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Where Is the Best Country to Get Dental Work Done?

How to Get Cheap Dental Work Abroad

Dental treatment costs continue to worry millions of people around the world. Especially people living in more expensive countries such as the UK, America, and Australia find it increasingly difficult to receive affordable dental care. There are a number of dental treatments that are often not covered by insurance and wait lists can be as long as a few months.

When this is the case, many people choose to travel overseas to get their teeth done. If you can find the right country and a reliable dental clinic, you can get dental treatments without having to wait and avoid paying huge amounts of money.

If flying abroad for dental treatments sounds convenient, read on to learn more about some of the best countries for dental work worldwide. This post will help you to choose a country that offers both high-quality and affordable prices.

Why Travel Abroad For Dental Work?

There are myriad reasons why people would prefer traveling abroad to get dental treatments. Dental tourism is booming thanks to several factors such as the availability of dental treatments in the destination country, the ability to skip the appointment queues, and the flexibility of scheduling for the most suitable dates.

Of course, the biggest factor is the affordability of dental treatments abroad. There are many countries that offer high-quality dental care for a fraction of the cost. If you’re wondering why the prices can be so different, it’s because dental clinics can operate on fewer expenses thanks to the low cost of living. Also, the currency difference becomes beneficial for those who use the American dollar, European euro, British sterling, or similar high-value currencies.

Another reason is the convenience of services abroad. Many people who travel abroad for dental treatments make use of dental holiday packages. These packages include other services such as accommodation, transfers, and language support. These services make their stay in a foreign country very easy and hustle-free.

Finally, there are many people who like the idea of combining dental work with a holiday. As getting dental treatment can usually last for a week, patients enjoy their free time as regular tourists. Because they will be saving money on dental care expenses, they can use some of it for sightseeing, eating out, and shopping.

Is Dental Care Expensive in the UK?

Before we take a look at more affordable countries, it is important to understand the opposite situation. The United Kingdom, especially its major cities like London and Manchester, is one of the most expensive places to get dental work done in the world. It is also known for long wait lists that make it nearly impossible to receive urgent treatments.

Initial consultation fees around the UK are £50-£100. NHS does cover some treatments but important treatments such as dental implants are often not covered by insurance. Typically, a dental implant treatment complete with a porcelain dental crown in the UK costs around £1,500-£2,000 which can be higher than the average monthly salary in the country.

How to Choose the Best Country for Dental Treatments

Unsuccessful dental treatments can cause tooth sensitivity and discomfort, which can make eating and speaking difficult. Additionally, more expenses would be needed for extra treatments later on. This is why it is important to research well and visit a reliable dental clinic no matter the location.

There are several points to look for when choosing the best dental tourism destination for you;

  • Experienced dentists
  • Helpful, understanding medical staff
  • Hygienic dental clinic
  • Up-to-date dental equipment and technologies
  • High-quality dental product brands
  • No waiting time
  • Affordable prices
  • Good communication
  • Language support
  • Reviews, before and after photos
  • Availability of all-inclusive dental care packages

Which Countries Are Best For Dental Care?

The global dental tourism market is expanding year after year. Today, there are many countries around the world that provide good quality, affordable dental care. Naturally, the biggest question is where exactly the best country for getting dental treatments abroad is. Below is a list of the five best candidates.     

  • Thailand
  • Mexico
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey

Dental Treatments in Thailand

One of the top destinations for medical and dental tourists in Asia is Thailand. More than a million foreign patients have been treated annually in Thailand during the past few years. Of course, one of the main causes of the high number of medical tourists is Thailand’s reputation as a traveler’s paradise. The cities with the highest numbers of medical and dental visitors include Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai.

Thailand is a convenient place that tourists from all around Asia can readily reach due to its location. Dental tourists from Australia, New Zealand, the US, and Canada also like visiting the nation.

Dental Treatment in Mexico

Considering its location, Mexico is usually the least expensive destination for Americans to travel to, despite the fact that there are several nations where dental care may be more affordable altogether. Americans may expect to save a lot on dental work in Mexico’s specialized dental clinics.

While Mexico is a preferred destination for US citizens, it does not attract as many patients from around the world because of the travel expenses and somewhat dangerous image of the nation.

Dental Treatments in Hungary

The Hungarian capital Budapest is among the most visited locations in Europe for dental treatments. Hungary is a popular tourist destination because of its extensive cultural and historical past, gorgeous natural surroundings, and amazing beauty of its capital, Budapest. When it comes to embracing foreign patients, especially in the area of dental care, Hungary has experience in recent years. The level of dental care in Hungary is of high caliber.

Dental Treatments in the Czech Republic

Similar to Hungary, the Czech Republic is another destination in Europe preferred for its more reasonable dental care prices and convenient location. The majority of the nation’s top dentists and dental clinics are in the capital, Prague. Prague is a stunning city with a rich history which you can enjoy as a tourist after your dental treatment.

Dental Treatments in Turkey

Turkey holds the position as one of the most visited dental tourism destinations worldwide. Tourists from all around the world visit Turkish dental clinics to take advantage of the cheap costs and successful treatments.

Turkish dentists are renowned for having received top-notch training, making them some of the most skilled and experienced medical professionals in the sector. There are numerous excellent dentistry clinics to choose from in famous cities around the country such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Fethiye, and Kusadasi. Some of the most frequently performed dental treatments for foreign visitors in Turkey are dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, and cosmetic treatments like Hollywood smile makeovers.

What makes Turkey such an attractive destination is the affordability of dental treatment costs. Generally, Turkey offers the cheapest and most competitive prices for dental treatments in the region. In fact, it is quite suitable not only among neighboring countries but also when compared with many countries around the world.

Dental Treatment Prices Around the World

Titanium Dental Implants + CrownPorcelain Dental Veneers
United Kingdom€1,500-€2,000€750-€1,000
Czech Republic€750-€950€330

Note: It is important to note that dental treatment prices depend on various factors the materials, brands, experience of the dentist, and the clinic policies. The prices provided in this article are the average costs. The exact prices can be determined after consultation.

Why Should I Choose Turkey for Dental Care?

Turkey possesses all the necessary qualifications of an advantageous dental tourism destination complete with experienced and recognized dental clinics and dentists, affordable prices, high-quality service, and convenient dental holiday packages.

At CureHoliday, we are in collaboration with some of the best dental clinics in Turkey offering great prices. We are ready to offer you the best treatment with our best doctors, hygienic clinics, and certified products. If you have any questions about your dental holiday in Turkey for dental treatments, you can read our other posts on the topic or you can contact us for a free consultation opportunity and get a price offer at low costs.