What Is A Dental Bridge?

What Is The Procedure For Getting A Dental Bridge?

An individual may feel more comfortable in their look after getting a dental bridge. They may be able to chew generally as a result of it.

 Losing one or more teeth can alter how someone bites, making swallowing challenging and uncomfortable. Specific dental replacements can prevent these issues.

A bridge may be required if:

  • A tooth becomes so decayed that it falls out or is removed by a dentist.
  • A tooth is irreparably damaged by an injury or incident.
  • Where decay or inflammation has reached such a depth inside a tooth, neither a filling nor a root canal can suffice.

Depending on the type of dental bridge, Dentists use several types of bridges:

What Are The Different Types Of Bridges For Teeth?

The Traditional Bridge includes two crowns that anchor the fake tooth or teeth, sometimes referred to as abutments. The most common kind of bridge is this one. can be changed or eliminated.

A Tooth-Supported Bridge simply needs one crown to be supported. For those who don’t want to harm healthy teeth, this less invasive solution could be a good one. In this type of bridge, the healthy teeth on each side of the missing or removed tooth are slightly thinned and utilized as the bridge’s support foot. The prostheses that have been attached to these feet are both functional and beautiful.

The Maryland Bridge is a type of bridge that is constructed by bonding it to nearby teeth. The prosthetic tooth, which is created to fill the gap left by the lost tooth, is fastened to the nearby teeth’s unnoticeable rear surfaces. Roughing up the back surfaces of neighboring natural teeth adds an adhesive material. By putting these adhesive ingredients through the fake tooth, both sides are fixed.

The aim is to avoid removing good natural teeth in order to do a bridge procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To A Dental Bridge?

Because a dental bridge requires shaping a real tooth and filling a gap, patients may notice certain changes in their mouth after receiving one. These could be mentioned:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • When biting down, there is a soreness.
  • Changes in the way you chew
  • Changes in the mouth sensation
  • Impediments to speech

These changes result in an adjustment period following the implantation of a dental bridge. Every patient’s experience is entirely natural and temporary. Every dental procedure involves a process of acclimating to a new situation in your mouth. So long as they do not continue too long, the after-procedure changes become very typical.

How long it will take to get used to a dental bridge is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. On average, most people adjust to a new dental bridge in around two weeks. As the patients adjust to the bridge’s presence over time, they will go through adjustments.

Make an appointment with your dentist if, after a few weeks, your dental bridge is still giving you trouble. This might signify that a dental professional is needed because of an issue.

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Bridge For Teeth In Turkey?

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Cost  Of Dental Bridges In Turkey


ProcedureMinimum price Maximum price
Bridge – Full Porcelain      $ 200        $ 300
Bridge – Porcelain Fused to Metal  $ 130        $ 190
Bridge – Porcelain Fused to Gold $ 290        $ 400

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In Which Cases Is A Dental Bridge Needed?

  • Extraction of a decayed tooth or tooth loss
  • Due to dental trauma.
  • If the tooth is irreversible due to caries and root canal treatment Cannot be applied.

A dental bridge might make someone feel more at ease when smiling. They may be able to chew normally as a result.

When one or more teeth are lost, the person may feel discomfort or have trouble biting and chewing food. The treatment of missing teeth avoids these issues.

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