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What Is Gastric Bypass?

Gastric Bypass is a type of treatment used in the treatment of obesity. The enlargement of the stomach and the binge eating habits of obesity patients prevent patients from losing weight. This, of course, requires patients to lose weight with surgery.

Because a large stomach needs more food to reach the feeling of fullness. This complicates the diet of patients and often makes it impossible.

Gastric Bypass, on the other hand, helps patients lose weight with the reduction of their stomach and the changes they make in the digestive system.

Who Is Gastric Bypass Suitable For?

Gastric Bypass Treatments are suitable for obesity patients. Therefore, not everyone who cannot lose weight is suitable for treatment. Patients who want to receive Gastric Bypass treatment should have a BMI of 40 and above. Patients with a BMI of 40 and above should have a BMI of at least 35.

In this case, patients should have developed health problems due to obesity. These health problems can be High cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes and sleep apnea.

At the same time, the age range of patients who want to get Gastric Bypass should be 18-65.
If you meet all these criteria, you must be examined and approved for treatment by the doctor.

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How Is Gastric Bypass Treatment Performed?

Gastric Bypass can be done in two different ways. These are also divided into two as closed and open surgery.

Considering the health status of the patients who want to have Gastric Bypass treatment, it is decided which technique is appropriate for the patient to have Gastric Bypass.

Techniques include;

Open Gastric Bypass: Open gastric bypass involves performing surgery by making a large incision in the patient’s abdomen.

Closed ( Laparoscopic ) Gastric Byppass: Closed gastric bypass requires making 5 small incisions in the abdomen of the patient and performing the operation with the necessary surgical devices. By continuing to read our content, you can get detailed information about these techniques.

The surgery works as follows;
In the surgery, your stomach is reduced by 95%. This process does not involve splitting your stomach in two. Yours is stapled to the required size and most of the stomach is simply disabled. It cannot be removed from the body.

In addition, the small intestine of the patient is shortened and connected directly to the stomach. This is to ensure that the patient removes the food from the body without digesting it.

How Is Gastric Bypass Weakened?

Gastric Bypass allows you to lose weight in more than one way. These; shrinks your stomach and limits the amount of food you can eat. It also makes changes in your small intestine, helping you to throw away the calories of the foods you eat without digesting them.

When this is supported by your diet, of course, the result will be weight loss. But of course, you shouldn’t expect surgery alone to make you lose weight. Because gastric bypass surgery will allow you to lose weight with the necessary care of patients.

Does Gastric Bypass Work?

Gastric Bypass works most of the time, of course. For this, patients must support the surgery with diet. Because scientifically speaking, all the procedures will allow you to lose weight directly and quickly. However, you should know that after the surgery, the diet in your life should be radically changed and this change should be permanent.

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How Much Weight Can I Lose With Gastric Bypass?

Patients who want to receive Gastric Bypass treatment will of course wonder about the results. However, you should know that the results of each patient will be different. Therefore, it is not possible to say how much weight patients will lose. Still, it is possible for Gastric bypass patients to lose 70% or more of their weight.

Does Gastric Bypass Guarantee Weight Loss?

Weight loss surgeries, like many other operations, cannot guarantee anything. Because together with the possibilities that may be experienced during the operation, the post-operative nutrition of the patient will also affect how much weight he will lose. In this case, if the patients show the necessary care, they will be able to give this guarantee themselves.

What Is The Pre-Gastric Bypass Diet?

If patients do not meet the criteria for closed surgery, a diet is required before gastric bypass. Because if gastric bypass surgery is performed with closed surgery, 5 small incisions will be sufficient. If an operation is performed through these incisions, the presence of fatty liver will unfortunately require patients to lose some weight and reduce liver fat. On the contrary, the only way is open surgery. Considering the healing processes, patients generally prefer a pre-operative diet and the recovery process is easier.

Are Gastric Bypass Treatments Covered By Insurance?

Gastric Bypass is of course covered by insurance for patients who need surgery. However, this of course does not provide you with a free fast treatment. Because gastric bypass treatments need to prove that patients are trying to lose weight between 2 years and 7 years. Otherwise, treatments must be taken privately at a cost. If you are willing to wait for a long time for treatment, of course, you can get help from the insurance.

However, instead of all these, it is also possible to get gastric bypass treatment much faster and more affordable by taking the treatment in a different country.

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Gastric Bypass Prices

Gastric bypass treatment prices are quite variable. For this reason, patients should examine the prices of the countries they want to receive treatment and evaluate between these prices. Because the cost of gastric bypass surgery will have differences between countries as well as between hospitals.

Which Country Is Best For Gastric Bypass?

To get gastric bypass surgery, you need to choose both successful countries and cheap countries. For this reason, all details should be examined before deciding in which country you want to receive treatment. Turkey is often the first choice to get treatment in a cheap and successful country. Because Gastric Bypass surgery requires patients to get affordable prices and the treatments must be successful. Tukey, on the other hand, can provide high quality gastric bypass treatments at very affordable prices thanks to the low cost of living.

Gastric Bypass In Kusadasi

Kusadasi Gastric Bypass Treatments enable patients to receive very successful treatments along with cheap treatment. Besides that, of course, it is also quite successful for having a good vacation before the treatment.

Therefore, patients often prefer Kusadasi gastric bypass for treatmentKusadasi gastric bypass treatmentsIstanbul gastric bypass and Antalya gastric bypass treatments are compared, although the prices are slightly higher for Kusadasi, they have the same quality and a better holiday. For this reason, by taking Kusadasi Gastric bypass treatment, you can get free dietitian support along with a good treatment.

Kusadasi Gastric Bypass Prices

As we mentioned above, Kusadasi Gastric Bypass treatments have slightly higher prices compared to other provinces. While this will allow you to receive treatment in shorter waiting times and better equipped hospitals, it will not affect the success rates of the treatment. However, since Kusadasi is a small city, your doctor at the hospital will take better care of you.

This will allow you to have an earlier intervention given the risk of any complications. At the same time, you can offer services such as VIP Transportation and Hotel accommodation, as well as all-inclusive packages that include all necessary procedures at the hospital. Thus, you can get gastric bypass treatment at very affordable prices. Our Gastric Bypass cost; 2.125€.

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Turkey Gastric Bypass Package Prices

Turkey Gastric Bypass Packages have very advantageous prices. Patients can get extremely cheap treatments with gastric bypass package prices in Turkey and not spend extra money for hotel accommodation. In addition, with VIP transfers, transportation may not be a problem. For this, Gastric Bypass Kusadasi Prices are 3.700€. Gastric bypass kusadasi package services include 4 nights of hospitalization, 3 nights of hotel accommodation and VIP transportation services. You can also contact us to take advantage of these advantages.

Kusadasi Gastric Bypass Package Prices

Turkey Gastric Bypass Packages have very advantageous prices. Patients can get extremely cheap treatments with gastric bypass package prices in Turkey and not spend extra money for hotel accommodation. In addition, with VIP transfers, transportation may not be a problem.

For this, Gastric Bypass Kusadasi Prices are 3.700€. Gastric bypass kusadasi package services include 4 nights of hospitalization, 3 nights of hotel accommodation and VIP transportation services. You can also contact us to take of these advantages.

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