Liver Transplant in Montenegro- FAQS

What Happens During Liver Transplant?

Our liver produces blood clotting factors, enzymes and other proteins. It stores energy sources such as iron, vitamins and fats and sugars. It removes toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol that can be harmful to your body. Therefore, it is a very important organ. Therefore, surgery is also very important. During the surgery, an incision is made from your abdomen to your chest. Then the process starts. Your new liver is connected to your blood vessels and bile ducts. Then the incision is closed with sutures and the process is completed. The process takes 8 hours on average.

Can I Live A Normal Life After Liver Transplant?

Although recovery following a liver transplant can be lengthy, most patients will ultimately be able to resume most of their typical activities and enjoy a decent quality of life. It may take a year to fully recuperate, but you should be able to resume your normal activities within a few weeks. In a nutshell, sure. Patients can resume their usual lives following a liver transplant.

Is Liver Transplant A Major Surgery?

Liver transplantation is a very important operation. It is also possible for the treatment to take about 8 hours, and in some cases even longer. Therefore yes. Liver transplantation is a major operation. It is not the treatment that every hospital and every doctor can do. For this reason, you should find the best hospital in Montenegro or you can choose a different country for treatment.

How Long Does A Person With Liver Transplant Live?

After liver transplantation, patients can lead a normal life. For this reason, it is possible to live at least 10 years, although the life expectancy varies depending on the age of the patient.

What Is Required For A Successful Liver Transplant?

For a successful liver transplant, it is important that the patient receives a liver from a close relative. In addition, the patient must not use drugs or alcohol. On the other hand, patients should receive treatment in a good hospital for treatment.

This surgery, which is very important, should receive treatment in hospitals that deal specifically with organ transplantation. If you are looking for a hospital for liver transplantation, you can contact us for cost-effective treatments.

Hospitals Performing Liver Transplantation In Montenegro

Although there are many hospitals in Montenegro that do liver transplants, you need to be treated in a good hospital. Therefore, of course, you should do a good research. Although there are few successful doctors who perform liver transplants in Montenegro, they also provide very costly treatments.

For this reason, of course, you can consider getting treatment in different countries. Among these countries, Turkey is often the first choice. You can also get successful results by choosing to receive treatment in Turkey. Thus, the costs will also be quite affordable.

Most Successful Countries For Liver Transplantation

Many countries can be evaluated for successful liver transplantation. The first two countries are USA and Turkey. To evaluate these two countries, although USA is a highly preferred country, unfortunately it is not suitable for every patient because it provides treatment at very high costs.

In addition to this, liver transplant surgeries, which are performed quite frequently in Turkey, are very cheap. Thus, by receiving treatment in Turkey, patients receive both a successful treatment and an affordable treatment. You can also contact us to get a liver transplant in Turkey.

Hospitals Performing Liver Transplantation In Turkey

There are many hospitals in Turkey that perform liver transplants. If you are planning to make a choice between these hospitals, you should definitely consult us. As we are a private healthcare provider company, we got the best prices from the hospitals. Thus, we can treat our patients with the best price guarantee. If you want to get detailed information about liver transplantation in Turkey, you can send us a message 24/7.

Liver Transplant Prices In Turkey

Liver transplant is not like other treatments you can get in Turkey. It is a very important organ transplant. Therefore, the prices are of course variable. You can contact us to get treatment with the best prices. At the same time, treatment costs vary according to the city where you will receive treatment. Therefore, your choice of cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara or Izmir will affect the price. As CureHoliday, our liver transplant price is 65.600 €. Feel free to message for more detailed interest.