What Is the Average Cost of Dental Crowns? Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

When a tooth is broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged, a dental crown is used to cover it and restore its shape and appearance. Dental crown treatments are one of the most popular dental procedures today. They can be long-term solutions for numerous dental problems.

If you are thinking about getting dental crowns, you are most likely curious about how much they cost. The cost of dental crowns varies depending on the materials and where you are getting them. In this article, we will look at how much dental crowns cost focusing on Turkey.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a restorative dental treatment in which a tooth-shaped cap is used to cover the entire surface of a tooth. It can improve the functionality of a damaged tooth or it can be used as a cosmetic treatment to correct the aesthetic flaws of the tooth.

Dental crowns are often utilized when dental fillings are not feasible. They are one of the methods dentists use to fix and protect decayed or damaged teeth from further damage, much like fillings. Fillings can be used to repair mild surface-level tooth damage and decay. Dental crowns are used in place of fillings when a tooth is severely decayed or damaged.

Crowns are not placed on the teeth directly. Tooth preparation is necessary before dental crowns can be fitted onto the tooth. Tooth preparation includes filing the natural tooth and reducing its size.  How much of the tooth needs to be filed depends on the size and condition of the tooth. This procedure is irreversible. Once the tooth is ready, the dental crown is mounted with a special adhesive.

If you are missing a tooth, a dental crown can be used together with a dental implant to restore it.

There are also partial dental crowns that are used to treat mild to moderate cases of tooth damage. Partial crowns can be applied to just the damaged part of the tooth. Different materials can be used for dental crowns. With proper care and maintenance, they can last up to 5-15 years.

Metal Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

Dental crowns entirely made of metal last a very long time. They are a great option for regaining the ability to chew with the molars. They are made of precious metal alloys. Metal crowns are among the most economical dental prosthesis. However, metal crowns are not recommended for the treatment of teeth that are visible when smiling because their main flaw is that they lack visual appeal. While they cost approximately £350 in wealthy countries such as the United Kingdom, the metal crown cost per tooth starts at £100 in Turkey.

Zirconia Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

One of the most recent developments in dental prosthetics is zirconia crowns, which are frequently utilized in Turkey by our reputable dental clinics and dental specialists. They are composed of a zirconia core and an exterior coating of porcelain enamel. The structure of the crowns makes them highly durable and they are also very natural looking. Zirconia crown prices per tooth start at £180 in Turkey.

The dentist creates a 3D model of the patient’s teeth before creating a model of the prosthesis itself to create zirconia crowns. Using these models, a milling machine carves the exact match from a zirconium billet. As a result, all potential inaccuracies in prosthetics are ruled out: The crown is sized and shaped exactly like a natural tooth, and it adheres firmly to the tooth and gums.

Porcelain Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

Porcelain crowns are long-lasting, non-metal orthopedic prostheses constructed of pressed ceramics. Since porcelain crowns are widely recognized for their exceptional aesthetics and striking likeness to real enamel, they are frequently used to improve the appearance of the front teeth. Porcelain crowns are highly durable and they don’t stain. Porcelain crown prices in our contracted dental clinics in Turkey start at £100

E-Max Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

While E-max crowns do not contain any metal, they are as durable as steel prostheses. They can withstand heavy chewing and don’t get worn out easily. E-Max crowns are made of lithium disilicate, a biocompatible, conveniently tintable ceramic that refracts and absorbs light in the same way that natural tooth enamel does. Thanks to their translucence, they look virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Currently, e-max crowns are the most natural-looking option compared to crowns made from other materials. This is reflected in their prices as well as they are slightly more expensive than other types of dental crowns. The cost of e-max crowns in Turkey will start from £200.

The Best Prices for Dental Crowns in Turkey

There are many advantages of getting a dental crown treatment in Turkey and affordability is one of them. Turkish hospitals and clinics charge significantly lower rates for medical services due to the low cost of living and high exchange rates in the country. International patients have a great opportunity to receive low-cost, but high-quality dental care.

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