Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in Turkey?

Getting Teeth Done in Turkey

One of the most common oral and dental treatments is the installation of dental implants, which are applied in situations where one, several, or all teeth have been lost. In dental implant treatments, artificial titanium tooth roots are used as the implant, which is inserted into the jawbone.

People who have finished their bone development, are at least 18 years old, and do not have any hindering health issues can easily apply for dental implants and travel to Turkey for dental care.

Who can have an implant in Turkey?

  • Patients who are missing just one tooth
  • Patients who suffer from complete or partial edentulous
  • Patients who have experienced tooth loss caused by trauma or other factors
  • Individuals with facial or jaw deformities
  • Patients suffering from melting jaw bone problems
  • Patients who choose not to wear a removable prosthesis

In Turkey, dental implants are of a particular length and thickness. The dental implant that will be inserted into the jawbone needs to be thick enough and have enough volume. This is why it is important that the patients have enough bone in the jaw to support the implants.

The use of any blood thinners is ceased before treatment, especially in patients. Another important issue is the patients who take blood thinning medications. Patients should stop using these medications before the dental implant treatment. Additionally, those who have bone resorption problems can also receive dental implants after consulting with their dentists and necessary treatments.

Who Cannot Have Implants in Turkey?

Implant treatment may pose a risk for patients who smoke too much.

The bacterial plaque that accumulates in the oral tissues is increased by smoking. It gradually increases the risk of infection. The fusion phase of the implant with the bone is also affected negatively because of the toxic substances and carbon monoxide in cigarettes. Additionally, the recovery process after the treatment is also impacted if the patient is a smoker. For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that the patients cut down the amount of smoking or quit entirely. If you are a smoker, you can consult your dentist in Turkey for more information.

Implant treatment may pose a risk in diabetic patients.

Patients with uncontrolled diabetes should avoid implant placement since the tissue healing process tends to be longer. Application of an implant is possible if blood sugar levels can be managed. After receiving implant surgery in Turkey, diabetics should take extra care to maintain good oral hygiene.

Implant application may pose a risk for patients with heart disease.

If a patient with heart problems chooses to receive dental implants in Turkey, they can coordinate their dental implant treatment process with a heart specialist and your dentist in Turkey.

Implant application may pose a risk for those with hypertension problems.

When presented with circumstances that are painful or stressful, people who suffer from chronic hypertension could react excessively. Their blood pressure may spike suddenly during dental procedures, or issues like bleeding or congestive cardiac failure may develop. Therefore, blood pressure readings should be taken before hypertensive individuals begin the dental implant process.

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