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What Is Sleeve Gastrectomy ?

Gastric Sleeve is one of the most popular type of weight loss surgery for overweight people. Even though the weight changes are normal, it may sometimes become impossible for people to lose weight. In this case, patients who do not lose weight want to do it with medication. Gastric Sleeve is an ideal surgical operation for that. It supports overweight persons (obese or morbidly obese) for weight loss.

With those who have a habit of overeating, unhealthy nutrition can also cause excess weight.In that case, gastric sleeve operation helps patients lose weight. Gastric sleeve is intended to reduce patients’ stomach so that it does not impose a nutritional limit. In this case, you can lose weight with caloric restriction, and healthy eating.

Who Is Suitable For Sleeve Gastrectomy in Izmir ?

Although the gastric sleeve is the prime treatment for many overweight patients, of course, it is not a procedure performed at the request of these patients. If patients want a gastric sleeve, they must have some criteria. As a result, it is important that you meet the criteria for gastric sleeve surgery. These requirements include:

  • Patients need to have a minimum BMI of 40.Patients must be 18 to 65 years of age.
  • Overall health is expected to be good.
  • Patients without a 40 BMI should have a minimum 35 BMI and, however, have severe obesity-related illnesses.
  • These diseases can be sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.
Gastric Tube prices in İzmir

What is Stomach Sleeve Diet?

If patients do not meet the criteria of closed surgery, a diet must be done before the sleeve gastrectomy. Because if gastrectomy is practiced in closed surgery, five small incisions will suffice. If an operation is done through these incisions, the presence of fatty liver will unfortunately cause patients to lose a few pounds, and reduce liver fat. On the contrary, the only way is open surgery. Considering the healing processes, patients often prefer a pre-operative diet, and the recovery period is easier.

How is Stomach Sleeve Treatment Performed in Izmir?

Gastric sleeve can be done both ways. These are equally divided in two like closed, and open surgery. Taking into account the health conditions of patients who want to have a tubular stomach treatment, it is decided what technique is appropriate for the patient to have a gastric sleeve treatment.

Open Gastric Sleeve:

Open Gastric Sleeve is a surgery that involves a large incision in the patient’s abdomen.

Closed (Laparoscopic) Gastric Sleeve : 

The closed gastric sleeve requires 5 small incisions in the patient’s abdomen, and surgery with the necessary surgical equipment. You can find out more about these techniques by continuing to read our content.

The operation works as follows; During surgery, your stomach is reduced by 80 per cent. This process is to split your stomach in two before the aligned part, and then remove most of it from your body. So this is a very fundamental operation.

How Is the Stomach Sleeve Weakened?

Sleeve Gastrectomy lets you lose weight in a number of ways. These shrink your stomach and limit how much food you can eat. On the other hand, with the elimination of the part that releases the hunger hormone into your stomach, patients feel less hungry.

When this is complemented by your diet, the result will usually be weight loss. However, normally, you do not have to wait for surgery alone to make you lose weight. Because sleeve gastrectomy surgery will help you lose weight with the necessary care of the patients.

Does Izmir Gastric Sleeve Work?

It will be easy for you to find this answer when considering how the gastric sleeve works? Stomach Sleeves shrink the stomach. With the shrinking stomach capacity, the appetite also decreases. This makes the patient’s diet much more comfortable. This allows the patient to lose weight with diet. But it is not usually possible to guarantee weight loss. Because no cure like Gastric Sleeve is guaranteed. If patients follow a nutritional plan after surgery, it will be possible to lose weight normally. However, if the nutrition plan is not carried out, weight loss should not be planned.

How Much Weight Can I Lose With a Gastric Sleeve?

Patients who want a Gastric Sleeve treatment will usually question the results. However, you need to be aware that each patient’s results will be different. Consequently, it is not possible to tell how much weight patients are going to lose. However, patients with gastric sleeves can lose 70% or more of their weight.

Gastric Tube operation in Turkey

Does Izmir Gastric Sleeve Guarantee Weight Loss?

As we mentioned above, weight loss surgeries can guarantee nothing like many other surgeries. Because, with the opportunities that can be experienced during surgery, the patient’s post-operative nutrition will also affect how much weight he is going to lose. In that case, if the patients demonstrate the necessary care, they can provide that guarantee themselves.

Is Izmir Gastric Sleeve Treatments Covered by Insurance?

Gastric sleeve surgery is usually insured for patients who need it. However, this of course does not give you free, and fast processing. Because Gastric Sleeve treatments must prove that patients attempt to lose weight between 2 and 7 years. Otherwise, treatment should be taken privately at a cost. If you are ready to wait a long time for treatment, of course, you can get insurance assistance.

However, instead of all this, it is possible to get gastrectomy treatment much quicker and at a more affordable price by getting treatment in another country.

Is Izmir Safe for Sleeve Stomach?

Izmir is called the pearl of the Aegean Sea. That’s why, of course, patients want to be cared for at Izmir. Izmir fits both for good rest, and cheap, and successful weight loss surgery. So Is It Safe to Have Weight Loss Surgery? Is it in Izmir? Yes. Izmir is the 49th most secure city on earth. In this case, you can be treated with peace of mind.

Gastric Sleeve Prices

Gastric treatment costs are highly variable. For this reason, patients should examine the prices in the countries for which they wish to be treated, and assess between those prices. Because the cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery will vary between hospitals as well as within countries.

Which Country Is Best For Gastric Sleeve?

To get Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, you must select both successful countries and inexpensive countries. For this reason, all the details need to be considered before deciding in which country you would like to receive treatment. Turkey is often the first choice for treatment in an inexpensive, and successful country. Because gastric sleeve surgery demands that patients get affordable prices, treatments must be successful. Turkey, on the other hand, can deliver high-quality Stomach Sleeve treatments at very affordable prices through the low cost of living.

Gastric Sleeve in İzmir

Sleeve Gastrectomy In Izmir

Therefore, patients often prefer Izmir Sleeve Gastrectomy for treatment. Izmir Sleeve Gastrectomy treatments, Istanbul Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Antalya Gastric Sleeve treatments are compared, although the prices are slightly higher for Izmir, they have the same quality, and a better holiday. Therefore, by taking Izmir Sleeve Gastrectomy treatment, you can get free dietary support with good treatment.

Izmir Sleeve Gastrectomy Prices

The gastric sleeve is a surgical reduction in patients’ stomachs. The process is irreversible. As a result, patients should select a hospital that works well for treatment. Though there are many options for Izmir Gastric Sleeve treatments, the patient needs to be kept under observation after treatment. This, of course, requires that the patient be treated in an appropriate hospital. You can also contact us for Izmir Gastric Sleeve treatment. Therefore, it is possible to pay 2.250€ for the Izmir Gastric Sleeve prices. You should also know that this is quite inexpensive, and you will not find better in most hospitals.

Turkey Gastric Sleeve  Package Prices

Turkey Gastric Sleeve Packages have very cost effective. Patients can get extremely cheap treatments with Gastric Sleeve package prices in Turkey, and not spend additional money on hotel accommodation. Moreover, with VIP transfers, transport can not be an issue. For that, Gastric Sleeve Izmir prices are 3.700€. Gastric Sleeve Izmir package services include 4 nights of hospitalization, 3 nights of hotel accommodation, and VIP transportation services. You can also contact us to make use of these benefits.

Izmir Sleeve Gastrectomy Package Prices

Izmir Sleeve Gastrectomy Package Prices
Turkey Sleeve GastrectomyPackages have very advantageous prices. Patients can get extremely cheap treatments with Gastric Sleeve package prices in Turkey, and not spend additional money on hotel accommodation. In addition, with VIP transfers, transportation may not be a problem.

For that, Sleeve Gastrectomy Izmir Prices are 3.200€. The Sleeve Gastrectomy Izmir package includes three nights of hospitalization, two nights of hotel accommodation, and VIP transport services. You can also get in touch with us to enjoy these benefits.

Gastric Sleeve in İzmir

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