Dental Bridges in Turkey 2023 Procedure, Cost, and Advantages

Most Affordable Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a practical treatment option that can be completed quickly in Turkey to replace missing teeth. Despite occasional issues, dental bridges are frequently chosen because they are less expensive than alternatives like dental implants in Turkey.

Dental bridges are made of zirconium and inexpensive porcelain, and they are used when more than one tooth is missing. By reducing and carving these teeth with the assistance of the teeth next to the missing teeth, bridge legs are added to these teeth. The bridge piers attached to the neighboring teeth conceal the middle tooth cavity.

Turkish dental bridge procedures are quick, painless dental treatments requiring only a few appointments. It is one of the most popular dental procedures in Turkey, and foreign patients favor it. Dental bridges abroad are a good option for those who cannot afford medical costs and reside in expensive nations like the UK and the USA.

They are fixed restorations that replace missing teeth by building a bridge between the neighboring teeth on either side of the gap to correct tooth deficiencies brought on by the loss of one or more teeth.

In Which Cases Are Dental Bridges Applied in Turkey?

In Turkey, dental bridges are a form of tooth loss treatment that enlists the support of neighboring teeth. This material, which is very aesthetically pleasing and has a structure similar to that of a tooth, is also very sturdy.

Therefore, tooth bridges made in Turkey following the rules can last for at least 15-20 years if the supporting teeth are healthy. Due to its glassy structure, there are no side effects in the mouth area. However, the dental bridge may occasionally become slack. Maintaining good oral hygiene will help your bridge treatment last longer. Why would I need a dental bridge, you might be wondering.

When one of the teeth is lost, a void appears in its place. Since the teeth depend on each other for support, the posture of the teeth is compromised until this space is filled. People’s chewing, talking, and voice-based verbs all suffer as a result.

By filling the missing teeth, dental bridges may prevent these problems. They are used to repair missing teeth, improve chewing and talking abilities and protect the teeth, gum, and jaw bones. One or two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth provide protection for tooth bridges in Turkey. Metal-supported porcelain, complete porcelain, and zirconium are all available treatment options. Patients are more concerned with tooth loss’s cosmetic consequences than with its practical consequences. Dental cavities, on the other hand, can lead to a variety of health issues in addition to cosmetic concerns.

How Is Dental Bridge Performed in Turkey?

Placing temporary plastic dental veneers on the teeth is a good idea. The teeth to be used as help by your dentist are created and the same operations are done as for veneers. 

Implants are used instead of support teeth in bridges over implants. Dental bridge treatment is a form of tooth thinning that is done in a unique way. So, when is a dental bridge used? If there is a distance between the two teeth and fillings or root canal surgery is unable to save the tooth, a dental bridge at low costs in Turkey is used. The procedure of dental bridges in Turkey step by step;

  • The tooth with which the bridge will be made is cleaned first.
  • After the cleaning procedure, the exact shape of the tooth is measured.
  • Porcelain teeth are prepared in a short amount of time based on measurements.
  • After the preparation of porcelain teeth, teeth are thinned.
  • After thinning, a special liquid is used to position the application tooth in that region, and it is checked to ensure that it is in balance with the other teeth.

You won’t experience any issues, and you’ll feel just like your own tooth. For bridges created by the top dentists in Turkey, it is a straightforward and efficient dental procedure.

How Long Does Dental Bridge Procedure Take in Turkey? 

In Turkey, dental bridge procedures require a few sessions spread out over less than a week. It is quickly and painlessly finished. A bridge’s teeth are never cut. There are prosthetics available that cannot be removed. Dental measurements and bridge preparation typically require 3–4 sessions in a lab setting.

The treatment takes place for about a week after the bridge has been prepared. Depending on the doctor’s advice, porcelain veneers with or without metal supports are used in bridge treatments. Your dentist should make this choice because they are the ones who understand which material will protect your teeth the longest. If you choose to have your teeth fixed in Turkey, dental bridges are a popular and beneficial treatment option.

Day 1 of Dental Bridge: On your first visit, you will get local anesthesia and the procedure will take 2 to 3 hours. After all the adjustments, arrangements, and consultations are done, you can go to your hotel and spend time there.

Day 2 of Dental Bridge: This will be a free day for you to explore and discover the culture and history of Turkey. You can observe people, streets, and beaches and get an insight into the country’s way of life. 

Day 3 of Dental Bridge: This day is your second appointment in our clinics. Your dentist is going to make a demo try-on whether the crowns fit or not.

Day 4 of Dental Bridge: This day is also a free day for you to stroll the streets.

Day 5 of Dental Bridge: The final day of your dental bridge procedure in Turkey. After your teeth are scaled and arranged, your dentist will put the crowns in your mouth. The dental crowns are polished as a final touch to give you an elegant and perfect smile.

What Are the Advantages of Making Dental Bridges in Turkey

The benefits of a dental bridge in Turkey include the fact that it is a very successful treatment option because it is less expensive than an implant, does not require surgery, has a fixed dental prosthesis, and provides a practical and cosmetic solution. We say that it is cheaper than implants, but teeth implant costs in Turkey are much more affordable than in the UK or other European countries. 

The benefit of bridges is that they are not viewed as an unwelcome foreign structure by the patient, it is the exact opposite. It restores mouth functions, allowing you to talk better and chew. Tooth bridges in Turkey keep the teeth around them from drifting out of position, so it is easy to maintain.

How Much Dental Bridge Cost in Turkey 

Turkey is frequently the first choice for dental treatment among foreign patients. Being one of the most developed nations that provide high-quality care at affordable prices is extremely beneficial to patients.

All dental procedures are fairly affordable in Turkey. and conserves more energy than many other countries by up to 70%. For people looking to buy a dental bridge in Turkey, CureHoliday provides assistance with a 50 euro best-price guarantee. Keep in mind that we will offer lower prices than any Turkish clinic.

Dental Bridge Holiday Package in Turkey  

Additionally, as with other Turkish dental services, the cost of dental bridges in Turkey is the most reasonable compared to those in other nations. If you choose to have your treatment abroad, you will receive a comprehensive dental vacation package. Everything you could possibly need for your vacation will be covered, including lodging, special transportation from the airport to the clinic and hotel, all medical costs, and a customized treatment plan. To start a new life, choosing Turkey as a dental tourism destination will be a great choice for you because tooth bridge costs in the UK are 4 to 5 times higher than in Turkey.

You will have the opportunity to spend time in Turkey’s most well-known cities, including Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Kuşadası, Bodrum that Turkey is full of new adventures. There are some of our most reliable dental offices that can give you a brand-new, beautiful smile. Additionally, you can spend time at beach clubs or visit historical sites and ancient cities. Learning about a different culture is an additional benefit. The people of Turkey are friendly and will welcome you wherever you go. You’ll develop a new palate by sampling various, delicious Turkish foods on the streets.

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