Turkey Hollywood Smile Price Lists

What Is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is the treatment preferred by people who have a lot of dental problems and do not like the way their teeth look. Hollywood smile treatments not only make the teeth of the patients look good aesthetically, but also provide treatment for the problems in the teeth. Thus, patients both have good oral health and a good aesthetic appearance. 

Hollywood smile treatments may also include supportive dental treatments such as root canal treatment, composite filling, tooth extraction. All treatments required for Hollywood smile treatment may differ from person to woman. Therefore, they are not necessarily treatments. A different procedure may be used for each patient.

In addition, if your teeth look good while your dental problems are treated, sometimes adjustments may still be needed. These adjustments require several operations on the lips or may require shortening of the gums. In short, hollywood smile treatments may require many operations in the mouth, teeth and lips.

Why Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile treatments are cosmetic dental treatments. Therefore, it is not a necessity. In fact, to take a closer look, having white pearly teeth is a necessity for many. But insurance companies don’t think so.
Hollywood smile treatments allow patients to have a unique smile. Nowadays, everyone who uses social media takes care to have a good smile.

For this reason, Hollywood smile treatments are important. On the other hand, Hollywood smile treatments will also make patients who are ashamed of themselves because of their dental problems feel better. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that although there is a cosmetric dentistry treatment, it is actually a need for some patients.

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How Is Hollywood Smile Done?

Hollywood smile treatments often require 2 dentist visits, but sometimes it can be 3. Hollywood smile is made by extracting a special dental plan for the patients. These treatments, which often include covering all teeth with porcelain or e max, sometimes require different methods.

How to do all this and how long it will take depends entirely on the relationship between the doctor and the patient. The patient’s oral problems and the treatments he needs will be presented by the doctor and the patient will also evaluate the alternatives. Then the planned treatment will be carried out.

What Materials Are Used For Hollywood Smile In Turkey?

Although the materials required for Hollywood smile treatments are often the same, they can vary for the needs of the patients. For example, dental bridges and dental implants can be used if the patient has missing teeth. Or, if the patient has fractures in the posterior teeth, crowns can be used for them. Patients have different treatment methods for all dental problems. For this reason, it would not be correct to give precise information about the materials used. However, you should know that the following materials are used most of the time.

Dental Veeners in Turkey

Dental veneers are used in the treatment of fractures, cracks or discoloration of the teeth of patients. Dental veneers involve the reduction of patients’ teeth and the wearing of hat-like veneers over the reduced teeth. Dental veneers are similar to hats that cover only the front surfaces of the teeth. These covered teeth are fixed with special dental cements and the patients have natural-looking and healthy teeth. Dental veneers are often the chief treatment for the Hollywood smile treatment. That’s why it’s important that you know all the details. On the other hand, if the gums are long or short, dental veneers can also treat this problem.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

The dental crown is applied to the damaged teeth of the patient, just like in dental veneers. If the patient’s tooth roots are intact but the tooth is broken or cracked, dental crowns are placed on the tooth to prevent further damage to the tooth. This process is more suitable for posterior teeth. As with dental veneers, the tooth is filed and reduced, and then dental crowns are placed on it. At the end of this treatment, patients can easily use dental veneers that look like their own teeth.

Turkey Hollywood Smile Price Lists

Teeth Whitening in Turkey

You know that teeth turn yellow over time and even cause brown spots. These, on the other hand, both cause a bad appearance and cause the patient to feel uncomfortable. This, of course, requires treatment. It is important both for the purpose of looking good aesthetically and for oral health. Teeth whitening involves the use of a hydrogen peroxide gel or concentrated hydrogen peroxide and an LED light. The gel is applied to the tooth enamel. The places that the gel should not reach are protected. Then the gel application is completed. Depending on the condition of the patient’s tooth enamel, the treatment takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Dental Implant in Turkey

Dental implant treatments are used to treat missing teeth. Dental implant treatments are the first recommended treatment for the dental treatment of patients if the patient has his tooth extracted or lost his tooth by any accident with the damage of the tooth roots. Dental implant treatments involve fixing implants that act as roots, like broken real teeth, into the jawbone. This ensures that the treatment is quite robust. Dental implant treatments can be applied if the patient’s jawbone is sufficient and provides a comfortable use as a real tooth.

Is Hollywood Smile Suitable For Me?

Another reason why Hollywood smile treatments are preferred by everyone is that they are suitable for everyone. No matter what kind of problems you have in your teeth, there is no problem in getting Hollywood smile treatment. Hollywood smile treatments can treat all the decayed, cracked or missing teeth of the patients and can even cure bad breath. Therefore, Turkey Hollywood smile treatment is suitable for you!

How Long Does Hollywood Smile Last ?

Hollywood smile treatment is suitable for many patients. In addition, the types of coatings, etc., preferred by doctors or preferred by patients, and treatment methods will affect how long you can use the Hollywood smile treatment. For this reason, you should listen to your doctor’s recommendations for the Hollywood smile treatment that you can use for a long time. Thus, the dental veneers and all other treatments you will receive will be able to withstand an average of 20 years.

In addition, you can expect to use your dental implant treatments for a lifetime. Only after Hollywood smile treatment will it be enough to take good care of your teeth and ensure that they are not stained. However, tooth coatings often do not stain much. Thus, it is suitable for your long-term use.

Does The Hollywood Smile Treatment Hurt?

What treatments you will need during Hollywood smile treatments is important for this question. For example, you will not feel any pain in teeth whitening treatments. However, dental veneers or dental implant treatments can be painful. For this reason, local anesthesia is applied to get painless treatment.

In other words, it is not very important which treatment you will receive. Because you will be under local anesthesia during the treatments, you will not feel any pain. You can also choose sedation and general anesthesia. It will be sufficient to reach the us for these details.

After Hollywood Smile Treatment

Hollywood smile treatments do not require any special care. You should only treat and protect your teeth like your own. You should also clean your teeth with daily care routines and visit the dentist twice a year. As a result of all these routine care, you will be able to use your Hollywood smile treatments for many years. It is also important that you do not use your teeth to break hard-shelled foods or open soda caps after the Hollywood smile treatment. It will be correct to consume less coffee and cola consumption, as it will stain your teeth.

How Much Does The Hollywood Smile Prices In Turkey ?

Turkey Hollywood smile Prices vary according to Turkey dental centers. Therefore, it is difficult to give a clear answer. At the same time, as mentioned above, the Hollywood smile treatments of the patients have special treatment plans. Therefore, each patient’s Turkey Hollywood smile price will be different. If you still need the starting prices, these prices can start at €2,275 with the Cureholiday special price. You should know that this price is the price of full mouth dental veneers.

Other treatments you need other than dental veneers will result in different pricing. You can get an Online Consultation for a clear price information. For this, it is enough to reach us via Whatsapp so that you can learn all the treatments you need for the mouth with your photos from our specialists.

How Long Does Hollywood Smile Take In Turkey?

You don’t have to wait in Turkey for Hollywood Smile treatments. What dental treatments you need for Hollywood smile treatments are checked. With this information, a treatment plan is prepared for you. In the prepared treatment plan, it will take 4 days if your treatment can be completed with only dental veneers and dental crowns. On the last day to take your dental measurements and prepare your replacement crowns, the veneers are put on.

However, if you need dental implants, treatment may take up to 1 week. Because, although same-day dental implant treatments are possible in 1 day, it would be better to wait 2 days instead of putting on dental veneers immediately after the treatment. For this reason, it will be enough for you to be here for 1 or 2 weeks for Turkey Hollywood smile treatments on average. If you contact us for the process, you can also learn how quickly you can get it.

Benefits of making Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Turkey Hollywood Smile treatments do not have only one benefit. Believe me, there are many reasons for people from all over the world to receive Hollywood Smile treatment in Turkey. For this reason, it can be listed as follows;

The best and latest dental technologies in Turkey

Turkey, like other developed countries, has the latest technologies and medical equipment, especially in the field of dentistry. This allows patients to receive painless, fast and robust dental treatments. Of course, thanks to the technologies used, dental treatments in Turkey are completed in a shorter time compared to other countries.

Top dental professionals in Turkey

Dental treatments require expertise. Of course, every dentist has the equipment to give dental treatment. However, it is important to get treatment from a specialist dentist in order to use the dental treatment you receive comfortably for a longer period of time. This, of course, is a feature of dentists in Turkey.

High quality of dental clinics and care services in Turkey

Turkish dental centers provide treatment at high quality standards. Although this treatment is of course provided with the presence of technologies used in the dental field, the hospitality and comfortable treatment service shown to the patients is also important for the patients to receive the best treatments.

Low cost of dental treatment in Turkey

The exchange rate in Turkey is quite high. This allows patients from different countries to receive treatment at very affordable prices. The cost of treatment, which is extremely important when choosing a destination in health tourism, is cheap enough to make you choose Turkey.

Low costs of a dental trip in Turkey

Dental trips, also known as dental holidays, allow patients to receive treatment at affordable costs and also to have a unique holiday. Combining vacation and dental treatments saves both money and time. Turkey, on the other hand, is extremely favorable for both.

Tourism opportunities in Turkey

The advantages in Turkey are not only limited to the treatment, the visitor can have a wonderful holiday during the treatment period and turn the treatment process into an unforgettable holiday and recovery.

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Istanbul Hollywood Smile Prices

Istanbul Hollywood Smile treatment prices, as mentioned above, are quite variable. Although the cost of treatment in Turkey differs between cities, variable prices will be possible even if you want to get clear information. However, after evaluating all the information we received during the online consultation, we offer the closest prices to the patients for Hollywood Smile treatments. Thus, our patient is satisfied with his treatment without high price differences.

You can send us a message to get detailed information about Istanbul Hollywood Smile costs. If you still want to get information about the starting prices, the treatment costs are calculated with 20 tooth extractions. In this case, when the patient’s extra dental problems are presented to the patient, the patient can only receive treatment with dental veneers or receive the recommended treatments. The price starts from 2100€ for Istanbul. This price is valid for 20 teeth veneers.

Antalya Hollywood Smile Prices

Antalya Hollywod Smile costs will of course have differences between the clinics preferred by the patients. For this reason, as mentioned above, if the patient’s other dental problems are to be corrected during the Hollywood Smile, the cost will increase. However, if it is necessary to give the full set dental veneers price and the Hollywood Smile Price in Antalya, Hollywood Smile treatment is possible with prices starting from 2350 €.

Kusadasi Hollywood Smile Prices

Of course, there will be differences between the clinics preferred by the patients in Kusadasi Hollywood Smile cost. For this reason, as mentioned above, if the patient’s other dental problems are to be corrected during the Hollywood Smile, the cost will increase. After the examination in our Izmir dental clinic, the price will not change unless the patient has extra conditions such as root canal treatment or tooth extraction. For this reason, as in other cities, Hollywood Smile treatment is possible with prices starting from 2550 €, if it is necessary to give the patient the full set dental veneer price and the Hollywood Smile Price in Kusadasi.

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