Best Gastric Sleeve Prices in Greece

The World Health Organization classifies those with a BMI of 25 or above as overweight, and those with a BMI of 30 or higher as obese. Obesity can lead to serious, lifelong illnesses as well as psychological and emotional issues. The likelihood of developing diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart issues can all be increased by obesity. Given all of the difficulties it leads to, it is one of the major risk factors for early mortality.

Fortunately, today, there are several treatments that can help people lose weight. Several surgical methods, including weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, are used to help obese patients lose weight. The most common surgical procedure for helping obese patients lose weight in recent years has been the gastric sleeve, often known as a sleeve gastrectomy or sleeve gastroplasty.

What Happens in Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

A sleeve gastrectomy involves removing roughly 80% of the stomach and reshaping the remaining portion into a long, narrow sleeve or tube.

The patient’s digestive system is changed drastically by this surgery because the stomach’s size is substantially reduced. Following surgery, the patient cannot eat as much and feels full with smaller amounts. Patients start eating smaller quantities and experiencing less hunger, which causes their weight to drop quickly over the course of the year that follows surgery. Gastric sleeve is one of the more invasive weight loss treatments, and it is irreversible.

Anyone with a suitable body mass index (BMI) and who fits the criteria can be a candidate for this weight loss surgery.

After gastric sleeve surgery, patients can anticipate experiencing rapid and significant weight loss. Many people lose 60–70% of their excess weight in the next year after surgery, on average.

Best Clinics for Gastric Sleeve in Greece

Weight problems and obesity are rapidly increasing in the majority of EU Member States. According to estimates, the percentage of overweight adults (18 and older) in the EU will reach 52.7% in 2019.

One of the ten countries in Europe with the highest percentage of overweight and obese people is Greece. In Greece, the prevalence of obesity is rising annually in line with the global trend. This is why there is increasing demand for weight loss treatments and surgeries. The largest weight loss clinics that perform gastric sleeve surgeries are located in the Greek capital Athens.

How Much Is a Gastric Sleeve in Greece?

Obesity is typically brought on by a lifetime of consuming too many calories and failing to engage in regular physical activity. Those who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing a number of major illnesses and medical issues than people who are at a healthy weight. In order for people with obesity to live a healthier and better quality of life, weight loss is strongly recommended.

In Greek medical centers, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery typically starts at roughly €5,500. Especially in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece has a large number of medical centers that provide bariatric procedures for the treatment of obesity.

Where Is the Best Country for Gastric Sleeve?

Medical tourism is a booming sector as people from all around the world seek to get treatments abroad. Generally, people choose to fly overseas to find cheaper health care.

Some of the most visited destinations for weight loss treatments like gastric sleeves outside Greece include Poland, Thailand, and Turkey.

Turkey remains one of the most preferable locations for getting gastric sleeve surgery because of its accessibility and affordable prices which are among the most competitive in the region. Turkish medical facilities are visited by thousands of international patients from not just Greece, but all Balkan countries including Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Serbia. Turkey is also one of the favorite destinations for UK citizens.

How Much Is the Best Gastric Sleeve Price in Turkey?

Turkey is the top option for people looking for the best and most affordable weight loss surgery. There are numerous top-notch clinics there where famous weight loss surgery specialists work especially in locations like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Kusadasi.

Furthermore, Turkey’s advantageous exchange rate and low cost of living enable patients to receive gastric sleeve surgery for incredibly affordable costs. Prices for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey currently start at €2,450. Many patients travel to Turkey with gastric sleeve medical holiday packages that cover all associated costs for treatment, accommodation, and transfer for added convenience.

CureHoliday is proud to offer some of the best prices at experienced and recognized weight loss clinics in Turkey. If you are interested to learn more about the gastric sleeve process in Turkey or the gastric sleeve packages, feel free to reach out to us with your questions.