What Are Hair Transplant Prices in Dubai

Hair transplant treatments are very important treatments and the results should look good from an aesthetic point of view. For this reason, patients should definitely do research before having a hair transplant treatment in Dubai. You can get detailed information about hair transplant treatments in Dubai by reading our content.

Hair Transplant Centers in Dubai have a good reputation for healthcare using the Turkish method of hair transplantation.

The clinics have been providing professional healthcare services, especially in Dubai for the last 10 years and are recognized as one of the leading practitioners in this field.

They serve in clinics with a team of skilled professional experts dedicated to providing quality and expertise in hair transplantation and hair loss.

The extensive experience gathered enables them to offer a practical and tailored solution for every existing hair loss problem.

They offer a variety of treatments on hair restoration treatments, starting with a detailed and reliable diagnosis.

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What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant treatment; It is a method frequently used by people who have hair loss problems today. Hair loss problem; It causes psychological, sociological, and aesthetic problems in the person, and therefore hair transplantation treatment is applied. In the past, people with hair loss problems used to camouflage their hair loss area with a hat, wig, and olive branch (Julius Cesar).

As a result of the development of modern medicine and the possibility of new treatment methods in the field of aesthetics, hair transplantation treatment is applied today.Hair transplantation is performed comfortably and reliably, preventing both psychological and aesthetic problems of patients with hair loss problems.

Why Is a Hair Transplant Necessary?

Hair loss is a hair loss condition that can be seen in men or women. It can cause unaesthetic appearances in both genders. Especially the spills on the top of the head can cause men to feel bad psychologically. Hair loss is a problem that can alienate people from social life. People may avoid friendships because they think they look older than their peers. This is a situation that explains the importance of hair transplantation.

What Is the Hair Transplant Methods

Hair transplantation is a treatment that has been applied for many years. However, of course, there are great differences between the hair transplants performed in the early years and the hair transplants performed today. Although the types of hair transplantation may vary according to the preferences of the patients, treatment can be performed with the type that the doctor deems appropriate. Although there are many types of hair transplantation;

FUE Hair Transplantation: This procedure, which does not require any drilling or incision, is one of the most used methods in the world. There are many reasons why this method, which you will frequently hear about lately, is preferred. It provides the opportunity to recover in a much shorter time and provides many advantages.

Did you know that you will not feel pain with this method, which is applied in a shorter time and does not leave a trace? It is seen that people who want to see permanent effects and get a natural look apply this method. If you are afraid of the possibility of shedding after the hair transplantation process is completed, this method is for you.

FUT Hair Transplantation: FUT hair transplantation is the process of removing hair follicles from the donor area in strips. In FUE hair transplantation, this process is achieved by collecting individual hair follicles and transferring the hair transplantation to the bald area. Strips removed in the FUT technique may leave scars in the donor area. In the same way, while this strip is carried to the balding area, stitches are placed so that the hair can hold on to the scalp. In this way, both a scar is formed on the back of the head and skin attached to the bald area is formed. The recovery time is prolonged, and the risk of complications is high.

DHI Hair Transplantation: DHI Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation) means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. In this method, grafts are collected with the help of a medical pen called Choi, which specialists should only use, and then the hair taken with this pen is placed directly on the skin without opening any incisions or channels. In the known hair transplantation methods, these two operations are performed separately, thanks to the special pen used, the procedure is reduced to one and the patient is relieved.

Types of hair transplantation may vary according to the patient’s expectations and budget, as well as the number of grafts needed by the doctor and the duration of the session. However, we use FUE hair transplantation, which has been widely used as the most advanced technique in recent years, in CureHoliday clinics.

Why Is the Hair-Line Important?

The most important point of a successful hair transplant is to have healthy and natural-looking hair after the operation. The most important point to make the transplanted hair look natural is the front hairline planning. Hairline design, which is very important in hair transplantation, varies from person to person. Due to interpersonal differences in face shape, a standard measurement cannot be applied. Other variables that should be taken into account when designing the front hairline; anatomical head structure, the age of the person, and the amount of graft.

Hairline measurement is started between the two eyebrows. The average forehead width for the front hairline is considered to be 7 cm. However, this value may vary according to the number of grafts that can be used and the face structure of the person. The forehead area is marked by considering the head structure, age, and graft amount. By paying attention to the forehead opening, width, the size of the temples, and the point where the forehead fractures start; The front hairline, which will be V-shaped or a little more oval, is determined, provided that it is not very sharp.

The planting direction and angles of the grafts at eye level and in the front hairline are as important as the design of the hairline. Grafts planted in this area cannot be planted in a straight line. To achieve a natural and aesthetic appearance, the hair strands should be arranged in a mixed and natural system. An asymmetrical mess with indentations and protrusions on the front hairline should be captured, and it should resemble the person’s natural hairline.

Considering the temple area; To complete the naturalness, a slight indentation should be created in this area. Because there is such an indentation in the temple of every adult man who does not have a hair loss problem and has passed the age of puberty. The exit directions of each graft transplanted to the hairline and temple should be the same.

How Are Dubai Hospitals

In addition to hair transplants, Dubai is a successful country for the treatment of many illnesses. It would not be appropriate to look for the best hospitals because patients can receive extremely successful treatments thanks to the developed healthcare system. It will be simple to locate numerous prosperous hospitals in Dubai. Patients are unable to access treatments due to the high cost of living in Dubai. Many patients cannot afford available treatments. As a result, patients prefer to get treatment in various nations. That would be a wiser choice. The preferred country outside of Dubai is listed below. Dubai is a successful country for hair transplants, but it is not the best.

What Are Dubai Hair Transplant Prices?

You know you can get successful treatments in Dubai. At the same time, Dubai is a very famous tourist city. For this reason, many patients travel to Dubai for both vacation and shopping purposes and health purposes. What about prices? Due to Dubai’s high cost of living, many people have difficulty accessing these treatments. For this reason, it will be more advantageous to plan more affordable treatments in countries that are world leaders in hair transplantation and are extremely successful. If you are still wondering about hair transplant prices in Dubai;

No of GraftsCost (12 AED – 15 AED per graft)in Euro
1000AED 12,000 – AED 15,0003.000€ – 4.000€
1500AED 18,000 – AED 22,5004.500€- 5.500€
2000AED 24,000 – AED 30,0006.000€ – 7.500€
2500AED 30,000 – AED 37,5007.500€ – 9.000€
3000AED 36,000 – AED 45,0008.800€- 11.000€
3500AED 42,000 – AED 52,50010.500€- 13.000€
4000AED 48,000 – AED 60,00012.000€- 15.000€

Which Is the Best Country for Hair Transplantation and What Are the Prices?

It can be said that hair transplantation treatments are the most frequently preferred procedures in the field of plastic surgery. Many people with hair loss problems can achieve permanent and natural-looking results by taking hair transplant treatments. Unfortunately, as with every surgical procedure, some risks are likely to be experienced in hair transplant treatments. For this reason, it will be more advantageous to be treated in a country that is successful in hair transplantation treatments and to choose the most successful surgeons in this country, and it will minimize the possibility of experiencing risks.

On the other hand, since hair transplant treatments are in the group of aesthetic treatments, patients have to pay the costs of these treatments. This requires patients to find both a successful country and an economic country where they can receive treatment.

If we look at the best country that all these criteria show, this country will be Turkey most of the time.

The fact that the treatments are very cheap and that they provide world-class treatment makes Turkey the world leader in hair transplant treatments.

You can continue reading our content to get more detailed information about it. Hair transplant treatments in Turkey. Thus, you can see the before and after photos of the patients treated in Turkey, learn about the hair transplant prices in Turkey and understand what the variability of prices depends on. So you can easily choose the best country for Treatments.

The low cost of living and the extremely high exchange rate in Turkey allow patients to receive treatment at very affordable prices. Although the prices vary across Turkey, they have average prices. So you can save a lot of money. On the other hand, with the difference of CureHoliday, we offer a single-price service without any graft limitation. This is not an advantage you can easily find in Turkey. Our experience enables you to have as many graft hair transplants as you need at the best hospitals and the most successful surgeons at a single price. Our prices;

CureHoliday Hair Transplantation Treatment Price; 1.800€

CureHoliday Hair Transplant Treatment Package Price; 2100€

The package’s included services are:

  • Consultation before and after surgery
  • Professional team
  • Accommodation, food, and drink in a first-class hotel
  • Blood test
  • Medicines and care products
  • VIP Transfer from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic

What Are the Advantages of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Let’s say you need 3,000 grafts of hair;

You have to pay at least 8,000€ for this while in Dubai,

To receive treatment in Turkey; You just have to pay 1,800€.

You can choose package services for all your other needs such as accommodation and transportation. CureHoliday package services start from €2100

Your advantage starts with that, you see the difference. Almost 80% savings are possible.

Why CureHoliday?

**Best price guarantee. We always guarantee to give you the best price.

**You will never encounter hidden payments. (Never hidden cost)

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