What Are The Differences Between Hair Transplants Quality And Price In The UK And Turkey?

There are numerous benefits to getting a hair transplant in the UK but also drawbacks. Which nation offers better hair transplant benefits than Turkey? We searched all around for you, valued CureHoliday readers. By reading our review post, you may reach the best option.

What Is A Hair Transplant Meaning?

Hair Transplantation 

Treatment for hair loss is hair transplant operations on the balding scalp. These treatments are for aesthetic purposes. It is typically not covered by insurance as a result. Treatment costs as a result are high in many nations. Depending on the requirement for hair transplantation treatments, there are many forms of hair transplantation. This has a positive impact on treatment costs as well. For in-depth details on the various types and techniques used in hair transplantation, browse our remaining articles.

Who Can Get And Eligible For A Hair Transplant?

In general, any healthy man or female can undergo a hair transplant procedure. However, there are certain crucial eligibility requirements.

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) is readily addressed with a hair transplant. Because Androgenetic Alopecia accounts for roughly 95% of male baldness, most men who are experiencing hair loss may be candidates for a hair transplant. Women’s hair loss, on the other hand, is more complicated than male hair loss. The surgeon and, in rare situations, the patient’s treating doctor should examine each woman’s case separately.

Another key criterion is the status of the donor region. The donor region is the back of our head where hair transplants are taken and put into bald areas. In this regard, the density and quality of the donor area are critical for a hair transplant. If the patient has poor hair quality or density in the donor location, he or she may be unsuitable for a hair transplant.

Some disorders might also make it difficult to do a hair transplant procedure. Thyroid, blood pressure, or hypothyroidism can all have a deleterious impact on a hair transplant. Only with the agreement of the treating physician and the hair surgeon may an operation be conducted. Individuals with chronic conditions such as liver, kidney, or heart failure, on the other hand, are not eligible for a hair transplant. Furthermore, people who have received chemotherapy for cancer are ineligible.

 Any healthy individual over the age of 25 who has Androgenetic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness) or, in certain situations, other kinds of hair loss may be a candidate for hair transplantation. However, there may be other factors to examine in specific circumstances. Consultation with a trained doctor is the best approach to determine your eligibility. On our CureHoliday website, we provide free online consultations! You can contact us 24/7 to find out if you are suitable for hair transplantation.

 Which Hair Transplant Procedure Should I Choose?

In fact, it would be preferable to get advice from your doctor before making this decision. However, it is not advised to choose possibly futile hair transplantation. Your doctor, on the other hand, will recommend the best approach for you based on where the hair transplant will be performed and your expectations and aspirations. Following your doctor’s advice, you may explore the problem and determine the best treatment option for yourself.

The patient sometimes takes into account his financial situation in addition to his hopes and wants while using one of these techniques at the same time. For many nations, this is a reasonable justification for preference, but it does not apply to Turkey. Because getting a hair transplant in Turkey is not as uncommon as it is in many other nations. At incredibly low costs, you can acquire treatments that can live up to your expectations. In comparison to other European, Asian, and American nations, hair transplant prices in Turkey are 70% less expensive and of greater quality.

Which Country Should I Choose For A Hair Transplant? England Vs Turkey?

Many people are unsure of what separates a hair transplant in Turkey from one in the United Kingdom, or they believe the only difference is the cost when comparing hair transplants in Turkey and England. For hair transplants, hundreds of people go to Turkey each year.

But why is this success happening? Is it because hair transplant surgery in Turkey is so affordable? There are much more valued reasons: Turkish hospitals are among the newest and most cutting-edge in Europe, along with some of the nation’s most well-known surgeons. You should remember that Turkey has recently been one of the most well-liked travel locations for health reasons.

 If you are still unsure about whether to have your hair transplant in Turkey or the United Kingdom, we will address the most common concerns in the following lines, including not just price disparities, but also differences in surgeon ability and service efficiency. Let us look at why Turkey has become the world’s hair transplant country.

 How Is Hair Transplant In The UK?

The National Health Service is a government-sponsored program in the United Kingdom. Although this system enables extremely effective and high-quality therapies to be provided in this nation, a significant issue hinders many patients from accessing these treatments. Despite having a highly sophisticated healthcare system, England does not allow for access to cosmetic treatments due to its exorbitant costs.

However, if we compare it to a nation that has shown its effectiveness in hair transplantation therapies, receiving treatment in England will not be advantageous. Because, as is well known, Turkey is the world’s hair transplant center. This circumstance makes receiving hair transplant treatment in any nation other than Turkey, including England, unfavorable.

 What Is The Best Country For Hair Transplant Treatments?

All people are aware of the answer to this question. When asked what they think of when Turkey is mentioned, over 90% of participants from a variety of nations respond with “hair transplant.” The suitability of hair transplant procedures for Turkey is explained by this. What separates Turkey from so many other nations in terms of hair transplant procedures?

Successful Hair Transplant Treatments: One of the main factors contributing to Turkey’s reputation as a hub for hair transplant care is the availability of successful hair transplant therapies there. In Turkey, almost no patients who had hair transplants have ever had shedding or an infection. Of course, this does not mean that all clinics provide effective therapies. However, the number of unsuccessful clinics is incredibly low when compared to other nations.

You can choose us to avoid these unsuccessful clinics and to get guaranteed treatments. We, at CureHoliday, provide treatment with the best hair transplant surgeons. At the same time, we provide treatment with the best price guarantee in Turkey. You can contact us to take advantage of this opportunity.

Affordable Hair Transplantation: Turkey isn’t the only nation that provides effective hair transplant procedures, of course. Turkey is the only nation that provides these treatments at the lowest costs, in addition to being very successful. Examine the costs in a nation where you are confident in the standard of care if you wish to confirm this via study. There will undoubtedly be a significant price disparity in Turkey. One last thing to keep in mind is that Turkey is a vacationers’ paradise.

 Turkey Or UK For Hair Transplant Treatments?

You will have to wait in line because there aren’t many hair transplant clinics in England. This pushes up the cost of hair transplants, which were already highly expensive. Of fact, if we examine more closely, effective hair transplant procedures may be performed in England. Despite being inferior to the success of therapies in Turkey.

It would be unnecessary to get hair transplantation treatment in England, even if it were assumed that both nations’ procedures were equally successful. because there is a true disparity in the costs. This realıtıes proves why getting hair transplant treatments in Turkey is a good idea.

 What Are The Types Of Hair Transplants Treatment?

  • FUE Hair Transplantation Treatment
  • FUT Hair Transplantation Treatment
  • DHI Hair  Transplantation Treatment

FUE Hair Transplant Technique ( Follicular Unit Extraction )

In the Sapphire FUE technique, the channels in the area where hair transplantation will be performed are opened with real sapphire ore instead of steel tips. Sapphire tips allow the opening of smaller, smoother and denser microchannels than the steel tip in the planting area. Micro-opening of the channels minimizes tissue deformation and reduces crusting. Thus, after the application, the scalp heals quickly and no visible scars remain.

Microchannels opened with sapphire tips allow the hair follicles to be planted in accordance with the natural direction of growth. Thanks to this technique, those who experience hair loss have natural hair that cannot be distinguished from their own hair.

  • Recovery time is short
  • Processed with sapphire tips
  • More frequent hair transplants
  • The healing process is comfortable
  • Less tissue damage

FUT Hair Transplant Technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUT hair transplant is one of the oldest techniques of hair transplant treatments. It involves removing the entire scalp from the donor area. For this reason, it leaves very large traces. On the other hand, the healing process is quite long compared to the FUE technique.

In the Fut hair transplant technique, a skin strip is usually taken from the back of the head. The removed skin is divided into grafts. Grafts are placed in the incisions made in the recipient area. Thus, the hairless area becomes hairy.

DHI Hair Transplant Technique ( Direct Hair Implantation)

Another hair transplant technique that has become popular recently is DHI hair transplant. Hair transplantation with DHI, also called unshaven hair transplantation, does not require shaving the hair, as the name suggests. The purpose of the DHI hair transplant method is to focus on the openings in the areas where the hair is sparse, without damaging the existing hair, and to perform a more frequent and more natural hair transplant. In the DHI method, it is aimed not only to give the hair a natural appearance, but also to return the patient to his daily life as soon as possible. Before starting the transplantation process, the area to be transplanted and the donor area are analyzed in a computer environment with a high-resolution camera. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the hair type, shedding density, the density of the area to be transplanted and the amount of roots that can be taken. As a result of the analysis, the hair is cut a little and the design of the area to be planted is made. Then, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area so that the patient does not feel pain, and the nape area is numbed. Then, the hair follicles are taken with micro-tips and kept in a solution that will both increase the health of the hair follicles and prevent them from being damaged. After the root removal process from the donor area is completed, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the planting will be made. After the completion of the anesthesia process, the grafts placed on the micro-tips are started to be planted from the front of the designed area to the sparse areas in accordance with the direction and natural structure of the hair. The purpose of the DHI method is to protect the existing hair and plant new hair, and the process is completed without any damage to the existing hair. Since there is no channel opening in this method, the crusting time is very short and in parallel, healing takes place faster.

FUE Hair Transplant Price Comparison UK vs Turkey

A single FUE hair transplant session in the UK costs about 9,000 euros, but many operations may be necessary to obtain enough hair to provide the desired effect, costing up to 26,000 euros. However, CureHoliday treatments in Turkey cost 1800 Euros, saving a patient more than 80% off the cost in the UK. Customers interested in learning how much scalp micro pigmentation costs in Turkey could get in touch with our consultants at our Turkish clinic.

FUT Hair Transplant Price Comparison UK vs Turkey

The cost of follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT), which entails removing a sizable portion of the scalp’s tissue from the back and inserting thousands of naturally developing follicular unit groups into the bald areas, is lower in Turkey and the United Kingdom due to the procedure’s increased popularity. When comparing the price of a hair transplant procedure in the UK to Turkey, the price in the UK ranges from 5,000 to 8,5600 euros, while the price in Turkey is around 1,300 euros.

 In summary, the cost will vary based on the transplant size, the number of grafts necessary, and the number of sessions required. For example, Turkey would charge far less per hair graft than London or the United Kingdom. When researching hair transplantation, you will see several adverts on the internet, in newspapers, and even on the tube claiming how much easier, a hair transplant would be in other nations, such as Turkey.

 FUE Or FUT In Turkey 

 Our CureHoliday hair transplant surgeons are currently performing the most successful hair transplant treatments in Turkey using the FUE procedure, the most advanced and preferred hair transplant technique.

 The reason why surgeons CureHoliday Clinics in Turkey prefer the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is that it is the most successful technique, which does not use scalpels, staples, and stitches during the operation have the least pain during recovery, leave no scars and the healing process is faster.

 FUE Technique Hair Transplant Price In Turkey: 1,800 Euro 

 You can also have a hair transplant treatment in Turkey and have a lovely holiday. As CureHoliday, you can benefit from our 24/7 free consultancy service for details information on this package treatment, which we know of our valued guests.

 What Is An All-Inclusive Package Hair Transplant Service?

 In Turkey, our patients will have a unique hair transplant experience. Patients receive an all-inclusive process with no additional costs thereafter, which includes counseling, blood work, medicines, post-operative care, and surgery.

 Our customers can hire a personal driver for the patient and their spouse to accompany them for a small fee in addition to the cost of the treatment for things like meals, entertainment, excursions, accommodation in a five-star hotel, and VIP transportation from the airport to  the hotel and hospital. We have the top hair transplant facilities in Turkey and reasonable prices.

 Call CureHoliday 24/7 to learn the cost and all the information details if you’re thinking about taking a hair transplant vacation.

 The package’s included services are;

  • Consultation before and after surgery
  • Professional team
  • Accommodation in a first-class hotel
  • Blood test
  • Medicines and care products
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the clinic

Why Are Hair Transplant Treatments Cheap In Turkey?

The main reason for lower hair transplant prices in Turkey is the low rent, materials, and product cost, and the high exchange rate difference between the Turkish Lira and EURO and USD. As a result, hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer lower cost, equal or even higher quality treatment services.

Does Low Cost Mean Low Quality?

No. The low cost of hair transplantation is frequently due to Turkey’s low cost of living. Turkish clinics employ cutting-edge technology, and all hair products are approved and unique. Turkey has one of the greatest success rates for hair transplantation, with almost no patients reporting hair loss following surgery.

The Best Doctors For Hair Transplants In Turkey Can Be Found Here

 A hair transplant in the UK or Turkey should also be considered. Turkey has highly qualified doctors and surgeons; many of them have worked or served in renowned clinics in the United States or Europe and are therefore not only familiar with the most recent procedures and therapies, but also speak English fluently.

 Turkish doctors also have the advantage of having a higher level of expertise than doctors in Europe or America because they perform hundreds or even thousands of hair transplants annually. As a result, they can guarantee positive outcomes and implant a large number of follicles during a single procedure.

Hair Treatments Of High Quality And Safety In Turkey

As we have said before, Turkey is not only a country that has become attractive because of its low costs. It is important to consider the assurances it provides when choosing a clinic for your hair transplant; Many hair transplant clinics in Turkey have an international reputation and have received the necessary training of medical professionals, as well as Ministry of Health certificates documenting the use of the most up-to-date procedures and facilities.

 Hair Transplant Before And After