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Should I Have a Gastric Balloon Done for 6 Months or 1 Year?

What Is the Gastric Balloon?

Also known as Gastric Balloon. A device is temporarily implanted in the stomach to help you lose weight. It is applied when diet and exercise do not produce any beneficial results. A gastric balloon is a treatment method that is applied without the need for any recovery time or surgical procedure.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon

A gastric balloon is a soft silicone pouch filled with sterile water and air before it is inserted into the stomach.

The gastric balloon guides you in proper portion control and reduces the frequency of eating.

In general, you eat less and feel fuller for longer. This is advantageous for people who snack frequently between meals.

 How Does Gastric Balloon Apply?

In the endoscopy unit, the gastric balloon procedure is carried out as an outpatient procedure. For the procedure, you will be asleep. During the procedure, the doctor inserts a thin tube (catheter) into your stomach that is loaded with an intragastric balloon.

 Who Is Suitable for Gastric Balloon?

Patients with a body mass index of 30 to 40 are candidates for gastric balloon surgery. In order to lose weight and as a complementary therapy before having bariatric surgery, gastric balloon therapy can be used. Patients who want to receive a gastric balloon should have a BMI of 30 to 40 and not have had simultaneous surgery on their esophagus and stomach.

How Much Weight Is Lost With Gastric Balloon?

You might be able to lose 20 kg or you might not be able to lose any weight. Your ability to apply the necessary dietary changes and how well you do will determine your success.

What Types of Balloons Are Available?

There are two types of balloons that stay in the stomach for 6 or 12 months. The decision of it made by the patient and doctor. A short-term balloon is generally advised for patients who have digestive problems. In both types of balloon procedures, patients may be given drugs that reduce stomach acid and prevent nausea. 12-month balloons can be adjusted in size if needed.

 How Long Is the Gastric Balloon Used?

There are 2 different types of Gastric Balloons and 3 different usage times. These;

  1. Smart gastric balloon; This is the most preferred gastric balloon treatment in recent years. Patients do not receive any narcosis for gastric balloon treatment. The patient swallows the balloon with 1 glass of water. Then, the balloon is inflated with a thin thread that is attached to the swallowed balloon, which you cannot feel. This, of course, allows patients to receive treatment more easily. This is also a 4-month-old balloon and does not require a doctor’s visit to remove it. It is excreted from the body spontaneously.
  2. Traditional Gastric Balloon Short Term; Suitable for 6 months of use. At the end of 6 months, the balloon is removed.
  3. Traditional Gastric Balloon Long Term; It is suitable for use for 12 months. 

How Long Can the Balloon Stay In My Stomach?

Gastric balloons are left in place for up to 6 months and are then removed using an endoscope. At that time, a new balloon may be placed, or not, depending on the plan determined by you and your doctor.

Typically, the balloon can stay in your stomach for six months, which is the ideal recommended time.

Best Options for Gastric Balloon

First of all, you need to choose a country that provides the both successful and cheap gastric balloons. Otherwise, it will be very risky for your health if an unauthorized person makes you a cheap gastric balloon. For this reason, you can find the most suitable place for cheap treatment by reading the article on Choosing a Country and City for Gastric Balloon. Thus, you will receive successful treatment, benefit from the best prices and get great results.

Fat tummy hanging over pants

Where Are the Best Hospitals and Doctors for Gastric Balloon?

The best clinics and surgeons for treating obesity and weight loss, including bariatric surgery, tube stomach, gastric balloon, and gastric botox, can be found in Turkey, one of the most popular destinations in the world for plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic procedures. Visitors who book a vacation in the Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Muğla, Bodrum, Fethiye, and Kusadasi regions have the option of receiving the best cosmetic and aesthetic procedures from skilled medical professionals in some of Europe’s most cutting-edge hospitals and clinics.

How Much Is the Gastric Balloon Treatment?

The Gastric Balloon procedure can cost anywhere between $6,000 and $9,000, making it the least expensive bariatric surgery we’ve discussed in terms of price, according to Obesity Coverage. The Weight Loss Balloon is the least expensive procedure, and since it doesn’t require surgery, there are fewer risks and shorter recovery times.

Where Can I Get the Gastric Balloon at the Best Price?

Many people come to Turkey, which is one of the countries that are very successful and cheap in a gastric balloon, to have a gastric balloon done. So why is gastric balloon cheap in Turkey? Turkey What is the cost of a gastric balloon? You can continue reading our content for details. However, you should know that Turkish gastric balloons are successful in many ways as mentioned above;

Turkey’s low cost of living, very high exchange rate, and experienced surgeons offer the best opportunities for treatment. If you want to have a gastric balloon at these cheap prices, you can reach us 24/7 on our CureHoliday whatsapp live support line.

How Much Does Gastric Balloon Cost in Turkey?

Have you heard of the gastric balloon before in Turkey? The best for you, in our opinion, are Turkey gastric balloon treatment costs and Turkey gastric balloon success rates.

Patients who have gastric balloon in Turkey are very satisfied because of the affordable gastric balloon, successful gastric balloons, and low cost of living. Looking at the cost of gastric balloons in Turkey will show you how much of a benefit you can receive. The cost of a gastric balloon in Turkey is only 2000 Euro. In many European nations, this cost is almost half of what it is.

.Gastric Balloon Turkey Package Price, Medical Holiday

 We provide gastric balloon treatment wherever you want in Turkey with the best price guarantee for 2000€.

You can also choose our package prices for your accommodation, transportation, guide and breakfast needs. Our package price; 2300€. You can also choose package prices to keep your costs to a minimum. You can get detailed information about the package content from CureHoliday.

 Why Is Turkey Gastric Balloon Cheap?

The low cost of gastric balloon therapy in Turkey is due to a number of factors. The following are the top three causes:

  • Low cost of living: Patients can spend less on necessities like lodging, transportation, and food thanks to Turkey’s low cost of living, which also affects the price of treatment.
  • High exchange rate: Foreign patients have more purchasing power thanks to Turkey’s high exchange rate. Patients who are unable to receive treatment in their home country can do so in Turkey for a very low cost.
  • Frequently preferred for Gastric Balloon treatment: Due to competition among hospitals, this country is frequently chosen for gastric balloon treatments, so hospitals offer the best prices to patients in an effort to draw them in.

Is Gastric Balloon Insured?

Unfortunately, non-surgical weight loss techniques are not covered by insurance, despite the fact that weight loss surgeries are. Since their excess weight has little to no impact on their health, patients pay for gastric balloons privately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gastric Balloon 

Is Gastric Balloon Painful?

The patient has a gastric balloon procedure while they are asleep. As a result, the patient doesn’t experience any pain during the procedure. Within an hour of the 20-minute procedure, the patient is awake. There is a slight chance that the patient will wake up with a stomachache, but you should know that it won’t be excruciating. The drugs you will use later are used to treat this condition, and the patient experiences success.

Will I Feel the Balloon in My Stomach?

There will be some discomfort during the first few days. After that, your main feeling will be satiety after eating and drinking.

How Long Does the Gastric Balloon Operation Take?

Doctors sedate you before inserting a soft, thin balloon into your stomach and down your throat. Saline is poured into the balloon until it reaches a grapefruit-sized size. Typically, the process takes 20 to 30 minutes. Typically, you return home the same day.

Can I Walk After the Gastric Balloon?

You can begin walking as much as you feel comfortable doing after the gastric balloon has been inserted, as soon as you feel well-hydrated. (So long as you feel at ease and are adequately hydrated.)

Are There Any Side Effects and Complications of Gastric Balloon?

The initial two weeks may be challenging. The most frequent symptoms are cramping, nausea, and vomiting, but they are typically not dangerous. Consult a doctor or dietitian if a persistent or recurrent issue arises, and make sure you get plenty of fluids. There are medication options to lessen the discomfort if the issue continues.

Can a Gastric Balloon Burst?

Can the stomach balloon explode? First off, there is no such thing as a gastric balloon bursting after the procedures performed by qualified doctors. It is crucial that the application is carried out by experts after the balloon is positioned in order to reduce this risk, and that the patient strictly follows the diet regimen prescribed.

Will I Gain Weight After Gastric Balloon Removal?

Whether a patient regains weight after the removal of the gastric balloon entirely depends on how quickly they adjust to the diet and exercise regimen chosen for the subsequent period.

Because of this, if the diet is neglected, the person may naturally put on weight again.

After the gastric balloon is taken out, patients should keep eating the same balanced diet to maintain weight loss.

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