Causes of Obesity

The three main causes of obesity that general practitioners in Turkey highlight are eating a lot, being at rest, and moving less.

Your body stores additional calories as fat when you take more calories than you need, eat sweet and fatty meals, and do not expend the extra energy.

What Is the Definition of Calories?

The energy content of food is measured in calories. An active man needs 2.450 calories daily to maintain a healthy weight. However, an active lady needs 1,950 calories per day. These figures show a lot. However, consuming certain foods that are one of the main causes of obesity and are stressed by general practitioners in Turkey might make it easy to obtain these calories.

For instance, there are 1.600 calories in a big pizza, french fries, and large cola. Read our page on calories on our website to learn more details on obtaining calories. The majority of individuals today are not active, thus additional calories that they do not need actually convert to fat in their bodies.

Your body stores additional calories as fat when you take more calories than you need, eat sweet and fatty meals, and do not expend the extra energy.

How Obesity Is Caused?

Obesity and other diseases don’t appear overnight. Being obese takes time. Obesity is caused by having a bad lifestyle and food, as general practitioners in Turkey state. For instance:

  • Eating too much sugary and fatty food like fast food and processed food.
  • Not eating homemade food – eating in restaurants all the time.
  • Sugary and alcoholic beverages like milkshakes, coke, beer, vodka, whisky, etc. Because alcoholic drinks are high in calories too.
  • If you are depressed, eating can make you happy and gives you comfort. This means comfort eating. 
  • Eating big portions and eating before sleep. Some families are used to eating big portions and they may make you eat more than you need.

One of the main reasons for obesity, poor eating habits in families, is highlighted by our general practitioners in Turkey. Because of your parents, you might have picked up harmful eating habits when you were a child. You may still be obese as a result of this right now.


Another important factor in obesity is inactivity

Another important factor in obesity is inactivity. Because most occupations are done today while seated, the majority of individuals are indolent at work. They also rely on their autos for transportation. People prefer to drive everywhere instead of walking.

Everyone enjoys relaxing in front of a screen after work, including laptops, computers, televisions, and cellphones. They don’t like to walk or go to the gym. The additional food you eat is stored as fat in your body when you eat a lot and don’t exercise. Our Department of Health in Turkey.

If you are eating more than you need, the Obesity Clinic advises you to exercise for at least 120 minutes each day. You are not required to work out for 120 minutes straight. You can begin with baby steps, such as 30 minutes a day, three days a week, and increase it over time. You require more exercise than 120 minutes if you are an obese patient or overly overweight. However, you can take small steps at first and work your way up. View our website’s exercise recommendations.

such as an unhealthy diet and bad habits

Genetics Causes

Many people claim that their family is overweight and obese because it runs in their DNA. I’ll never become thinner, etc. Since some genes have an impact on obesity, they are correct. One of these hereditary disorders is Prader-Willi syndrome. But if they really want to and put forth the effort, the majority of people can lose weight. Environmental factors, such as an unhealthy diet and bad habits that began in childhood, are frequently responsible for obesity.

Other Causes That Make us Fat 

What makes us fat is sometimes underlying health conditions. What they are:

  • Hypothyroidism – Thyroid Deficiency 
  • Cushing Syndrome
alcoholic drinks are high in calories too.

These diseases, however, can be treated. They cannot avoid losing weight when properly treated by our trusted clinics in Turkey. Specific medications, such as those used to treat schizophrenia, other mental illnesses, and diabetes, can also contribute to obesity. If you are taking medications on a regular basis, our general practitioners will advise you on how to lose weight. When you stop smoking, you may gain weight as a side effect.