Best Dental Implant Brands and Dental Implants in Turkey

The brand of the dental implant is an important factor when receiving dental implant treatment. If you are interested you can read our article to learn more about what dental implant brands are used in Turkey.

Why Does the Brand of Dental Implants Matter?

Dental implants are permanent treatments and the patients continue to use them for a long time. For this reason, it is important that the implant is of high quality and will not cause problems for the patient in the long run. Just like any other product, the brand of dental implants plays a significant role in the success rate of treatments.

The majority of dental implants are made of titanium, however, their shapes and how they fit vary. How these varieties affect the success of dental implants has been the subject of extensive research. When the dental implant is first placed in the jawbone, there is a biological link at the point of contact that creates the exchange of information between cells and biomaterials. Following this exchange, the body can either accept or reject the new implant.

If suitable and good-quality dental implants are used the jawbone accepts the implant and the bone grows tightly around the bone making the implant more durable and stronger. This process is known as osseointegration and osteoblastic cells can adhere faster to rough surfaces. This is why the material of the implant matters. The best dental implant brands focus on the surface qualities of the implants.

Importance of Choosing the Right Dentist

While usually dental operations are performed with the patient local anesthesia, sometimes general anesthesia can be used. Even though the patients do not feel any pain during the operation, some people might be anxious about having metal screws placed into their jawbone. For this reason, dental implant treatments require great attention and skill from the dentists. But finding the correct doctor and facility is extremely simple.

Dental procedures can be very uncomfortable if they are performed by inexperienced dentists or subpar materials are used. After receiving poor dental treatment, tooth sensitivity and issues with the tooth’s roots will inevitably arise. Because of this, the role of the dentist in dental treatments is crucial. We collaborate with the top clinics and most skilled dentists to provide you with dental implants. You can get in touch with us and choose one of the top dental clinics in Turkey if you want a dental implant made of high-quality materials that give you your ideal smile.

Which Dental Implant Brands Should Not Be Preferred?

According to patient experiences and feedback, there are certain dental implant brands with which patients who receive dental implant treatment are not happy.

Instead of giving you a choice between hundreds of different brands, we have produced a list of dental implant brands for you. No matter how excellent a dental implant brand may be, the most crucial aspects of the procedure are the selected facility and the doctor’s qualifications. It’s important to choose your dentist and clinic carefully. Otherwise, even if you select the greatest dental implant brand, problems with your dental implants could result from the doctor’s unskillful care.

Best Dental Implant Brands

Straumann: The brand was founded in Switzerland in 1954. It is among the top dental implant brands. Today, they continue to produce great quality implants while conducting numerous research projects. They offer the greatest products for tissue regeneration.

Bego: The patient’s well-being and health are a priority for BEGO and its employees. Their continued work in this area enables them to provide patients with the most durable dental implants. It is one of the brands that work best with teeth with high patient satisfaction.

Osstem: It is the brand that now makes the most effective dental implant components. Before being put on the market, it undergoes numerous trials before being made available to patients. It is critical to launch dental goods onto the market following extensive trials and research. In terms of both price and performance, it is a widely favored brand.

These are some of the dental implant brands that patients prefer and do not experience any issues with following treatment. They also have maximum oral compatibility. As was already mentioned, even if the very best dental implant brands are used, choosing the right clinic and dentist is crucial if you want to be happy with your implant treatment and avoid any issues.

Dental Implant Brands Used In Turkey

  • Straumann
  • Nobel
  • Zimmer
  • MIS
  • Implance
  • Swiss
  • Bego

All the dental clinics CureHoliday is working with provide patients with brand certificates showing the authenticity of the implants.

Tips for Choosing a Dental Clinic in Turkey

Implant treatments in Turkey, as in any other country, necessitate the careful selection of clinics and dentists. There are pitfalls to be aware of while picking a clinic in Turkey. The first thing you should check when selecting a clinic is if it has a certificate of authorization for health tourism. The Turkish government inspects clinics with this certificate every six months. As a result, they provide higher-quality, more hygienic treatments.

The next thing to check is the clinic’s social media accounts. Many patients leave reviews about the dental clinic where they received dental care and talk about their experiences whether good or bad. After reading comments from other patients, you will be able to make a more informed decision when choosing the dental clinic and dentist.

Another suggestion is to make sure the dental implant treatment facility can give documentation proving the dental implants are authentic or not. After the procedure, if the clinic can give you the product’s certificate, it is a trustworthy facility.

I Received Bad Dental Care in Turkey!

Of course, it is common to receive subpar care anywhere in the globe, including in Turkey. One reason for this is poor clinic selection. If you do not conduct enough research before making your decision, poor treatments will be unavoidable everywhere. There is, however, one significant distinction that Turkey has. Your dental treatments in Turkey will be invoiced. If you have problems with your treatment, you can exercise your legal rights by providing evidence of the mistreatment you have experienced. In fact, the clinic where you were treated will frequently offer to treat you again for free without the need for this.

Is It Safe to Get a Dental Implant in Turkey?

In Turkey, receiving dental care is generally safe. Turkey might be one of the best options for you if you follow the advice provided above. The clinics are regularly inspected by officials. Turkish dentists put a lot of effort into achieving durable dental implants that the patient can use problem-free in the future. Furthermore, they will get in touch with you if there is a problem following the treatment and reapply for the necessary new treatment because they give you the certifications and treatment bills for the implants.

Contact us if you have any further questions about dental implants and dental treatments in Turkey. Our team is ready to assist you 24/7.

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