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How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In South Africa?

What Is Hair Transplant? 

Hair Transplantation

Most people suffer from hair loss, primarily due to hereditary factors and stress, and are considering hair transplantation. Although some people may not consider hair issues to be a concern, many others do. Women’s metabolic shifts, dietary inadequacies, excessive weight gain and loss, medication usage, and extreme treatments, in addition to hereditary and stress-related reasons, can all contribute to hair loss. Many people attempt natural and chemical treatments on the market, remedies, shampoos and lotions, serums, and a variety of other things while looking for solutions. However, the trustworthiness and durability of these items have yet to be established.

Instead of looking for a solution like this, you may choose hair transplant treatments with medically confirmed and absolutely permanent outcomes owing to technological advances.

Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting hair grafts from the patient’s robust and genetically programmed hair loss zone – known as the donor area – to the hairless region by harvesting them in a sterile operating room setting. It was initially used for males suffering from men’s hair loss, but it is now widely utilized for women. Because the grafts obtained here are resistant to loss, they retain their qualities when relocated and maintain their genes even when applied to the area of hair loss. As you may expect, hair falls owing to the genes of the hair root rather than the skin or a specific place. In addition to hair transplantation, this can also be used for, eyebrows, sideburns, beards, and mustaches.

Hair products that we use regulary such as hair spray, jelly, and foam, pomade, and so on, have nothing to do with hair loss. As a result, there is no risk in utilizing such products following hair transplantation. If it had such an impact, the donor region’s hair would be affected and lost as a result of the usage of these items. Deficits in blood values, particularly zinc and iron, are a typical cause of hair loss. These parameters must be measured before the hair transplant, and if there is a problem, the appropriate therapies must be given to restore them to normal before deciding whether or not to proceed with the hair transplant.

After hair transplantation surgical technique that moves hair follicles. Young bald man in bandage with hair loss problems.

What Is The Hair Transplant Types?

For many years, hair transplantation has been a recognized and popular therapy. While it was far more painful and scarring when it first appeared, over time it has evolved into a very simple and painless process. Following the original approach, several other techniques have been developed. To succinctly describe each of these methods,

FUT: The first commonly used technique is the Fut technique. It is a highly invasive method and causes scars. It involves removing the patient’s scalp in strips. Hair grafts are taken from the removed skin and added to the balding area of ​​the patient. Of course, the risk of infection is higher, as the scalp is removed in the procedure, and the healing process is painful. Therefore, new techniques are preferred more frequently.

DHI: Micromotor device, which is one of the most advanced technological devices, is used in the DHI hair transplantation method. With this pen-like device, grafts are collected and transplanted with minimal damage to the hair of the patient. No scar is left and it is one of the most preferred hairs transplant procedures.

FUE: FUE technique is the most preferred technique in the world. It involves collecting hair grafts from the scalp. It does not require any incisions or stitches. Therefore, it is pretty painless.

Who Can Have A Hair Transplant?

The simplest solution is simply for people who have hair problems. However, to receive the procedure, you must meet certain conditions. The most crucial ones include age, diabetes, a good planting area, and a suitable donor area to harvest. Aside from this, it is also critical to understand why you are having hair difficulties.

Let’s look at the responses to the questions “Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?” and “Who Should Prefer Hair Transplantation?” At this moment, we know who can have surgery with our CureHoliday physicians using the FUE procedure, which is the most sophisticated hair transplantation technique.

How Is Hair Transplant In South Afrıca CapeTown?

Cape Town, located in the western cape region of the republic of south Africa, is also the capital of the region. Cape Town, a port city, is the southernmost city of the African continent.

South Africa has many world-class hospitals with cutting-edge technology and highly skilled physicians. The majority of these hospitals are affiliated with significant multinational hospital networks. South African hospitals and clinics offer high-quality expert medical and hair transplant services to international patients at reasonable costs. Many hospitals provide medical tourism packages, that include vacations, treatments and procedures, lodging, and local transportation.

An aerial image showcasing Capetown South Africa.

Why Do Tourists Visit South Africa?

South Africa is home to amazing landscapes, wonderful wildlife, pristine beaches, and magnificent, luxury train journeys. Cities have large shopping malls with high-end fashion boutiques. There are smaller, bustling markets selling traditional African arts and crafts.  South Africa’s unique cuisine has become famous for its local wines. South Africa is a multicultural country with friendly people. Accommodation options include luxury resorts, budget hotels, farm stays, guest houses, and game lodges.     

How Much Do Hair Transplants Cost In Cape Town South Africa?

The average cost of 2000/4000 grafts of Hair Transplantation in South Africa is $4749.

The Price range is $ 3958-5541

The typical average cost and price range for Hair Transplant 2000/4000 are taken from 2 Clinic prices and fee lists among 11 Doctors. 

Compare this price with other clinics and countries

In Which Country Can I Get The Best Hair Transplant At The Best Price?

Treatments for hair transplantation should be treated carefully. To reduce the hazards of hair transplant procedures, patients should receive excellent care. At the same time, because they are the cosmetic operations expenses must be reasonable. When all of these factors are considered, nation selection is critical.

As a result, patients should choose a nation where they may obtain both successful and cost-effective hair transplant treatment. Otherwise, there may be hazards and a variety of issues following hair transplantation. On the other side, there may be some loss of transplanted hair. As a result, choosing hair transplant treatments in Turkey, which is known as a hair transplant facility, will be incredibly helpful.

Do Hair Transplants In Turkey Really Work And Natural?

The hairline is one of the most significant features of hair transplantation. Planting should be done along the stated line by the current hair structure.

No matter how densely the hairs are planted, an inaccurately formed hairline throughout the procedure can cause your hair to seem unnatural. As a result, defining the hairline is one of the most critical aspects of hair transplantation.

Males have a somewhat natural V-shaped line, and hair develops at varied angles along this V shape. This orientation is taken into account in a good planting, and planting is done in both an internal and exterior direction.

Hair transplants have been increasingly popular in recent years, and Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for the cheapest hair transplant overseas. Even yet, most patients are skeptical if a hair transplant will result in natural-looking results. The answer is yes, due to cutting-edge technology and skilled physicians. Hair transplants before and after outcomes in Turkey also astound many consumers.

If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, we recommend speaking with one of our doctors about the best treatment for you and how to obtain the natural-looking results you desire.

The Fue hair transplant method in Turkey produces the most natural-looking results. It also provides natural outcomes regardless of the patient’s condition.

The Fue hair transplant method in Turkey produces the most natural-looking results. It also produces natural results regardless of the patient’s chosen haircut after healing, and it is the best approach for a male with a close-shaved hairdo because it leaves no visible scars. This might also be an option for male beard transplants.

What Makes Turkey Different In Hair Transplant Treatments? 

With its success in hair transplantation, Turkey has made its name known throughout the world. Many countries are aware of and prefer it. However, why is Turkey ranked first in these treatments available in many countries?

Hygienic Hair Transplantation Clinics; Turkish hair transplant clinics are extremely clean. Turkish people are renowned for their hygiene and cleanliness. The field of health has also used this hygiene. Patients who receive care in hygienic and clean clinics avoid contracting infections as a result, and they can effectively complete their treatments.

Experienced Surgeon; Surgeons performing hair transplant treatments in Turkey are successful and experienced in their field. This allows patients to receive treatment from experienced surgeons. Turkish surgeons have given hair transplant treatment to many foreign patients. This allows him to easily communicate with foreign patients. On the other hand, they have statements that let them know best what to do in case of any complications.

Affordable Hair Transplant Treatments; Turkey is home to a large number of hair transplant facilities. This guarantees that pricing is reasonable. Every clinic is up against one another in competition. This indicates that they make an effort to provide the finest service and price. On the other side, Turkey has a fairly high exchange rate. Due to this high rate, patients can affordably undergo treatment. In Turkey, foreign patients have quite a significant spending power.

Why Are Hair Transplant Treatments Cheap In Turkey?

There are a lot of Hair Transplant Clinics: Competition is created by a large number of Hair transplant clinics. Clinics give the greatest costs to attract international patients so that they may be the patients’ first option.

Exchange Rate Extremely High: Turkey’s extremely high exchange rate makes foreign patients pay excellent prices for even the best treatments. As of 15,10.2022 in Turkey, 1 euro is 18.06 TL. This is a factor that significantly affects the purchasing power of foreigners.

Low cost of living: Compared to other nations, Turkey has a lower cost of living. Costs of care are affected by this. In actuality, the last two factors greatly lower the cost of services, lodging, travel, and other necessities in Turkey. So at least be selective with your additional spending.

How Much Is A Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Our Treatment Cost: 1.800€

Although the cost of treatment in Turkey is incredibly low, at CureHoliday, we give you the greatest treatments from the most successful doctors with years of expertise at the most inexpensive costs. Unlike many clinics, we provide unlimited grafts at a single charge!

At the same time, we offer services that will keep your extra expenditures to a minimum with our package rates for hotel, transportation, and various hospital exams.

Airport Transfer

We offer our patients transportation service between the airport, hotel, and the hospital.

Hotel Accommodation

Our packages include accommodation in 5 stars hotels.


Our professional interpreters will be with you once you come to CureHoliday Hospitals and Clinics until you return to your country.

If you want to spend your hair transplant treatment as part of a lovely package holiday in Turkey, you may get professional information from our 24/7 CureHoliday Website for costs and details.

In all of our Turkey clinics, our surgeons undertake hair transplantation surgeries using the least painful and most commonly utilized FUE technique.

Where Can I Get The Best Hair Transplant Treatment And Holiday In Turkey?

We provide you with the greatest hair transplant choice in Turkey as well as the most unique service and support available. We will be there for you every step and the way and we will connect you with the best doctor and clinic in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Kusadasi, and  Didim. It will assist you in keeping a positive mindset during your treatment in these beautiful cities and districts anytime you choose, both in summer and winter, with your historical-cultural trip or viewing the unique areas of Turkey for your sun and sea needs because Turkey is a world leader in health tourism.

Possible Results After A Hair Transplant In Turkey

During the first three days following a hair transplant;

The patient remains with the recipient region covered to ensure that the transplanted hair is not damaged.

During the first week following the hair transplant;

The transplanted hair begins to harden and will not fall out when touched. Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey advise cautious handling.

During the first month following the hair transplant;

The transplanted hair will begin to grow as soon as 15 days following the treatment and within one month. These are the first hair transplant outcomes in Turkey.

1 to 3 months after hair transplantation;

This is the stage at which the transplanted hair comes out, and you should be aware that this is a typical occurrence.

4 to 6 months after hair transplantation;

Hair transplant outcomes are finalized in 4 to 6 months. This period varies from person to person, but you should see a difference after 6 months.

1 year after hair transplantation;

During the first year following surgery, the transplanted hair will continue to grow and thicken. Furthermore, this is the last stage of a successful hair transplant. As you can see, the results of a hair transplant require a lot of patience.

We advise people considering a hair transplant in Turkey to be patients  to witness the effects of their therapy before and after the procedure. After 4 to 6 months, the benefits will be obvious.

Who Can Have Hair Transplant With FUE Technique?

The biggest benefit of the FUE technique is that there are no scars from stitching after the treatment. Therefore;

  • Even patients with short hair prefer this treatment because no visible scar is left after the surgery. If the patient shaves his or her hair, very minute areas may be seen. This has to do with the direction of hair growth following the procedure.After the healing process, no trace of the FUE treatment is left in patients who opted for it.
  • Younger patients prefer the FUE procedure since there is less room and future hair loss cannot be predicted.
  • In patients who previously used the FUT method, the second transplant session can be done with the FUE method since the skin is sensitive. Thus, new hair roots can be reached without damaging the previous ones.
  • The FUE method can be applied to close the stitched area harvested with the FUT technique.
  • Male hair loss (Androgenic)
  • Female hair loss
  • Hair loss due to burns
  • Scars from accidents and surgeries (such as brain, and facelift operations)
  • Regional hair loss due to past infection
  • Congenital regional hair loss
  • Traction alopecia

** If you think you are suitable for a hair transplant or are wondering if you are eligible, you can contact us via our CureHoliday 24/7 Online Consultation Line.

When Is Hair Transplant Surgery Needed?

  • Extreme hair thinning
  • Trauma to the scalp resulting in no growth
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Receding hairline
  • Bald spots

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common condition that can affect a person’s self-esteem. Understanding the underlying cause of hair loss is critical to therapy in each incidence of hair loss.

There are several causes that might cause or contribute to hair loss. Some of the most frequent ones are

  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Autoimmune conditions: alopecia areata
  • Hormone changes: androgenic alopecia

Hair loss is a problem that can be seen both in men and women; but mostly in men. At age 25, 25% of men start to experience hair loss bit by bit. This proportion goes up to 50% among men aged 50 years.

How Is Preparation For Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • Do not smoke at least one day before surgery?
  • Do not drink alcohol at least 3 days before the surgery.
  • Do not take aspirin or blood thinners about 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • Do not take any vitamins or nutritional supplements for 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Avoid taking antidepressants about 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Do not cut your hair before surgery.
  • Massage your scalp for 10 to 30 minutes every day for a few weeks to increase blood flow to your scalp.
  • Take the medications your surgeon has asked you to take.
  • Get EKG and blood tests done before surgery.

How Is During Hair Transplant Surgery?

You can trust that we are dedicated to your comfort and unmatched results because we strive to give our patients the best hair transplant in Turkey. In Turkey, hair transplant surgeries often last 6 to 8 hours to make patients more comfortable throughout this procedure, books and televisions are accessible in our clinics. As a result, patients who favor local anesthetic can get treatment without growing bored. But patients can also choose to be sedated.

Will I Feel Pain During And After The Hair Transplant?

When anesthesia is applied during any surgical operation, most patients do not experience significant discomfort or pain during the surgery or in the days afterward. Removing and replanting the grafts takes many hours. During this time, most patients calm down by viewing a video. During this procedure, some people get so calm that they fall asleep!

Is Local Anesthesia A Risky Procedure For Hair Transplant Surgery?

Local anesthesia is extremely risk-free and safe. Except for some side effects that are rarely seen, the dangers of local anesthesia when practiced by an experienced physician are quite a few.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects or complications of hair transplant which will not cause any trouble to the patient in the future.

How Is The Care After Hair Transplant?

Aftercare is pretty simple

Many people believe that hair transplant aftercare will be difficult. At Micro Fue Turkey, we provide you with everything you need for a quick and smooth recovery. FUE hair transplant turkey is a minimally invasive method with a rapid recovery time.

We advise our patients to take 7-14 days off of work, depending on the size of the procedure and individual healing characteristics. Before you leave the clinic, you will be advised of a personalized aftercare program that involves taking a 4-day course of antibiotics to ensure against infection, medications to avoid post-operative swelling and a specialized shampoo.

Will My Hair Fall Out Again After Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is permanent!

We often get asked about the cost of a hair transplant and if it is worth it. We believe it is important for our patients to understand that a hair transplant is the most permanent kind of hair restoration. Hair follicles from the back and sides of the scalp are transplanted to thinning regions during a hair transplant. These hair follicles will then continue to develop normally in the new location of the scalp.

Other hair restoration treatments, such as medication, hair loss shampoos, and even certain kinds of scalp micro pigmentation, are not permanent answers, which means you may be attempting to repair your hair loss for the rest of your life. Most people only need one hair transplant treatment in their lifetime.The hair follicles that are transplanted are genetically-resistant to baldness

Can I Go To The Gym After The Operation?

Within a few days, the patient can start walking. However, heavy sports that can damage the skin on the scalp (football, fitness, heavy lifting) should be avoided for 1 month.

When Can I Swim In The Sea? When Can I Dye My Hair?

It is not recommended to swim in the sea, pool for 1 month hammam, and sauna for 3 months. Hair dye should not be used for 3 months.

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