What Is the Most Effective COPD Treatment? COPD Balloon Treatment in Turkey Explained

What Is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)?

Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are among a set of lung disorders known collectively as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, which impede airflow in the lungs and make breathing difficult. COPD is a long-term disease that becomes more severe with time. Shortness of breath, persistent coughing, increased sputum production, wheezing, chest tightness, and weariness are common symptoms of COPD. As the disease progresses, these symptoms significantly decrease the quality of life of people with COPD.

Once the illness has advanced and the symptoms are severe, patients struggle to exercise and carry out daily tasks and are subject to frequent flare-ups. People with very severe COPD are at considerable risk for both cardiac and respiratory failure.

COPD, a chronic lung condition, is one of the major causes of death for both men and women globally. Smoking heavily for a prolonged period of time is the primary cause of COPD, however, non-smokers can also be affected in some cases. It is also recognized that COPD can be brought on by long-term exposure to toxic chemicals or substances, air pollution, asthma, and genetic abnormalities. In fact, one in every six people with COPD is a non-smoker.

What Happens to the Lungs in COPD?

Discussing treatment choices requires an understanding of how COPD affects lung health.

Every area of the body receives oxygen through the lung, which is a complex organ. Each lung contains thousands of tube-like structures, called bronchi and bronchioles, which branch off into even smaller tubes. Alveoli, which are tiny air sacs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, are located at the end of each bronchiole. A person in good health has unobstructed lungs that allow air to flow freely through the lungs’ branches each time they take a breath.

However, due to repeated exposure to toxic substances, the lungs’ airways shrink and become inflamed in COPD. Mucus and phlegm production in the lungs is also significantly increased. The airways become more easily clogged when they get narrower than usual. When the airways are clogged, it makes breathing difficult and necessitates frequent coughing. As the disease progresses, more airways become obstructed and increasingly areas of the lungs become inflamed with time, leading to more severe symptoms.

Because of one or more of the following, people with COPD experience decreased airflow in their airways:

  • The lungs’ small air sacs and airways no longer have the ability to expand and contract.
  • Many of the walls between air sacs are collapsed.
  • The walls of the airways inflame and swell and become thick
  • More mucus than usual is produced by the airways, which can accumulate in the airways and prevent airflow.

Is There a Cure for COPD? Can Lungs Recover From COPD?

COPD does not currently have a cure. Treatments aim to reduce symptoms and enhance patients’ quality of life because the disease’s effects on the lungs are thought to be irreversible. Among the available COPD, treatments are prescription medications, dietary changes, rehabilitation techniques, and in some circumstances, surgery.

Early diagnosis is essential for COPD patients because there are no curative treatments. Treatments can help slow the progression of COPD and prevent severe symptoms if the condition is identified when the symptoms are still moderate.

What Is COPD Balloon Treatment in Turkey?

Do you want to know if there are any novel COPD treatments? Since COPD affects a sizeable percentage of the global population, there is a tremendous demand for novel medicines and treatments that can aid patients in regaining lung functionality and enhancing their health.

Here, COPD balloon treatment emerges as a promising solution. The treatment has been performed for the first time in Turkey by a Turkish surgeon and since has become available in a few certified Turkish medical facilities. Only a few hospitals in Turkey offer COPD balloon treatment. As more people come in from abroad for treatment, these hospitals have noticed an increase in the number of medical tourists in recent years. There is a significant demand from patients with COPD for COPD balloon treatment because it is very effective and shows great promise.

COPD balloon treatment aims to reverse some of the effects of chronic bronchitis. Sputum production is increased by chronic bronchitis brought on by COPD. The sputum gradually accumulates and solidifies in the airways. This can eventually result in the airways becoming clogged if combined with inflammation. Patients experience breathing difficulties because their airways are obstructed. Additionally, COPD medications become less effective over time because they cannot reach the blocked areas of the lungs.

COPD balloon treatment offers a remedy in this situation. It is a surgical procedure that uses a specialized medical tool called a resector balloon pump to physically clean the obstructed airways in the lungs. The procedure comprises bronchoscopy, in which the surgeon reaches the patient’s lungs through the nose or mouth using a small, flexible tube. The tube’s tip has a balloon-shaped device that can be inflated and deflated with a pump. This balloon is used to physically deobstruct and clean all the clogged airways the surgeon can reach.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. By using this technique, the patient regains the ability to breathe more freely after having their clogged bronchi and obstructed airflow caused by COPD unblocked. The effect of the COPD balloon treatment becomes noticeable after a couple of days when the patient is able to breathe more easily.

It is among the most effective treatment options for treating COPD available today. Patients with chronic bronchitis due to COPD can significantly improve their shortness of breath, respiratory functions, and sputum characteristics thanks to this treatment. After COPD balloon treatment, patients experience a decrease in the severity of COPD symptoms.

COPD balloon treatment does not treat emphysema but physically cleaning of the airways alleviates the complications of emphysema too. 

Why Go to Turkey for Medical Treatments? COPD Treatment and Medical Holiday in Turkey

In recent years, one of the most popular locations for medical tourism has been Turkey. In the nation, there are more than 1,200 medical facilities, more than 40 of which have JCI accreditation. There is a good balance between hospitals and clinics that are run by the government and privately, and many of these establishments provide excellent medical care. More than 700,000 international patients, largely from Europe and the Middle East, visited Turkish medical facilities in 2019, according to government statistics.

Turkey has been one of the most visited medical tourism destinations for years. Thanks to this, Turkish medical facilities and the medical staff have a lot of experience treating international patients. Because the large number of patients visiting Turkish hospitals and clinics every year, medical professionals have the opportunity to perfect their knowledge and surgery techniques. This gives medical tourists assurance that the treatments they will receive in Turkey will be of the highest standard.

Many foreign visitors who come to Turkey for medical care do so because they plan to vacation there as well. This is referred to as a “medical holiday”. You don’t necessarily have to spend the duration of your medical care at the hospital. In the case of COPD patients, they can spend some time relaxing in Turkey after they are discharged from the hospital following their operation. In their spare time, patients can take advantage of the fantastic cuisine, historical and natural attractions, and rich Turkish culture.

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to Turkey seeking effective and economical medical care. Dental, cosmetic, hair transplant, and weight loss procedures are the most popular medical specialties among foreign patients traveling to Turkey. As the COPD balloon treatment gains more recognition internationally, there is also a rising interest in COPD treatments.

How Much Is the COPD Balloon Treatment in Turkey? COPD Balloon Treatment Package Prices in Turkey

CureHoliday has agreements in place with some of Turkey’s top medical institutes that provide COPD balloon treatment. At our contracted facilities, the cost of the COPD Balloon Treatment Package is currently €13,500. The price includes:

  • Consultation
  • All necessary medical tests
  • 4-days stay in the hospital
  • COPD Balloon operation
  • 5-6 days of expert-assisted physiotherapy after the operation (Optional)
  • Hotel accommodation after hospital discharge
  • Transfer between hospital and hotel

Getting an early diagnosis is of utmost importance for patients with COPD so that the development of severe symptoms can be prevented.

Because people are not aware of the early warning signals of COPD, the condition is occasionally not identified until it has already progressed significantly. It is strongly advised that you see a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect that you may have some of the early symptoms of COPD.

Contact us through our messaging line with any inquiries you may have if you’re curious to learn more about medical procedures in Turkey and COPD balloon treatment. We invite you to ask everything that worries you, our staff is available to assist you.