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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in Greece? Turkey vs Greece Implant Prices

Affordable Dental Implants in Greece and Turkey

Are you trying to find a way to save some money while getting good quality dental care? You are not alone.

Due to the increasing costs of dental treatments like dental implants and the long wait lists to get appointments, a growing number of people are traveling overseas to take advantage of cheaper dental treatment offers.

So, what makes dental tourism an attractive option to so many people? Affordable dental treatment prices are obviously the main reason behind its popularity. However, there are other benefits too, such as skipping all the queues, quality service, and the opportunity to go on a holiday in a foreign country while you get your teeth done.

Today, we will look at two neighboring Mediterranean countries that are listed among dental treatment destinations, Greece and Turkey, focusing on dental implant prices.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dentist demonstrating how implants work

A missing tooth is much more than an aesthetic concern.  It can make talking and eating challenging, and cause additional dental problems over time. When left untreated, missing teeth can cause an uneven bite, or misalignment issues once the neighboring teeth start to slowly move around. If left untreated, it can lead to gum problems, jawbone loss, and an increased risk of losing more teeth.

Dental implants are prosthetics that are used to treat missing teeth. Dental implants are metal screws that are placed into the jawbone where the missing teeth are. They act as artificial tooth roots and can be used to support other dental prostheses like dental crowns, bridges, or dentures. Generally, dental implants are made up of three parts: a metal implant post, an abutment, and a custom-made dental crown. They are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Dental implant treatment is frequently performed by general dentists, oral surgeons, and maxillofacial surgeons.

Getting Dental Implants Abroad: Greece and Turkey

Dental implants are among the most complex treatments in dentistry, and this is clearly reflected in the cost. The average cost of a single dental implant (including the post, abutment, and crown) is approximately £1,600-2,500 in the UK and can climb up to £4,000 depending on the brand of the implant and the material of the dental crown. While the UK has one of the most expensive dental care worldwide, the prices are similar in many Western countries and often higher in the US. For this reason, many people choose to receive dental implant treatment overseas.

The price of dental implant treatment in Greece and Turkey is among the lowest in the region. Thanks to the high quality of dental services and competitive prices, and holiday opportunities, traveling to Greece and Turkey is an attractive alternative for many international patients coming from all over the world.

Here is a quick comparison if you are trying to decide between traveling to either of these neighboring countries for dental implants.

Dental mould showing implanted dental implant post

How Much Is a Dental Implant in Greece?

Greece has been listed as one of the most popular locations for vacationers worldwide thanks to its ancient history, great nature, and tasty cuisine. It is also one of the most affordable European countries.

In Greece, the cost of a dental implant post starts from €650-750. A complementing dental crown can cost between $200-400 depending on the materials.

How Much Is a Dental Implant in Turkey?

Similar to Greece, Turkey is also a well-liked holiday destination packed with diverse culture, unique historical and natural attractions, delicious food, and shopping opportunities. 

Turkey has become a hub of dental tourism in recent years thanks to great dental care in dental clinics located in cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Kusadasi, and Fethiye.

Because of the lowering value of the Turkish lira in the past years, foreign citizens can receive top-notch dental care from skilled dentists with years of experience at incredibly low prices. Thousands of people who wish to benefit from the opportunity fly to Turkey each year.

How much do dental implants cost in Turkey? CureHoliday is working with some of the most reputable dental clinics and successful dentists in Turkey. Currently, the price of a European brand implant post is €289, and an equivalent Turkish NucleOSS brand dental implant post is €229. Dental crowns can cost anywhere between €80-300 depending on what material is used. Considering all the costs together, it is possible to save up to 50-70% by getting a full dental implant treatment in Turkey. This can help people save a considerable amount of money especially when they need to get several dental implants.

Note: It is important to note that dental implant treatment prices depend on various factors including the type, number, and location of the implants. The overall oral health of the patient is also important as depending on the condition of the patient additional treatments (such as bone grafting or sinus lift) may be necessary. The prices provided in this article are the average costs and the exact prices can be determined after consultation.

Dental Holiday Packages in Turkey: All-inclusive Dental Care

Aside from the low costs and the privilege to skip queues, traveling abroad for dental care has additional benefits such as dental holiday package offers. Generally, these packages include a free consultation, accommodation, and transfer expenses as well. Dental holiday packages are well-liked as they make the process very convenient.

There are many affordably-priced & good quality dental implant options around the world. A growing number of people around the world are choosing to travel for dental care more than ever before to take advantage of cheaper dental costs.

Aside from the gorgeous beaches and outstanding customer service, in Turkey, you will find top dental specialists at a reasonable cost. We encourage you to reach out to us if you wish to know more about dental treatments in Turkey, the dental implant process, and dental holiday package deal pricing. All your questions will be answered by our team.