All About Plastic Surgery in Turkey -Guide

Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic treatments are many. It is possible to perform plastic surgery on many regions and organs. For this reason, to explain aesthetic treatments, they are the preferred surgeries to make a part of the body look better. To give an example of these;

  • Mommy Makeover
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reduction
  • Rhinoplasty
  • liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Facelift Surgery

All these treatments are the most frequently preferred plastic surgery procedures. It also has very high costs because it enters the field of aesthetic treatments.

Breast Surgery in Turkey

One of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery is breast surgery. Breast augmentation might help women look better if they feel like their breasts are little or that one is smaller than the other. Additionally, after giving birth or after a considerable weight loss, women prefer breast augmentation surgery to minimize the size of their breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is also recommended for different disorders in order to fix uneven breasts and boost confidence following breast aesthetics.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

One of our faces’ most defining features, the nose has an impact on how we seem. Because they are uncomfortable with the form of their noses, many people choose rhinoplasty. People can alter their extremely long, broad, wide, hooked, saddle, or aquiline nose structures thanks to rhinoplasty. Additionally, rhinoplasty can successfully address everyone’s cosmetic issue in a single procedure.

Specialist doctors in Turkey carry out both open and closed rhinoplasty treatments. Not every patient is a candidate for a closed rhinoplasty. The benefit of closed rhinoplasty is less surgical pain and quicker recovery; consequently, the aesthetic outcome is more natural-looking because there is no scar. Modern technology is present in abundance in Turkish plastic surgery facilities.

In Turkey, they use qualified surgeons who are acknowledged leaders in their professions on a global scale. Secondary rhinoplasty, which is the second most common intervention after accidents, and reconstructive surgery on the nose are performed by professionals in Turkey with successful operations when the patient is not pleased with the outcomes of the first plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery prices in Turkey

Liposuction in Turkey

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to remove extra fat tissue and improve body form in persons who do not have weight issues like obesity but do have lubricants that cannot be eradicated by local slimming measures. Liposuction, also known as fat removal, is frequently used on problem areas with resistant lubrication and localized excesses, such the hips, abdomen, waist, and knees.

Additionally, patients have used and favored liposuction as one of the most common aesthetic procedures from the past to the present. Liposuction is a treatment in which the fat tissues are vacuumed and removed using thin, long cannulas with a diameter of 2-3 mm. The fat tissues are rendered more fluid in this process.

Tummy Tuck in Turkey

A surgical procedure known as an abdominoplasty involves removing extra fat and drooping skin from the lower and middle abdomen in order to extend and strengthen the abdominal muscles. If an abdominoplasty stops the patient’s extra fat from moving, it can be done for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Abdominoplasty is distinct from other obesity treatments.

Before undergoing surgery, obese patients are required to lose weight. General anesthesia is essential for abdominalplasties performed in hospitals, however local anesthesia could be considered if the procedure is restricted to a relatively small location. The procedure will significantly improve the look of the belly and abdomen, however the abdominal scar is permanent.

Why Do People Go To Turkey For Aesthetic Treatments?

As mentioned above, there are many aesthetic treatments. However, some are obviously less desirable than others. For this reason, if we look at the most frequently preferred operations, they are as follows. At the same time, we should not forget the plastic surgery treatments preferred by men such as gynecomastia.

Is It Safe To Have Aesthetics In Turkey?

It is often asked whether it is safe to receive aesthetic treatments in Turkey. However, you should know that receiving treatment in Turkey is both safe and successful in many ways. Instead of getting treatment in your country at very expensive prices, you can get a cost advantage by getting treatment in Turkey. You can contact us to get plastic surgery treatment in Turkey.

Mommy Makeover Prices In Antalya

Turkey’s Best Plastic Surgery Clinic

There are quite a number of plastic surgery clinics in Turkey. Therefore, it may be difficult to find a good clinic or beauty center. You can contact us to get successful and affordable aesthetic treatments. We provide treatment with the best plastic surgery centers in Turkey. Before you risk your health, send us a message to get information about prices and treatments!

Turkey’s Best Hospital For Plastic Surgery

It is easy to find many aesthetic centers and successful hospitals in Turkey. The important thing here is that you can get affordable aesthetic treatments. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. Although the hospitals listed below are the best plastic centers and hospitals in Turkey, the prices are variable. For this reason, you can contact us to get treatment with the best price guarantee.

  • Estethica Hospital
  • Medical Park Group
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Center
  • Medipol University Hospital
  • Private Ikitelli Bahat
  • LIV Hospital
  • Acıbadem Hospitals Group

Plastic Surgeries Prices in Turkey

Prices will of course be quite variable. For this reason, although it is not possible to give net prices, our average treatment costs are as follows;

  • Mommy Makeover: 2.650€
  • Breast Augmentation: 2.500€
  • Breast Reduction: 2.100€
  • Rhinoplasty: 2.350€
  • Liposuction: 850€
  • Tummy Tuck: 1.850€
  • Facelift Surgery: 2.500€
  • Gynecomastia: 1.900€
Istanbul Rhinoplasty Prices