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What Are the Risk Factors of Obesity in Children?

There are a lot of Risk Factors of Childhood Obesity that affect children’s becoming obese.

These are : 

Being inactive. Children who aren’t active often put on weight. Children now spend more time in front of devices. They occupy most of their free time online and playing video games. The health of children is significantly impacted by these sedentary behaviors.

Unhealthy diet. Everyday life is rushed. No one has the time to prepare meals as a result. Going out to eat or ordering takeout is simpler than cooking. Taking the easy route has a detrimental impact on children’s health and is one of the risk factors for childhood obesity. Always eating out and consuming fast food lead to poor eating and living patterns. Children naturally develop obesity as a result.

Children, like adults, overeat when they are stressed. Feelings can also be a risk factor for being overweight. When parents argue in front of their children, they tend to eat more to relieve stress.

Family history. If a child comes from a family of overweight or obese people, that child is more likely to be overweight in the future. Because having overweight family members implies having unhealthy eating habits.

Medicines that are taken regularly. If a child takes a drug regularly, this drug may cause gaining weight. In these circumstances, seeing a doctor and consulting about the drug is the best thing to do.

Economic conditions. One of the risk factors for childhood obesity is the economy. Some people find it difficult to make the effort to acquire fresh, healthful foods. They are forced to purchase less wholesome and expensive meals as a result. Additionally, they are unable to get to a secure location to exercise.

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