What to Expect From a Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey?

How Is Breast Lift Performed in Turkey?

You can learn more about the operation as a whole and which plastic surgery would be most suitable for you during your initial consultation with a specialist after electing to have breast lift surgery in Turkey. In order to assist you in deciding whether you want a breast lift in Turkey, they will speak with you about whether this is the right moment to have the procedure and what you hope to accomplish as a consequence of the entire course of therapy. The planning for the surgery will begin once you have picked your choice.

You will have the chance to meet with your surgeon on the day of your operation after arriving in Turkey for the breast uplift procedure to discuss any worries or questions you might have. Here, the surgeon will give you detailed advice on proportion, design, scale, and the system to be used, and you can accept or reject all of his or her proposals. Before going in for surgery, you will be sent for a battery of medical exams after paying the remaining balance and signing the consent forms.

As Turkey is known as one of the best places for a breast lift or any type of breast surgery, this country will undoubtedly be the best choice for you. With the combination of well-known doctors and modern medical infrastructure, it is also becoming an increasingly popular destination for breast implant surgery. 

Cosmetic surgery procedures including Breast Implant surgery performed in Turkey are cheaper, often by up to 70% compared to the same methods offered in the UK. There are various reasons why costs are so low in Turkey.

Turkish breast lift surgery typically takes two to three hours to complete, though this can vary according to the individual patient. Although you are advised to stay in Turkey for up to a week, with four days set out for the essential check-ups, you will only need to stay one night in the hospital.

On the first day following surgery, you can unwind in your hotel room after receiving the proper instructions for taking off the dressing and donning the medical bra. The next day, you should continue to stay in bed, but you can start taking short strolls around the hotel if you don’t engage in any heavy activity. For additional information about the area, you could take a walking tour.

On the third and fourth days following your procedure, your plastic surgeon in Turkey will perform a final examination, clear the drainage, adjust the dressing, and provide any aftercare instructions. After a few weeks, when the incision lines vanish and the swelling subsides, you can witness the ultimate results of your breast augmentation in Turkey.

Some Risks of Breast Uplift Surgery in Turkey

Although breast lift procedures are generally risk-free, there may be some risks, albeit very little. To minimize these risks, the patient should receive treatment from experienced surgeons in successful clinics. Otherwise, the risks that may occur include;

  • Infection,
  • A condition in which the body bleeds excessively,
  • Internal bruising, also known as a hematoma, and
  • Blood clot.

We guarantee you that you can use our aftercare services for a full year following your surgery, and you can schedule a call whenever you need it. You should be aware that these complications are modest.

How Much Does Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Turkey?

The surgery that helps the breasts to be higher is referred to as a breast lift operation (Mastopexy & Boob job). The plastic surgeon may also conduct an areola reduction during a breast lift in Turkey, which involves collectively reducing the pigmented skin covering the nipple.

Depending on other operations, such as breast augmentation or breast reduction with a breast lift, breast lift surgery can last anywhere from one to four hours. You might need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after your breast lift procedure to reduce swelling and hasten your recovery. Surgical drains can typically be changed within a few days if they are used in conjunction with other dressings.

You can have a breast lift from our top doctors in Turkey at a reasonable price and with excellent results. On the other hand, non-dissolvable stitches can last for one to two weeks. Possible adverse effects include mild irritation, bleeding, edema, and numbness around the areola, although they should subside within a few weeks.

In Turkey, breast surgeries can be made in various ways—a variety of ways—are used to perform breast uplift operations. With your surgeon, you’ll discuss which breast lift operation is best for you. Your choice of breast lift operation will depend on your breasts’ size and shape, the elasticity of your skin, and how much they are drooping or sagging.

The top plastic surgeon in Turkey provides all-inclusive breast lift surgery packages with fantastic perks. You will receive all the support you require from our reputable medical centers for your Breast Lift in Turkey, including lodging, special transportation, a dedicated host, and follow-up examinations. Additionally, we collaborate with some of Turkey’s top plastic surgeons, who can give you breast lift outcomes and a quick recovery in Turkey.

With the best technology and plastic surgeons, we offer the breast lift procedure at the lowest price in Turkey. Your disbelief at the breast lift operation turkey pricing in pounds stems from the fact that they are less than half of what they are in the UK. By way of illustration, Turkey will charge you half as much as the UK for a breast lift procedure, which costs an average of £6000.

Many people choose to get their breasts supplemented abroad due to the more expensive costs of their healthcare system. Turkey offers ladies who desire both high quality and affordable pricing because it has the tools and qualified plastic surgeons necessary to meet European standards while also having cheaper labor expenses. Patients who have a breast lift in Turkey may anticipate spending up to 70% less money overall.

The typical costs for breast lift surgeries in Turkey are relatively reasonable, according to studies. However, as CureHoliday, we promise the lowest cost for all treatments. Successful breast lift surgery in Turkey does not require tens of thousands of euros. For breast lift surgeries in Turkey, 1500 Euros will be more than enough.

If you would like to take advantage of the All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery Package opportunities, Private transportation services from the airport to the clinic and hotel, Surgery procedures with high-quality equipment and the newest technology, 2-night stay in the hospital, 3-night stay in the hotel, Aftercare guidance, and recommendations
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Advantages of Breast Lift Operation in Turkey

A breast lift treatment performed overseas offers several benefits that can alter your life and have a long-lasting impact on your body.

  • 1 night stay at the hospital
  • Aftercare guidance and recommendations
  • Easy and cheap travel to Turkey
  • Private transportation services from the airport to the clinic and hotel
  • Surgery procedures with high-quality equipment and the newest technology
  • 3-night stay in the hotel
  • Hotel privileges
  • All-inclusive plastic surgery package deals
  • Discount on a group of patients
  • Free check-ups and regular follow up
  • Medical garment and support bra

Your cheapest breast lift operation in Turkey will only take a couple of days and you can get your body goal back. You can ensure you will be in the safest hands in your breast lift operation surgery. The most patient-centered and comprehensive treatment will be given by our best plastic surgeons in Turkey by CureHoliday

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