Which Is Better, Gastric Balloon or Gastric Botox?

Is Weight Loss Possible Without Surgery?

Often, the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about weight loss without surgery is dieting. The term “diet” refers to a nutrition plan that consists of the right foods for patients who desire to gain or lose weight. Calorie restriction is a component of weight loss diets, and individuals who are trying to lose weight are mindful of the number of calories in the foods they consume.

However, no matter how much a person diets, sometimes, the person cannot lose weight due to an illness or medication. Different methods are used to decrease weight in this scenario. Additionally, there are two distinct types of weight loss treatments: weight loss treatment without surgery and weight loss through surgery. You can learn important information about two of these non-surgical, non-invasive weight loss treatments in this article, namely Gastric Balloon and Gastric Botox, and determine whether you are a candidate for weight loss without surgery.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatments

The two methods of weight loss treatments available without surgery are Gastric Balloon and Gastric Botox. You should be aware that these are two different treatments even if the application and the result are very similar. The outcomes are not drastically different, and they can lead to very positive outcomes. You can read the following for a quick summary of the two treatments:

Gastric Balloon

There are two types of gastric balloons. These are known as smart gastric balloon and traditional gastric balloon. They both function in the same way. Patients who receive gastric balloon treatment feel fuller in their stomachs and experience hunger less frequently. As it reduces hunger, this makes the patient’s diet simpler aiding weight loss.

Gastric Botox

With gastric botox, a patient’s stomach muscles are temporarily incapacitated by a liquid botox injection. The patient’s digestion is slowed down due to the paralysis of the stomach muscles that facilitate digestion in the stomach. When this is backed up by diet, the patient experiences both satiety with a little portion and long-lasting fullness because the food in the stomach takes a while to be digested. This enables the patient to drop weight gradually over time.

What Is a Gastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloon treatment entails putting a saline-filled balloon into the patient’s stomach. After the treatment, the patient will constantly feel full and will not desire to eat as frequently. In this situation, weight loss will be possible if the patient eats low-calorie foods.

With the exception of 8 hours of sleep per 24 hours, a person who experiences hunger three or four times during 16 hours will experience it only once after getting a gastric balloon treatment. In other words, the gastric balloon allows the patient to reduce their stomach’s capacity while also preventing them from feeling hungry because the balloon will make them feel full. When combined with diet, this produces very successful weight loss results.

What Are the Types of Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method. It entails placing a saline-filled silicone balloon inside the patient’s stomach. There are two ways to do this;

Traditional Gastric Balloon: The traditional gastric balloon procedure entails putting the patient to under anesthesia before inserting a tube into his mouth to access his stomach. The balloon is inserted into the patient’s stomach and inflated. With this, the process is complete. It is an incredibly quick and painless treatment and has no negative effects. However, the patient must visit the doctor a second time because the gastric balloon needs to be removed after six or twelve months.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon (Smart Gastric Balloon): The swallowable gastric balloon functions in the same way, but it has a different application. Gastric balloons that are swallowable are swallowed along with a glass of water. The process is finished when the balloon that was swallowed is inflated using the tube attached to the balloon. As a result, the patient experiences minimal discomfort, and the treatment is completed quickly.

The biggest appeal of smart gastric balloon treatment is that following the surgery, the patient does not need to return to the doctor. At the end of four months, the smart gastric balloon dissolves on its own and is then released from the body. As a result, the patient does not need to go to the hospital to have the balloon removed.

If you are interested, you can get in touch with us for detailed information about Traditional Gastric Balloon or Smart Gastric Balloon treatments.

Does Gastric Balloon Work?

As with all weight loss procedures, the gastric balloon cannot promise weight loss. The success rate of treatment is influenced by patients, who are all unique and lead different lifestyles. Some people are able to drop down 15 kilograms in just two months. Yet, others lose 3 kilograms in a month. The patient’s metabolism and the way their body reacts to the gastric balloon will determine the effectiveness of the treatment. The patient’s diet plan is, of course, the main factor. While the gastric balloon treatment is highly successful, ultimately, it is the patient who will make sure that the treatment will have the desired effect.

What Is Gastric Botox?

During a gastric botox procedure, the patient’s digestive muscles are temporarily paralyzed. With gastric botox, the patient’s ability to eat is not limited as in gastric balloon treatment, but instead, the patient stays full for a long time since the food takes a long time to be digested. This way the person feels full for longer and loses weight more easily.

While usually, people start to feel hunger after 3-4 hours of eating, this is extended to 12 hours with gastric botox. However, after gastric botox, the patient starts to feel hunger almost 12 hours after eating. Losing weight is made a lot simpler as a result. With the help of a dietician, the patient can maintain this treatment and possibly achieve a very positive outcome.

Does Gastric Botox Work?

Gastric botox is a popular procedure all over the world. Of course, not every patient can achieve the same successful outcome. Although everyone receives the identical application of the Gastric Botox treatment, the patient’s lifestyle and metabolism may produce different outcomes. It would not be appropriate to make a promise that it will function or not because of this. You should be aware, nevertheless, that 80% of people who have gastric botox are happy with the operation. This fluctuates according to how the patient’s body reacts to the treatment and how they eat after the procedure.

Gastric Botox and Balloon Similarities

Both gastric botox and gastric balloon:

  • are preferred for slimming.
  • are treatments that are performed endoscopically.   
  • are effective for six months on average.
  • can help patients drop down 10-15% of their weight.

Gastric botox and Balloon Differences

Gastric BotoxGastric Balloon
It involves injecting botox into the stomach walls.It involves placing a saline-filled silicone balloon inside the stomach.
The patient can leave the hospital in an hour.The patient should spend four hours in the hospital for observation.
Following the surgery, the patient does not experience pain. It is very rare to feel ill or uncomfortable. The patient may experience nausea for two days and might need to take medication.
After six months, the patient’s stomach’s liquid botox is naturally dissolved. There is no need for the patient to see the doctor again.Unless a smart balloon is used, the patient should return to the doctor after six months to have the conventional gastric balloon removed.

Gastric Botox or Gastric Balloon?

Both gastric botox and gastric balloon have similar results. After gastric balloon and gastric botox treatments, patients often lose 15-20 kilograms in the following six months. Reading the comparison mentioned above will help you make this decision. Because each treatment will produce unique results for each patient, patients will decide what is best for them in this situation. You will be able to make a more informed decision if you have read our content.

While the gastric balloon treatment has a better success rate, the complaints of patients after gastric botox are significantly lower. Remember that this varies depending on the patient’s preferences and diet, and consider everything before you make your decision.

Is Gastric Botox or Gastric Balloon Painful?

Both treatments can be administered painlessly. The operation will not hurt because you will be under general anesthesia.

After Gastric Botox treatment, the patient can continue their daily activities without any problems. It is recommended that they do not consume hot food or drinks in the following few days. There are minimal side effects.

Patients should give themselves a few days after the gastric balloon to get accustomed to having the gastric balloon in their stomach. While it is not painful, your stomach will be uncomfortable for two to three days due to the gastric balloon. All of these complaints will stop in a few days, and you will be able to lose weight without complications.

Risks of Gastric Botox and Gastric Balloon

Both gastric balloon and gastric botox treatments have very low-risk levels as they are non-invasive operations. This is why you should be aware that the likelihood of the following dangers occurring is extremely low. The following are other risks you might encounter:

Gastric Botox Risks

There will be no effect if the patient is not allergic to botox. You might even forget that you have had the botox treatment. However, if you are allergic to botox, this might be fatal. On the other hand, although it is not regarded as a risk, it is possible for the patient to not lose weight even if there do not experience any negative effects from the procedure. This might happen if patients do not pay attention to their diet after the operation.

Gastric Balloon Risks

Despite being at least as risk-free as botox, the gastric balloon may, regrettably, cause discomfort in some patients and may even need to be removed. Other than that, there is a one in a thousand chance that the balloon will deflate. Of course, you should not worry as this is a low risk.

Gastric Botox and Gastric Balloon Prices

Prices for gastric botox and gastric balloon treatments might vary greatly. Prices will vary depending on where the patients are treated and how well the facility performs. The cost of the treatment can vary even depending on the age of the patients. The patient can follow the campaigns in September or March or receive the Cheap Gastric Botox treatment at the best pricing. You must also consider which country to get your treatment. One destination that is preferred often by international patients is Turkey. Prices for gastric botox and gastric balloon treatments in Turkey will be far more reasonable than those in the European countries and the UK, where they are very pricey.

You can get more information about gastric botox and gastric balloon treatment prices in Turkey by reading the rest of our article.

Gastric Botox and Gastric Balloon Prices in Turkey

The cost of gastric botox and gastric balloon treatments varies a lot in Turkey. Patients should pick the city where they will have the treatments, request quotes from hospitals, and make an informed decision. This can be a very long time. It can be challenging to determine which hospital or clinic will offer the greatest deal. For this reason, you ought to get advice from a health expert with expertise in this area.

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