About Us

Cure Holiday Tourism Trade Limited Company is a medical tourism agency preparing to offer medical tourism marketing services for Thailand. As Atalante Software, we have been producing software and web-based solutions for medical institutions in Turkey to find international patients since 2014. We help hospitals and clinics in finding patients through medical tourism blogs and special softwares on the internet. We established a new company, Cure Holiday, in 2022 and started to develop infrastructures to find medical tourists for Turkey and Thailand. Currently, we provide services to 750-900 clients per month. Every month, we ensure that an average of 40-50 medical tourists receive treatment in health institutions in Turkey. As a company, we receive high demand, especially in the fields of hair transplantation, dental treatments, weight loss treatments, cosmetic treatments, and IVF and IVF Gender Selection. From 2023 onwards, we aim to improve our coordination between countries by opening offices in Thailand and Japan.

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