reasonably priced. In general, Turkey provides the most affordable and competitive pricing for dental services in the region. In fact, prices in Turkey are very reasonable on average when compared to many other nations worldwide as well as with its immediate neighbors.

Dental clinics in Kusadasi also offer great prices for a lot of dental treatments including dental implants. In Kusadasi, a single titanium dental implant on its own can be as affordable as €210-€299 depending on the product brand. Clinics in Kusadasi use both reliable domestic and international dental implant brands. Moreover, the price of a zirconia dental crown starts at €130 in Kusadasi.

How Much Are Full Mouth Dental Implants in Kusadasi?

For those who are missing a large number of teeth on both the upper and lower jaw, full-mouth dental implants are an excellent solution. There are different types of full jaw dental implants such as All-on-4, All-on-6, or All-on-8 depending on the number of dental implants needed.

Full mouth dental implants can be very expensive because multiple implants and more dental prosthetics are needed. Since dental implant prices are comparatively cheaper in Turkey, full jaw or full mouth teeth implants will be more budget-friendly in Turkey.

Is It Safe to Get a Dental Implant in Kusadasi?

Turkey holds the position as one of the most visited dental tourism destinations worldwide. Visitors from all over the world travel to Turkish dental clinics to benefit from the affordable prices and effective procedures. Dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, and cosmetic procedures like Hollywood smile makeovers are just a few of the dental procedures that are most frequently performed for foreign visitors in Turkey.

Turkish dentists are known for receiving excellent training, making them some of the most knowledgeable and experienced medical experts in the field. There are numerous reliable dental clinics from which to choose.

Turkey meets all criteria of a great dental tourism location, including skilled and reputable dental clinics and dentists, reasonable costs, excellent service, and practical dental holiday packages.

If you travel to a recognized dental clinic, traveling to Turkey is absolutely safe and you are guaranteed to receive world-class dental care.

How to Choose the Best Dental Clinic in Turkey

Unsuccessful dental treatments can cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort, which can make eating and speaking difficult. Moreover, more expenses would be needed for extra treatments in the future. This is why it is important to research well and visit a reliable dental clinic no matter the location.

There are several points to look for when choosing the best dental tourism destination for you;

  • Experienced dentists
  • Helpful, understanding medical staff
  • Hygienic dental clinic
  • Up-to-date dental equipment and technologies
  • High-quality dental product brands
  • No waiting time
  • Affordable prices
  • Good communication
  • Language support
  • Reviews, before and after photos
  • Availability of all-inclusive dental care packages

All dental clinics we are working with in Kusadasi fit the above criteria and provide a great dental care experience.

How Long Do I Need to Stay in Turkey for Dental Implants?

The duration of each patient’s stay in Turkey depends heavily on the condition of their teeth. If the patient needs additional dental treatments or multiple dental implants, they will need to stay in Kusadasi for longer.

Dental implants usually require several dentist visits. This is because this procedure is very invasive; the gums and jawbone need time to heal between operations.

The initial step of dental implant treatment in Kusadasi can take up to a week. The patient will visit the dentist after a few months to complete the final stages of the treatment.

You can reach out to us for a free consultation to learn more about how long you would need to stay in Turkey.

Dental Holiday Packages in Kusadasi

Are you thinking about saving money by getting dental work done abroad? The nicest thing about receiving dental care abroad, aside from the reasonable costs, is that you may combine a relaxing vacation with a dental treatment plan while you’re there, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

Dental clinics can offer treatment plan packages for reasonable prices. These packages usually include accommodation in a 5-star hotel and all in-city transfers.

How to Travel to Kusadasi for Dental Implants?

The most convenient way to get to Kusadasi is to use Izmir International Airport. Izmir International Airport is roughly 80 km away from central Kusadasi where dental clinics are located. Transfer from the airport takes around one hour.

Kusadasi is the perfect choice for you to take the best care of your smile. CureHoliday is working with some of the most reliable and experienced dental clinics and dentists in the city.

If you want to know more about dental implant treatments and dental holiday package deals in Kusadasi, we invite you to reach out to us through our message lines. You can ask all your questions about the process and benefit from free online consultations with dentists.