Causes of Obesity In the World

6 Known Causes Of Obesity So Far

People believe obesity is only one type of illness, but they are mistaken. Obesity is classified into six classes.

1-Obesity Caused By Food

Food-related obesity is the most common type worldwide. Nobody has time to cook or wait for healthy food in today’s fast-paced world. They would instead take the path of least resistance and eat out or order fast food. They even eat junk food as meals on occasion. This type of unhealthy food is high in sugar and fat. When people consume more sugar and fat than they need, the excess is stored in the body, resulting in obesity. As a result, one of the Six Types of Obesity emerges.

Obesity Cause by nervous stomach

2-Obesity Caused By Nervous Stomach

Depression, anxiety, sadness, and stress are all side effects of our hectic lifestyles. A queasy stomach results from these emotions. To deal with this tension, people frequently eat extra junk food, sugary foods, and fast meals. They eat more once they understand that the stress is gone. Then eating turns into a habit to get through difficult times. People need to learn alternate stress-relieving strategies other than eating harmful foods. This is one of the six types of obesity that exist in the world today.

obesity cause by gluten

3-Obesity Caused By Gluten

Hormonal disorders in puberty and menostasis in women cause weight gain. They can eat more to feel happy due to hormonal imbalances. They must, however, be cautious during this time. They should not smoke, drink alcohol, or be inactive.

Genetic Factors

4-Obesity Caused By Genetics

Obesity is also influenced by genetics, according to research. Obesity is more likely in people who have a family history of being overweight. Obesity is known to be caused by some genetic diseases. Genetic obesity is one of the Six Types of Obesity.

5-Obesity Caused By Venous

Genetics might include venous obesity. because the venous disease is inherited from families. Those people’s legs are swollen. Exercise is the best remedy to get over this.

6-Obesity Caused By Inactivity

more exercısed

People who have had an active life in the past experience it. In the past, as they ate more and exercised more, their bodies used to store fat and sugar in their bodies. When they no longer exercise, their bodies store sugar and fat. The best solution is to eat small meals very often and exercise.

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