What Is The Definition Of The Best Breast Lift  ( Mastopexy & Uplift ) Procedure In Turkey?

The treatment for breast sagging, which can occur for some reasons, is breast uplift surgery. Most of these treatments are done purely for aesthetic reasons. Because of this, the patient’s insurance does not pay for this. This enables patients to seek treatment abroad to access more economical healthcare. We wrote this post on breast enlargement in Turkey and included cost information. Reading the information can help you find the answers to many queries about breast lifts.

What Is The Best Procedure For A Breast Lift?

In a time when body image has taken center stage in everyday life, the subject of sagging or drooping breasts is receiving more and more attention. A mastopexy, commonly referred to as a breast lift Turkey procedure, uses one of several techniques to enhance the shape, lift, and overall look of a woman’s breasts. To contour and reconstruct sagging breasts, this surgery involves removing extra loose skin from the chest area. Additionally, it will assist ladies in regaining the confidence they previously had in their bodies.

As they become older, many women feel uneasy about their breasts. Numerous issues, including low self-confidence, can be triggered or caused by changes in breast shape. Drooping or sagging breasts may be caused by pregnancy, heredity, 

breastfeeding, having children, aging, and weight fluctuations.

Who Can Get Breast Lift?

As people age, their breasts transform. They frequently lose their stiffness. Additionally, they lose some of their elastic properties, which prevents the skin from retracting after stretching. These kinds of breast alterations can be caused by a variety of factors,

Everyone over the age of 18 can use it, but ladies over the age of 40 tend to like it more than younger women. After breastfeeding, it’s possible for sagging to eventually develop which may be caused by issues with large breasts. The significant reduction in breast volume experienced by people who struggle with weight gain and loss can also contribute to sagging.

Does It Work Breast Lift?

Yeah. An excellent technique is a breast lift. However, you must get therapy from qualified surgeons for this. Experienced surgeons can carry out these surgeries more quickly and choose the best treatment option for the patient. Implants are not necessary for all breast augmentation procedures. So, the greatest choice for you should be made by your doctor. Depending on the doctor’s level of training. To witness the outcomes of patients who received CureHoliday treatment in Turkey, keep reading the article.

Is Breast Lift A Painful Procedure?

No. A breast lift doesn’t hurt during the surgery. Patients often experience no discomfort because the treatment is done while they are under general anesthesia. After surgery, it is typical for the patient to have some pain. However, this pain is less intense and more unpleasant. When patients are asked to rate their post-operative pain, they frequently respond that it is 4 out of 10.

An outpatient surgery clinic or a hospital can do a breast lift. Sometimes sedation and local anesthetic are used during the treatment to numb only a portion of your body. General anesthesia is advised in other settings. If you’re given general anesthesia, you won’t be awake.

Different Types Of Procedures For Breast Lift In Turkey

When it comes to sagging breasts, age is frequently an issue. Additionally, those looking for a solution to low self-esteem may find that the outcomes of breast lift surgery in Turkey satisfy their needs. Mastopexy can help with many additional problems, including an enlarged areola, body shape, and skin elasticity, assisting more and more women in regaining their confidence. There are numerous breast lift treatments to pick from depending on the outcomes you seek. These various breast lift techniques are referred to as “crescent,” “periareolar,” “vertical,” and “anchor,” and are differentiated by the incisions that must be made.

 Crescent Breast Lift Surgery: For ladies who simply want a little lift, the breast lift with a crescent-shaped Turkey treatment uses a single crescent-shaped incision that moves along the outer edge of the areola. This method is suitable for women who have mild sagging because the lift is minimal. It is undetectable and leaves little to no scarring, which is hidden beneath the nipple’s darker skin.

Periareolar Breast Lift Surgery: A “donut” lift, also known as a periareolar breast lift surgery, is a technique used to treat mild to moderate drooping or sagging of the breasts. A single circular incision across the areola produces less scarring and a more pronounced breast lift because just a little amount of tissue can be transferred and none of the inner breasts can be restructured or shifted.

Vertical Breast Lift Surgery: A vertical lift will require the creation of two incisions. There will be two created, one encircling the areola and the other extending from the areola to the natural edge of the breast. With this breast lift technique, more tissue can be removed and the contouring is more obvious. The best option for people with moderate sagging is this method, which could leave more obvious scarring in its wake. Therefore, if your breasts are moderately drooping, this form of breast lift surgery in Turkey can be the ideal option for you.

Anchor Breast Lift Surgery: The anchor breast lift procedure is one of the most well-liked plastic operations in the world. It is advised for women who want their breasts to appear more lifted. Three anchor incisions will be made: one around the areola, one that extends to the natural breast crease, and a third that stops at the crease. If your breasts are visibly drooping or sagging, you may be a good candidate for an anchor breast lift in Turkey. As a result, it produces more spectacular outcomes in them. Because it enables the physician to remove more tissue from the chest area, this is the breast lift Turkey method that is performed more frequently.

Can I Have Breast Enlargement/Reduction With Breast Lift At The Same Time?

It all depends on the results you desire and expect. Therefore, a breast lift in Turkey can be done in conjunction with breast expansion or reduction procedures to enhance your appearance. You will have the chance to talk with your surgeon about the available treatments before you travel to our medical facility in Turkey. Your needs and expectations will be taken into account when we perform the treatment.

Compared to other nations like the UK or the US, the cost of breast uplift surgery in Turkey will be extremely affordable. You might be curious as to why surgery in Turkey is less expensive. Because the cost of living is far lower in Turkey than in Europe and because staff salaries, medicine costs, and the value of the Turkish Lira are all lower. Therefore, it is a fantastic opportunity for you to visit Turkey and take advantage of the all-inclusive breast lift surgery package there. Everything you need will be included in this package, including housing, travel, medical care, and upscale transportation.

FAQs About Breast Uplift Surgery

Although many women would want to have breast lift surgeries, we are hesitant to do so because of some uncertainties. However, these operations can be easily obtained with nearly no adverse effects in Turkey because of the most recent technology. However, we hope to put your mind at ease by responding to the Most Common Questions concerning this procedure.

 Will There Be Scars After Breast Lift?

Operations that call for incisions include breast lift operations. It is possible to leave certain traces as a result. These traces, however, were created in unison with the lines of the body. As a result, there are no obnoxious scars that appear bad. Traces fade over time and are less noticeable at the same time.

How Long Does Breast Lift Surgery Take?

You must spend a minimum of five hours at the center. For the operation, 2 hours are sufficient. You will then need to relax in the hospital, depending on the likelihood of experiencing any difficulties.

Does Insurance Cover Breast Lift Surgeries?

They are generally not covered by insurance because they are done for cosmetic purposes. Patients favor having breast lift surgery in Turkey because of this. They can obtain this procedure in this method at significantly lower costs.

Does A Breast Lift Make The Breasts Smaller?

The breasts may somewhat contract as a result of reducing extra fat. Breast reduction can also be done concurrently if the patient requests it during the procedure.

Can I have A Breast Lift If I Am Overweight?

It is recommended to have a breast lift when you are at your ideal weight. Because in case of weight loss, your breasts may sag again.

Can I Get A Breast Lift While Pregnant?

This will be advantageous during pregnancy. After the breastfeeding period is over, getting a breast lift is the healthiest option.

During The Procedure

Techniques used to remove breast skin and reshape breast tissue vary. The specific technique your plastic surgeon chooses will determine the location of the cuts (incisions) and the resulting scars.

Your surgeon might make incisions:

  • Around the areolae — the darker area surrounding the nipples
  • Extending downward from the areolae to the breast creases
  • Horizontally along the breast creases

The surgeon might place stitches deep within the breasts to reshape the breast tissue. Stitches may also be used to reduce the size of the areolae. They remove excess breast skin and shift the nipples to higher positions. Then the surgeon brings together the breast skin. They close the incisions with stitches, surgical tape or skin adhesives.

The procedure typically takes 2 to 3 hours. You can go home on the same day.

After The Procedure

You might wear a surgical support bra and gauze to cover your breasts after a breast lift. To drain any extra blood or fluid, little tubes may be inserted at the incision sites in your breasts.

For around two weeks, your breasts will be bruised and puffy. The incisions, which will be red or pink for a few months, are likely to cause you pain and soreness. Your nipples, areolae, and breast skin may be numb for up to six weeks.

Take pain medicine as directed by your doctor in the first several days following a breast lift. Steer clear of bending, lifting, and straining. To relieve pressure on your breasts while you sleep, turn to your side or back.

After the breast lift, refrain from sexual activity for at least 1 to 2 weeks. When it is safe to resume daily activities like washing your hair, taking a shower, or taking a bath, see your healthcare professional.

Drainage tubes could be inserted close to your incisions; these are usually taken out within a few days. Your bandages will likely be changed or removed when your healthcare professional removes the tubes.

Ask your doctor when or if they plan to remove your stitches. Some stitches naturally fall out. Some stitches must be removed by your doctor, usually one to two weeks following the treatment.

For three to four days, wear the surgical support bra continuously. You will next put on a soft support bra for three to four weeks. To speed up healing, your doctor may advise using silicone tape or gel for your incisions.

Keep your breasts away from the sun as you recuperate. After that, wear sunscreen while exposed to the sun.


Your breasts’ shape will immediately change, as you’ll soon discover. Over the coming months, their shape will develop and stabilize.

Scars will initially seem lumpy and red. Scars are permanent however within a year or two they will soften and thin. Generally speaking, bras and swimming suits can cover scars following a breast lift.

A breast lift may cause your bra size to slightly decrease. Even without undergoing a breast reduction in addition to the operation, that could still occur. You just have firmer, more rounded breasts as a result of this.

The results of a breast lift could not last forever. Your skin will naturally lose elasticity as you age. You might experience some sagging, especially if your breasts are larger and heavier. You may be able to maintain your results if you maintain a consistent, healthy weight.

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