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What is Hair Transplantation?

Let’s take a look at baldness and hair loss before hair transplant treatments. Hair loss is the shedding of hair follicles on the scalp in a way that does not grow back. Baldness is also the condition of proliferation of the bald area caused by this condition. So why does the hair fall out? What should be done to prevent hair loss? Is hair transplantation a permanent solution? You can learn all these details by reading our content.

However, hair transplantation is; It is the process of collecting the hairy area on the scalp as grafts and transplanting them into the bald area. Hair transplantation, at first, involves changing the location of the hair on the patient’s head, even though it may feel as if the patient is transplanting from the outside. This is done with hair taken from strong hair areas that do not tend to fall out. In short, hair transplant treatments sort of change the location of the hair on the scalp.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair has a form that can be shed and worn over time. While the weakening of the hair follicles and the loss of hair may be related to the diet of the person, sometimes the hair may fall out seasonally. However, most of the time, hair loss is caused by genetic factors. Although the causes of hair loss cannot be clearly stated, male pattern hair loss is the most common type of hair loss. This often affects people with a family history of hair loss.

If you are also experiencing hair loss, you should have a hair analysis and find out why your hair is falling before you get hair transplant treatment. Thus, you can get permanent treatments with the necessary care after hair transplantation treatments. Otherwise, even if you are experiencing hair loss due to environmental factors such as malnutrition, you should be more careful after getting hair transplant treatment and take care not to lose your hair.

For Whom Hair Transplant Treatments Are Suitable?

Although hair transplant treatments are suitable for many patients with hair loss, it is important that the patients are older than 24, of course. Because the hair loss so severe that it does not regrow becomes clear after the age of 24. On the other hand, the patient who wants to have a hair transplant must have sufficient donor area on the scalp. Otherwise, hair transplantation cannot be done from the hair in the scalp.

For this, hair transplant clinics in Turkey should be consulted and information should be obtained about different techniques. At the same time, hair loss of patients is caused by cancer, but hair transplantation treatments will not be suitable for the patient. Because the hair of hatsas who receive cancer treatment starts to grow back at the end of the treatment. It is not necessary to have a hair transplant and it will not be the right decision.

What are the Types of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation treatments have been applied for many years. However, of course, the techniques used when it was first applied have changed over time. This ensures that he has a lot of technique. Although there are many techniques in hair transplantation treatments, the most frequently used techniques are FUE, FUT and DHI. You should also know that each of them is a different procedure from each other. It would be right to make a choice depending on the patient’s preference or the doctor’s recommendation. To give a brief information about the techniques;

FUT: The FUT hair transplantation technique involves the removal of the hair grafts, which will be taken from the donor area, first of all, completely in the skin. That is, the scalp of the hatsas is cut into strips and the skin is removed. The grafts collected from this removed skin are planted in the recipient area. This procedure is an older method compared to others and causes scars on the patients’ heads. It will also prolong the healing process.

DHI: It can be said that the DHI technique is the newest technique. Although it is a close technique with the FUE technique, a kind of pen is used in the DHI technique. This pen with a sapphire tip allows hair follicles to be taken from the scalp as grafts. At the same time, there is no need to make room on the scalp to plant the grafts. When the pen is injected into the area to be transplanted, the hair graft will automatically settle into the area.

FUE: Although the FUE technique is an older technique than the DHIn technique, the name is still the most used technique. It leaves no traces and is completely painless. A special pen is used to remove hair follicles, ie grafts, from the scalp. However, this pen is used to make room for the patients’ grafts to come out. The grafts are collected from the opened area with tweezers and collected. Then, the space is made with the same pen and the grafts are transplanted into the bald area.

What Makes Turkey Different in Hair Transplant Treatments?

Hair transplant treatments are extremely important treatments. Sometimes it is necessary to transplant hair from the hairline and sometimes to the top of the head. Regardless of the region, hair transplant treatments should of course be taken from professional hair transplant specialists. Otherwise, it is possible for patients to be dissatisfied with the treatment. In addition, hair transplant treatments are also a kind of aesthetic treatment. It is preferred for a better view. This of course means that it is a treatment that insurance does not cover. This is exactly why patients prefer Turkey.

If you examine the UK hair transplant prices or you will see how high the Poland hair transplant prices and Germany hair transplant prices are. However, hair transplant prices in Turkey are so affordable that patients prefer more grafts than they need and only have thicker hair. At the same time, the fact that the surgeon who will receive hair transplant treatment is very successful and experienced will increase the success of hair transplant treatments. Turkey is the world leader in hair transplant treatments. This has made hair transplant surgeons in Turkey more experienced than in many other countries. In short, with Turkey hair transplant treatments , Patients will be treated better and will not have to pay high prices.

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Unfortunately, hair transplant treatments are not covered by insurance since they fall under the field of aesthetic treatments. This requires patients to pay the full cost of hair transplant treatment. In this case, patients prefer Turkey to avoid high costs and to receive better quality treatments. We, on the other hand, provide hair transplant treatments in Turkey with the best price guarantee. Like many clinics, we apply one price for everyone, regardless of the number of grafts, the area to be transplanted or our expertise. Only 1350€ but also if the hatsas prefer package services together with hair transplant treatment, then our price is 1.650€.
Our services included in the Hair Transplant package price;

  • Hotel accommodation during the treatment period
  • VIP transportation service between airport-hotel-clinic
  • After Hair Transplant Shampoo set
  • Medication
  • All tests

Fue Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

FUE hair transplant technique is the most commonly used technique. For this reason, many clinics will give different prices for you. If you are planning to have a Turkey FUE hair transplant, it is important that you get a successful treatment from a good surgeon. However, you should know that getting hair transplant treatment at affordable prices in Turkey does not mean that the treatments will fail. Because Turkey is a country with low living costs. This, of course, ensures that very reasonable prices are possible even for the best hair transplant treatment.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey

Hair transplant treatments will vary according to the hair graft that people need, the density of the donor area, the size of the recipient area, and the experience of the specialist who will receive the treatment. For this reason, patients should make sure that they find the best prices when choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey for hair transplant treatment.

Otherwise, they may have trouble paying extra money. The competition among Turkey hair transplant clinics ensures that foreign patients can receive treatment at the best prices. Most of the time, Turkey hair transplant clinics offer reasonable prices in order to attract patients.

This allows other hair transplant clinics to discount prices. In short, patients receive treatment at local prices.

In order not to be affected by all these, you can choose us as Cureholiday. So you can be sure that we will offer the best prices for your treatments. This will also ensure the most successful treatments. Therefore, it prevents you from worrying about choosing a good clinic while searching for a clinic.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Clinics

Istanbul hair transplant treatments are often preferred. Istanbul, Turkey’s largest and most crowded city, is of course often the first stop for foreign patients and vacationers. For this reason, it hosts many hair transplant clinics. The high number of hair transplant clinics in Istanbul also ensures that the prices are the best. However, of course, it is important to find the most successful clinic, as well as to find the best among the hair transplant prices in Istanbul.

For this reason, patients should research the clinics before choosing Istanbul hair transplant clinics and researching Istanbul hair transplant prices. Thus, they will be sure of the reliability of the clinic. To avoid all of these, you can contact us. By guaranteeing the best hair transplant price in Turkey, you can provide hair transplant surgery. For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Istanbul Hair Transplant Prices

Istanbul hair transplant prices are quite variable. Although this is the case in every country, if we consider that women come to Istanbul for more affordable hair transplant treatments, of course, they will want to get the best prices. As mentioned above, hair transplantation prices will differ according to many reasons. You can choose us in order not to be affected by this price difference.

Thus, you can get hair transplantation treatment with one price and the best price guarantee without graft limit. Because the prices in Istanbul start with €1,500 and go up to €5,000. As Cureholiday, we promise only 1,350 € unlimited grafts!

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