How Much Does 5000 Graft Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

What Is 5000 Graft Hair Transplant Turkey

People who have experienced severe hair loss often turn to hair transplantation as a treatment option. In this method of treatment, healthy hair grafts are removed from a suitable donor area and transplanted to the target area to achieve a healthy hair appearance. Many people who are considering getting a hair transplant have questions about the recommended number of grafts to use. The extent of the baldness and the desired hair density will determine the number of hair grafts required. Due to the thinner hair and the limited number of openings in the temple and crown regions, a standard hair transplant procedure uses 2000 to 3000 hair grafts. More hair grafts might be needed in the case of baldness if the opening is large. For conditions like Norwood type 4 and type 5 hair loss, hair transplantation using 5000 grafts is advised.

 If you have no hair density other than in the nape area, you may need more grafts. Another name for the 5000-graft hair transplant procedure is a mega session. Because it is much more complicated than the typical hair transplant procedure, which only transplants 3000–4000 hair grafts, this procedure is not appropriate for every patient. A sufficient number of healthy hair grafts must first be present to harvest 5000 grafts from the donor area. If you satisfy all of these criteria, you should speak with your doctor to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

 How Does 5000 Graft Hair Transplant Work?

The first step in a successful hair transplant is for you and your doctor to agree on the best hair transplant technique, the area to be transplanted, and the hair density. The donor area is first shaved, and local anesthesia is given to ensure no pain during the hair transplant. Then, in hair transplants involving 5000 grafts, multiple skilled surgeons will manually or mechanically remove hair grafts. The grafts are then gathered in a setting that can maintain their viability, such as a medical facility. To transplant hair grafts to the desired location, tiny holes are made in the target area. To achieve the most natural-looking hair transplant results, hair grafts are carefully positioned while accounting for the planting angle.

 After 5000 hair grafts are transferred from the donor area to the target area and bandaged for protection, your surgical hair transplant procedure is finished. You’ll get better results and have a more comfortable recovery after hair transplantation if you follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions.

 How Long Does a 5000 Graft Hair Transplant Procedure Take?

 The length of the hair transplant procedure is one of the most crucial factors for patients. 5000 graft hair transplants are more difficult to perform than standard hair transplants and can take anywhere from 7 to 9 hours to complete on average.

You can visit us whenever you like, anywhere in the world, or get in touch with us through our website, CureHoliday, to perform your procedure with the best equipment and costs. You can learn more about the FUE procedure and our other methods that have been chosen especially for your needs.

Providing the best possible medical care to our patients is our main goal. We strive to give our patients the best possible medical care to ensure their well-being and safety. According to the unique requirements and needs of each patient, we provide thorough explanations of the procedure. We place a high priority on attending to each patient’s individual needs.

To learn more about hair transplant procedures and costs, seek a free 24/7 consultation from our knowledgeable healthcare staff at CureHoliday.Website.

 5000 Graft Hair Transplant Packages Turkey

In 2023, hair transplant packages are priced according to the number of grafts and hairs. CureHoliday’s professional hair transplant team applies the entire number of grafts suitable for a particular patient in a single session, according to the patient’s care schedule. As a result, there is no “surprise” when it comes to the cost of 5000 grafts for your hair transplant in Turkey.

“Depending on the donor area and differences in hair composition, a patient may receive 5,000 grafts (approximately 12,500 hairs) in one session for the same amount of balding area; however, another patient may receive 3,500 grafts (approximately 8,750 hairs) in a single session for the same amount of balding area. However, the result may be the same as the patient who receives fewer grafts may have better quality follicles.”

For more information and specific fees for your treatment, contact 

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What Is the 2000/3000/4000/5000 Graft Procedure and Cost in Turkey?

We are aware that you are looking for a cost determined by the number of roots. (How much is the root of 2000/3000/4000/5000?) You should be aware that prices are not as high as they are in Turkey.

Let’s also discuss the distinction between the number of roots and hair strands. Grafts are the groups of one, two, three, and four hair follicles that are removed. In other words, the ratio of multiple grafts—rather than the total number of grafts—is crucial.

For instance, the outcome of an operation where 3000 roots are removed from a patient with a high rate of 3 hairs would differ from the outcome of a patient with a higher rate of 1 hair from the 3000 roots. Higher density would result from triple roots.

When the multi-graft ratio is high, we can assume that the hair density will be higher. Prices vary according to the session. The following provides more details about the sessions: We harvest the most grafts possible in a single session.

However, we generally try not to go over 4500 roots. This is typically determined by the patient’s needs. For transactions involving more than 4500 roots, a second session is required. Both the second and first sessions are billed separately. Two sessions are required to open up your A+B+C area on your head when your donor area is suitable for this. 10–12 months following the initial surgery, you can have the second session. You can complete the surgery procedure without endangering your donor area by doing so, with more precise planning.

Naturally, a 4000 graft hair transplant in Turkey would be less expensive than a 5000 graft one, and the total cost of the procedure is influenced by a number of factors in addition to the quantity of hair that needs to be transplanted. In Turkey, prices for full hair transplant packages range from $1800 to $4300.

5000 Graft Hair Transplant Prices in Some Countries

 A single hair transplant typically costs $7,900 in Germany, while it costs $7,050 in Spain, $6,300 in Poland, $3,400 in Mexico, $7,650 in South Korea, and $5200 in Thailand. Turkey is the best location for medical tourism as a result. Turkish hair transplant prices in 2023 are the lowest and the highest quality.

 Why Is Hair Transplant Very Low-Cost in Turkey?

Patients frequently confuse low prices with poor treatment quality. On the other hand, the top hospitals and clinics in Turkey are certified and accredited by the Turkish health ministry.

The accreditation ensures that the facility’s facilities and services are safe and meet international standards.

The reasons for low-cost hair restoration procedures in Turkey are

  • Currency-exchange factor – The value of the Turkish lira is lower in comparison to euros, pounds, and American dollars. This gives an advantage to international patients to get affordable treatment in Turkey. 
  • General-pricing policy – The overall pricing policy in Turkey is less in comparison to countries like the US or the UK. This mainly depends on the country’s economy. 
  • Low-manufacturing costs – Most of the medical equipment and consumables are manufactured in the country. This avoids additional costs arising due to import duties and other taxes. 
  • Market competition – Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of clinics offering hair transplant procedures. Since the market has more options to choose from, the clinics tend to provide the lowest prices to attract more customers. 

What Is a Hair Transplant All-Inclusive Package in Turkey?

For the past 20 years, patients traveling from the United States, Europe, and England have chosen Turkey as their preferred location for hair restoration.

All-inclusive hair transplant packages are available from accredited hospitals and clinics in Turkey, enabling patients to receive high-quality care at reasonable costs. These transparent packages make it simple to plan a trip because there are no additional fees.

Turkish all-inclusive hair transplant packages are only one-third the price of similar services abroad.

Hair transplants can be costly because the procedure requires the most recent technologies and cutting-edge equipment, and a skilled surgeon requires the recent technologies and cutting-edge equipment, and an experienced surgeon, hair transplants can be costly. However, nations like Turkey provide all these requirements at affordable rates.

Healthcare facilities in Turkey stand out for offering all-inclusive hair transplant packages. These packages have no hidden fees and almost all treatment-related expenses are covered. This aids the patients in determining whether or not they can afford to travel to Turkey.

Transport procedure: All essential medical supplies, including anesthesia, are included in the package price. The price is expressed as a set number of grafts, such as 4000+, so the patient will be charged less if they require 4000 or more grafts.

Transfer – At the airport, the patient will be met by a medical representative as soon as they arrive in Turkey. They will facilitate the patient’s travel throughout the city, to the hotel, and the clinic.

Accommodations – The package includes costs for eccomodation, meals, and drinks in a five-star hotel.

Interpreter services – Hospitals and clinics provide patients with a medical representative who speaks their first language.

Some of the best surgeons in the world perform all of our procedures in reputable, accredited hospitals in Turkey. In order to ensure that our patients get the most out of their treatment and leave with excellent results even a year later, we take pride in offering an FUE hair transplant at a price that is contained within an affordable package.

Servis for After-Care

In addition to offering you any necessary medical assistance while you are still in Turkey, our post-procedure aftercare programs continue to be available for up to a year after your depart from Turkey. Your devoted host will check in on you frequently to ensure that the healing process is proceeding as well as it possibly can because we take pride in ensuring that each of our patients is completely satisfied with the procedure’s results. Your dedicated host will be available to help you if you have any issues during this time.

What Is Hair Transplant Techniques and Cost in Turkey?

 (FUE) Hair Transplantation Treatment: ( Follicular Unit Extraction )

The Sapphire FUE procedure uses real sapphire ore to open the channels in the area where hair transplantation will be performed rather than steel points. In the planting area, sapphire tips instead of steel tips allow for the opening of smaller, smoother, and denser microchannels. To reduce tissue distortion and crusting, the channels are micro-opened. Because of this, the scalp heals quickly and there are no noticeable scars after treatment.

The microchannels created by sapphire tips allow the hair follicles to be planted in the direction of their normal growth. With this procedure, patients who are experiencing hair loss can have natural hair that matches their hair perfectly.

  • Recovery time is short
  • Processed with sapphire tips
  • More frequent hair transplants
  • The healing process is comfortable
  • Less tissue damage

(FUT) Hair Transplantation  Treatment: (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

It involves taking a thin strip of the hairy skin between the two ears and separating the roots (graft) under a microscope. Since the invention of the FUE technique, this method is no longer employed or is no longer the preferred method. Because it leaves a scar in the donor area and fewer roots can be extracted than desired. This method involves using a scalpel and stitching the area where the hair roots are removed; the scar is then visible after the hair is short-shaved. Following hair transplantation, newly implanted hair does not shed again.

The most important thing to remember before and after hair transplantation is that each patient is unique, and all evaluations should be tailored to the patient. You can easily return to your normal life in a few days because the procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia in a hospital setting. We do not use the FUT technique in our Estetik International clinics because we prefer innovative hair transplantation techniques and place a high value on our patients’ comfort.

(DHI)  Hair Transplantation Treatment: ( Direct Hair Implantation)

A different hair transplant technique called DHI hair transplant has recently grown in popularity. The name “unshaven hair transplantation” suggests that the patient’s hair is not shaved prior to the procedure. The DHI hair transplant technique focuses on the openings in the areas where the hair is scant while preserving the existing hair in an effort to carry out more frequent and natural hair transplants. The DHI method seeks to quickly reintegrate the patient into daily life while also producing hair that appears natural. Before the transplantation procedure starts, the donor and transplanted areas are inspected in a computer environment using a high-resolution camera.

The analysis’s goals are to ascertain the hair type, shedding density, the density of the area to be transplanted, and the maximum number of roots that can be extracted. The hair is somewhat shortened as a consequence of the examination, and the planting area is designed. The patient is then given a local anesthetic to numb the nape area and numb the donor area so that the patient is pain-free. Then, using a micro-tip, the hair follicles are removed and stored in a solution that will improve their health and shield them from harm.

After the donor area’s roots have been removed, local anesthetic is provided to the location where the planting will take place. The micro-tip grafts then begin to be planted from the front of the specified region to the sparse areas in line with the natural direction and structure of the hair after the anesthetic procedure is finished. The DHI method’s goal is to plant new hair while protecting the current hair, and the procedure is carried out without causing any harm to the existing hair. This procedure has a very short crusting period and a quicker healing process because there is no channel opening.

Our hair transplant specialists at CureHoliday are now providing the most effective hair transplant treatments in Turkey utilizing the FUE process, the most modern and popular hair transplant technique.

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is the one that surgeons CureHoliday Clinics in Turkey prefer because it is the most effective one, requires no scalpels, staples, or stitches during the procedure, has the least amount of pain during recovery, leaves no scars, and heals more quickly.

Hair transplantation is an optional medical procedure that is optional. As a result, it is chosen as a cosmetic procedure. This prevents insurance companies from paying for hair transplant procedures. Private insurance must be used to cover hair transplant treatments. Patients travel abroad for hair transplant treatments as part of health tourism in this case.

Turkey is the preferred destination for the best hair transplant treatment. Because hair transplant treatments have some risks, patients should make certain they receive quality care. Furthermore, it is critical to obtain cheap hair transplant treatment because it is a treatment that requires special payment. Hair transplant treatments are very affordable in Turkey. CureHoliday special prices for hair transplant treatments start at 1.800 € on average.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

  • Experience of the doctor: Experienced surgeons may bill more than less experienced ones. Doctors’ abilities, knowledge, and expertise in their field are reassured by the extensive list of patient reviews and testimonials. To speak with the top hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, contact Lyfboat.
  • Procedure complexity: The cost of the procedure is primarily based on how many grafts the patient will require. After the doctor carefully examined the hair follicles and the balding areas, the grafts are determined. The price will rise as the quantity does as well.
  • Type of technique: FUE, FUT, robotic, Mini, or DHI are just a few of the hair replacement techniques available. After consulting with the patient, a surgeon will decide which type of technique they should use. The robotic technique in particular can be more expensive than other procedures.
  • Type of package: Hospitals and clinics provide a variety of packages to suit a range of budgets. Less expensive standard packages include things like the cost of the treatment, lodging, etc. While expensive premium and exclusive packages include extras like meals, spa visits, etc. 

Why Should I Choose to Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

  • Low cost – For patients from abroad, hair transplantation in Turkey is an affordable option. Patients can save up to 30 to 40% of the initial treatment costs by selecting one of the many packages available. Furthermore, patients won’t experience any surprises following surgery thanks to fixed prices. 
  • New technologies – Turkey’s hospitals and clinics are well-equipped to carry out cutting-edge transplant procedures like Micro FUE and Organic hair transplant.
  • Experienced staff –Top plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Turkey have extensive international experience, cutting-edge skills, and high expertise in performing hair transplant surgeries.
  • Guarantee – Turkish hospitals and clinics provide a variety of extras to entice more clients. Some doctors offer special discounts and offer additional lifetime guarantees on their procedures.
  • Confidentiality – Turkey follows the same data protection regulations as European countries. They respect the patient’s privacy and keep all details under wrap. 
  • Mini-vacation: Turkey is a good choice for a mini-vacation in addition to being a popular medical tourism destination. After the procedure is finished, the patient can engage in a variety of tourist activities in the city.

Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Going to Turkey for a hair transplant is very safe. When talking about hair transplantation in Turkey, the first cities that come to mind are Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, and Muğla. In addition, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Kusadasi are some of the most well-known tourist destinations in the world. It is safely preferred for many medical procedures, including heart, plastic, oncology, organ transplantation, orthopedic, dental, obesity, and COPD treatments.

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