Dental Holiday in Antalya – Treatment Guide

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental yturism involves people with dental problems traveling to a different country for dental treatment. Although dental tourism is common in many countries, Turkey is the most favored country. For this reason, you can reach detailed information about dental tourism in Turkey from our content. Our content includes information about dental treatment prices in Turkey, the best places for dental holidays in Turkey, accommodation and transportation.

Dental Tourism Turkey

Turkey is a country that is frequently preferred in dental tourism, which is a sub-branch of health tourism. You can also choose to take dental tourism in Turkey. In this way, you will receive very successful treatments as well as cost-effective dental treatments. You can contact us for more detailed information.

Dental Clinics in Turkey

There are many dental clinics in Turkey. It is also possible to find many dental hospitals, especially in cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir. If you are planning to receive dental treatment in Turkey, you should make a choice among dental clinics in Turkey. For this, you can get information about Antalya dental holiday, which is the subject of our content. Some of the best dental hospitals and best dental clinics in Turkey are in Antalya. You can continue to read our content for more information on this subject.

Why do people come to Turkey for dental treatment?

There are more than one reason why many people prefer Turkey for dental treatments. Among these reasons is the hygienic clinic with affordable cost and advanced technology. You can get cheap dental treatments with a high success rate by choosing to be treated in Turkey. Before choosing a dental clinic in Turkey and approving package services, do not forget to contact us. Because we guarantee to provide treatment with the best price guarantee.

dental holiday

Advanced Technology Treatment Methods

  1. Aesthetic Dentistry: If you are not satisfied with your smile, if you want to have bright teeth, it is the right time to meet with aesthetic dentistry.
  2. Dental Implant:Do not worry about partial or completely missing teeth. Get healthy teeth you lost with implant treatment.
  3. Dental Prosthesis: Tooth loss is no longer your fate! Take advantage of the latest dental prostheses that will restore lost teeth to their old appearance!
  4. Dental SPA: The new aspect in dental care Dental SPA! Take advantage of the dental spa service for fresh breath, white teeth and healthy gums!
  5. Root Canal Treatment: Tooth loss is now history! Thanks to the advanced root canal treatment technologies, your tooth roots are now stronger!
  6. Tooth Filling: If you dream of healthy bright teeth, shining smiles, a problem-free and happy life, take care of your teeth, smile with confidence!
  7. Oral, Tooth, and Jaw Surgery: An unhealthy mouth means an unhealthy person. If you have the necessary treatments, you will have a noticeable smile.
  8. Gum Diseases: Regain your oral health with advanced technological and effective treatment methods against gum diseases, smile more happily!
  9. Pediatric Dentistry: Meet with Pediatric Dentistry practices that will support the formation of your children’s healthy mouth, jaw, and tooth structures…
  10. Dental Radiology: The advantage of swift diagnosis and treatment before dental treatments with the latest imaging technologies and methods!
  11. Dental Treatment Technique: All on four, which shortens the implant period, and laser application, which is indispensable for white teeth, is now very technological!

Affordable Treatments

It is quite easy to get treatment at affordable prices in Turkey. You can also get cheap dental treatment in Turkey. Even the starting prices are included in our content. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars in your country, you can save money by getting dental treatment in Turkey. At the same time, it is in your hands to turn this trip into a vacation. Dental treatments in Turkey are so cheap that you can have a perfect holiday by choosing an all-inclusive package during the treatment.

In which city in Turkey should a dental holiday be preferred?

There are many cities you can choose for a dental holiday in Turkey. These can be cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Bursa, Ankara. However, the most preferred city is of course Antalya. Antalya dental holiday opportunities offer service in both summer and winter months. Because the climate of Antalya is quite hot in both summer and winter months and patients can have a sea, sand and sun holiday during the treatment. You can continue reading our content to get more information about Antalya dental holiday.

Antalya Dental Tourism

In terms of vacation spots and dental tourism in Turkey, a few destinations stand out. However, Antalya is Turkey’s most significant and well-known destination for dental Holiday. because there are more and better dental tourism clinics in Antalya than in other Turkey districts.

Additionally, with its distinctive natural beauty, coastline beaches, five-star hotels, historical attractions, and affordable vacation packages, Antalya stands out in Turkey and across the world in terms of dental tourism and vacation. While you are being treated in Antalya, you can evaluate your dental holiday by seeing the unique spots of the city. For more detailed information on this subject, you can send us a message.

Antalya Dental Holiday Turkey Prices and Packages

Turkey is one of the nations with the best dental tourism costs and packages. Furthermore, Turkey does not get to the top of the tourist industry just because of its low dental vacation package rates. Turkey provides excellent prospects for international patients by providing hotels in prime vacation spots and including these hotels in dentistry vacation packages.

Our dental holiday packages costs in Antalya are quite reasonable when compared to other clinics. Our dental vacation packages include 4 and 5 star luxury hotels based on our patients’ preferences. Furthermore, all of our dental vacation packages include our VIP car, which we utilize to transport our patients between Antalya airport, our clinic, and the hotel.

Dental Holiday in Antalya

How Many Days Do I Need for a Dental Vacation in Antalya?

The length of the dental treatment and holiday in our clinic in Antalya Turkey is determined by the type of treatment and the people’s unique circumstances. However, normal dental treatment timeframes range from 5-7 days. We can complete the procedure of our dental implant patients on the same day they arrive in Turkey. Following that, our patients recover in their hotels for an average of 4-5 days and have the option of visiting Antalya.

Places to visit in Antalya

There are many places to visit during treatment in Antalya. As mentioned above, historical places, tours and many more activities. While you are receiving treatment in Antaşya, you can choose the following to have a good time; The Land of Legends Theme Park, Olympos Cable Car, Rafting in Köprülü Canyon, Jeep Safari in the Taurus Mountains, Beach Resorts, Antalya Aquarium.

Accommodation in Antalya

There are also many hotels and pensions for accommodation in Antalya. However, it is not always easy to find a comfortable and reliable place. You can also decide on a hotel as a result of a good research. Or, instead, you can take advantage of all the services listed above by choosing our package services. You can call us for more information about Antalya dental holiday package services.

Dental Treatment in Antalya

Dental TreatmentsPrices
Dental Veneers135€
Dental Implant250€
Dental Crown135€
Teeth Whitening150€
Hollywood Smile 2.450€
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