How to Get Cheap Dental Work Abroad? Dental Holidays in Turkey

When you think about overseas vacations, you probably picture yourself lying down on a beautiful beach or exploring the must-see sights of a foreign city. Recently, the traditional idea of tourism is experiencing a new twist.

As an alternative to tourism as we know it, dental tourism is gaining great interest from people all over the world. Dental tourism, sometimes called dental holidays, is a combination of traveling for dental treatments and vacationing. Since dental treatments can be quite expensive in some parts of the world and there are long wait lists, many people shifted their attention overseas for cheaper and more convenient dental treatments. This way, it is possible to both get dental problems fixed and experience a new culture at the same time.

Why Choose Turkey for Dental Treatments?

People who travel for inexpensive dental care are known as dental tourists. Visiting Turkey as a dental tourist has many advantages

The most obvious reason for traveling to Turkey for dental treatments is the affordable prices. Dental care can be expensive in wealthy nations like the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and other European countries. While some of these countries also market themselves as destinations for medical and dental tourism, the treatment expenses combined with other expenses such as accommodation fees can be quite pricy. However, the prices of dental treatments in Turkey are often 50% less than in such countries. The reason behind this is the low cost of living in the country and the favorable currency exchange rates. This helps international patients save a considerable amount of money. You may be thinking “So, do Turkish dental clinics use cheaper products for dental treatments?” The answer is no, Turkish clinics use certified high-quality materials. This is possible thanks to the lower costs of running dental clinics.

Another reason is the high success rates of the treatments. The success rate of the treatment is significantly impacted by the involvement of skilled and experienced surgeons. Treatments carried out by a novice surgeon are likely to be uncomfortable and provide little relief for the patient. Turkish dentists, on the other hand, are very experienced in treating patients both local and international. They have a great understanding of what treatments each person needs and pay attention to details which ensures that treatments are successful. Dentists and dental clinics in Turkey are inspected on a regular basis. Thanks to this dental clinics always keep improving.

The quality standard of the dental clinic is another crucial factor that has an impact on the success rate of dental treatments. In order for dental treatments to be successful, high-tech equipment is required. Turkish dental clinics offer cutting-edge technology.

Which Dental Treatment Can Be Done in Turkey?

During your dental holiday in Turkey, you can get many treatments such as:

If you decide to visit Turkey for any dental treatments, you will have the opportunity to consult dentists before you even leave your home country. The dentists will guide to in preparing the most suitable treatment plan for your needs.

What Is the Best Country for Dental Tourism?

If you are wondering where is the best place to get your teeth done abroad, we can confidently say that Turkey is among the top destinations for dental tourism. Each year, thousands of international patients leave Turkey very satisfied after receiving dental treatments. Many people are happy to have saved a lot of money thanks to the lower costs in the country.

Another point that makes Turkey attractive is the holiday opportunities. Turkey has always been a popular holiday destination thanks to its rich culture, natural wonders, historical attractions, beautiful beaches, tasty cuisine, and kind locals. Cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Kusadasi welcome millions of tourists from all over the world. During your free time between dental treatments, you can enjoy all kinds of activities as there is something to do for everyone in Turkey. 

Thanks to highly trained and experienced dentists in our trusted dental clinics, you will get high-quality dental treatment at the most affordable prices in Turkey. 

We are also offering dental holiday package deals for special prices. These packages include all necessities such as accommodation and transportation. 

If you are interested in learning more about dental treatments and dental holiday packages in Turkey, please contact us directly through our message line for more information. Our team is ready to help you 24/7.