Istanbul Best Dental Clinic- Dental Implant Prices

What are Dental Implants?

There is no need to explain the dental implant treatments at length. Treatment includes treating problematic teeth or cavities. After the extraction of the root damaged teeth or existing cavities are treated. It is the process of placing a surgical screw into the patient’s dental cavities. Prosthetic teeth are placed on the placed screws. Thus, it is easy for you to have the teeth closest to reality.

What Should I Expect From Dental Implants?

You can expect a natural-looking and permanent treatment from dental implant treatments. If the treatments are very successful, it is possible to expect treatments that are different from your real teeth.

Who are suitable for dental implants?

Dental implants can be applied to any patient whose jawbone is at the thickness and height where the implant can be placed. Not suitable for patients with gum disease. Therefore, the treatment of dental problems is given priority. There may also be some risks for pregnant women, immune system diseases, young people with incomplete bone development, and those who have received radiotherapy around the jawbone.

How long does dental implant last?

Dental implant treatments are usually suitable for use between 25-35 years on average. Sometimes, patients are even given certificates that they can use dental implant treatments for life. In short, they are very successful treatments. For this reason, it is often preferred.

How long does the dental implants take?

The duration of dental implant treatment depends on the bone quality of the area where the implant is placed, the lower and upper jaw, the surface quality of the implant and the success of the operation. Therefore, it would not be correct to give a clear result. However, on average, it is possible to experience a full recovery within 3 to 6 months. This time is important for the union of the bone.

Is Dental Implant a Painful Procedure?

Dental implant treatments are different from most treatments. Therefore, in some cases it is possible to be a little painful. During the treatment, patients do not feel anything. After the treatment, patients can relieve their pain with a 24-hour cold compress. With the drugs given, the pain will not be felt much.

In which cases dental implant preferred?

Dental implants are an excellent choice to have a new tooth to replace missing or damaged teeth. It is preferred in case of permanent damage to your teeth. They are permanent treatments.

Dental Implant in Turkey

How much is dental implants in Istanbul?

Istanbul Dental implant prices are quite variable. Therefore, it would not be correct to give a single price. But still, patients wonder about average prices. Although dental implant prices in Istanbul vary between brands, average prices start from €210.

Thus, patients can receive affordable treatment and increase the chance of successful treatment. You can also contact us to get dental implant treatment in Istanbul.

Is Istanbul a good place For dental implants?

Istanbul is a suitable city for dental implant treatments. The fact that it is a very large city also increases the number of dental clinics. For this reason, it becomes important to find an affordable dental implant. Thanks to the competition between dental clinics, you can benefit from affordable costs. It is also easy to find many successful dentists. Therefore, if you are planning to get a dental implant in Turkey, Istanbul is a very suitable city, just like Izmir dental and Antalya.

Advantages of Dental Implants in Istanbul

Turkey is quite successful in the field of dental tourism compared to many countries. In addition to providing successful treatments in the UK, USA and many other countries, their costs are much more affordable. For this reason, it is often preferred for inexpensive dental implant treatment. On the other hand, among the advantages of dental implant treatments in Istanbul, successful dental implant treatments and vacation opportunities can be counted.

For dental implant treatment, you need to stay in Istanbul for a few days. In this case, you will have the opportunity to take a vacation during the treatment. You can also contact us to get dental implant treatment in Istanbul.

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