Who Are Traveling to Turkey for Dental Holidays?

Comments from Patients Who Had Dental Implants in Turkey

Turkey is visited by thousands of people around the world who are seeking to receive dental treatments. Due to its advantageous geographical location, the health tourism sector in Turkey has the potential to reach the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Patients from Asian and American countries also come to Turkey for affordable and successful treatments.

Dental implants have been the most popular dental treatment in 2022. The function and appearance of missing teeth can be restored with the use of implants, which are prosthetic tooth roots constructed of the right material and inserted into the jawbone.

Today, dental implants achieve the most natural-looking results that are very similar to the person’s own teeth. Compared to conventional bridges and prostheses, dental implants let people speak and chew more comfortably. Your face and mouth will also look more natural thanks to the implant procedure.

How Satisfied Are the Patients Who Visit Turkey for Implants?

People with implants carry on living happily and contentedly for a very long time. They may even forget that they have had implant treatment in their mouths and go about their lives as dental implants are very comfortable and do not hinder daily activities. Many patients are happy with their implants because implants give them more confidence and they think of implants as their natural teeth. 

When we asked for feedbacks from patients who got their teeth done in Turkey with CureHoliday, we saw that they had no regrets about getting implants in Turkey, particularly in Kusadasi, as Kusadasi is one of the best locations for a dental holiday. In addition to enjoying Turkey’s tourist destinations, they have the opportunity to replace their missing teeth with the greatest and most well-known implant brands available worldwide. The fact that Turkey is regarded as one of the top locations for health tourism is essential. You may receive dental care at the most affordable rates in Turkey because of the government’s involvement and support in health tourism.

I Had Dental Implants in Turkey!

Mihriban Aliyeva (Translator)

I am from Azerbaijan and I frequently travel to Turkey for my work. My friend in Turkey advised Dentist Travel Turkey Clinic to me while we were discussing my teeth issue. He said that I would certainly be satisfied getting the treatment as they are very reliable and successful. I was on the verge of losing a tooth because I had a damaged tooth root that would not heal on its own. I chose to use CureHoliday to book a dental implant treatment, and I was blown away by the excellent quality of care I received. I am currently finished with treatment and pleased with the outcomes.

Hatice Gülsen (Graphic Designer)

“Woe to you if you run into a lousy implant doctor!” After hearing my friend’s statement, I began to have second thoughts about getting a dental implant. While reading online reviews of people who had implants and were happy with them, I came across CureHoliday and decided to give it a chance. I assumed that since I live abroad, visiting Turkey for a dental implant would be challenging. However, they meet me at the airport and gave me excellent care all the way through the procedure. Knowing that my country offers such high-quality services is flattering. I want to express my gratitude to the excellent Turkish dental clinic. All of my worries about having implants in Turkey turned out to be unjustified.

Mehmet Uslu (Math Teacher)

I reside in the Turkish city of Izmir. In the past, I received bad dental treatment from one of the dentists in Izmir. My teeth were in terrible shape, and they made an unfortunate error that made it worse. On the internet, I looked for dentists in Kusadasi who were reputable because one of my relatives also needed dental implant surgery. I saw that CureHoliday has agreements with some of the top dental facilities in Turkey and recommended my relative to contact CureHoliday. After a successful treatment, he had his teeth fixed. The doctors, according to him, were highly competent and professional in their fields. So I decided to visit a dentist myself.

At CureHoliday, we have supported hundreds of patients to receive dental treatments. If you are interested, you can contact us for more information and consultation.