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In recent years, aesthetic dentistry has become very well-liked in Turkey. Everyone wants to have white, bright, healthy teeth like Instagram filters, especially with a platform that alters how people perceive beauty like Instagram. In recent years, it’s been relatively simple! In addition to offering a beautiful smile, aesthetic dentistry in Istanbul also offers very reasonable costs compared to other nations. Therefore, thanks to aesthetic dentistry, anyone can now laugh freely and post original selfies to Instagram. To improve the appearance and health of your teeth, you can also choose aesthetic dentistry procedures. This will ensure that your teeth are healthy and boost your self-confidence.

How Much Is a Hollywood Smile in Istanbul 2023

In Turkey, the cost of a Hollywood Smile will be quite variable. The cost of treatment will also depend on the treatments you require. Because of this, even though it is impossible to provide an exact price, our starting price is 2.300€, which includes the veneer for every tooth in your mouth. With additional treatments you require, costs will rise.

Hollywood Smile Price in Other Countries

Hollywood smile treatments may involve carrying out several dental procedures at once. It might even be necessary to have several treatments. Naturally, dental care will be costly in such a circumstance. For one tooth, 700 € is needed to view the UK Hollywood smile prices. You will pay a minimum of 14,000 euros even though you must calculate this with at least 20 teeth. In Turkey-Istanbul, as with others hats, you will pay less than half as much for the procedure if you decide to have a Hollywood smile.

Hollywood Smile cost in The Netherlands:

  • 8.000€ = 20 porcelain veneers
  • 8.600 € = 20 Zirconia crowns

Hollywood Smile cost in The USA:

  • 26.000 € = 20 porcelain veneers
  • 33.000 € = 20 Zirconia crowns

At the same time, Turkey’s excellent cosmetic dentistry outcomes allow many people and many celebrities to receive treatment for their Hollywood smiles in Turkey. Considering all of these, receiving a Hollywood smile procedure in Turkey will be advantageous in every way. Of course, effective treatments and reasonable costs should be attractive to everyone.

Why Hollywood Smile is cheap in Turkey 

Due to the low cost of labor in Turkey, coatings are much less expensive. In other nations, high dental care costs are greatly exacerbated by high labor costs. This explains why dental and general medical treatments are significantly less expensive in Turkey.

For instance, on August 29, 2022, the exchange rate was 1 Euro = 18.05 Turkish Liras.

Why Should I Choose Istanbul for a Hollywood Smile

Getting the best Hollywood smile in Istanbul has become the norm in recent years. In part as a result of the Hollywood Smile’s incredibly low price in Istanbul and the admiration for our top-notch oral surgeons. Hollywood Smile has paved the way in Turkey for effective treatments for both minor and serious dental issues that were previously ignored or handled in an invasive manner. Some of the main benefits of a Hollywood Smile from Turkey include the following:

  • Creating a flawless pearly white color for teeth.
  • Discoloration and chipping are no longer an issue.
  • Fills in the spaces between the teeth.
  • Self-esteem is restored, giving them the confidence boost they want.
  • Repositions the gumline and corrects tooth disproportionality.
  • The veneer’s shade remains consistent, preventing additional discoloration.
  • Other than that; the cost-effective dental treatments
  • an unforgettable dental holiday and all-inclusive dental packages in Istanbul

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What is Hollywood Smile Package in Istanbul Dental Tourism 

Istanbul is a place where the past meets the present. It is the cultural gateway between the ancient and modern, making it an important tourism destination even without the context of dental service. Besides being a gem in its own right, Turkey can be considered the best country for dental tourism due to the rigorous training of the best and most talented Turkish dentists at an international level.

Hollywood smile package service includes; 

  • Airport shuttle / Hotel / Clinic VIP Transfer
  • 6 Nights 5 stars Hotel with breakfast for 2 people
  • Transportation Hotel / Clinic
  • Medical Consultation
  • Interpreter service in Clinic
  • Turkey CureHoliday assistance 7 days/7

Average Price: 2,650 Euro

Types of Hollywood Smile in the Best Clinics of Istanbul

There are several techniques for performing Hollywood smile aesthetic treatment. The most used are: 

  • Dental veneers
  • The laser
  • Dental implant

Dental Veneers: They are regarded as a revolution in cosmetic dentistry. It is made for those who want a custom smile but have damaged teeth. Using this method, the teeth can have ceramic veneers (made of porcelain or composite materials) placed over them to completely alter their shape, color, alignment, and appearance.

The Laser: It is one of the key technologies in the practice of contemporary dentistry. Dentists use it to treat a variety of dental issues, including infections, bleeding while brushing, and shifting teeth. The laser also has a very attractive smile because it can be used to reduce or close the diameter of dental tubules.

The dental implant: It plays the role of an artificial root. Once screwed into the alveolar bone, the implant can receive a prosthesis, which is made up of one or more replacement teeth

How Many Veneers Are Needed for a Full Set?

A complete set of dental veneers typically consists of eight. The eight teeth that are most conspicuously visible on the upper jaw are the central and lateral incisors, canines, and first premolars. Because these restorations are intended to be cosmetic rather than structural, they are only placed on these teeth.

Who Is the Hollywood Smile Procedure For?

  • Those looking to hide one or more teeth’s flaws to have a nice smile
  • Those who have teeth with an overly pronounced shade, slight malpositions (spacing, overlapping..)

Hollywood Smile Recovery Time

  • Return to daily activities the day after treatment
  • Return to work and sports one week after treatment

How Long Is Hollywood Smile Treatment Duration

The duration is approximately 30 minutes to two hours per session

Success rate: 100%

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