Turkey Gastric Balloon Best Prices and Offers

Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss method and should be examined from more than one angle. In our content about Gastric Balloon, you can find all information about Gastric Balloon and FAQ, Best Countries and Cities for Gastric Balloon, as well as Price reviews. You will learn more information about Turkey Gastric Balloon. You can continue to read our content about the treatment that we have examined in 3 different sections;

Things To Know About Gastric Balloon

Although gastric balloon application may seem easy and risk-free, there are some things you should know before treatment. In addition, questions from our patients for treatments are listed below. Thus, you can find all kinds of information about how the treatment begins, how it will progress and how it will end in this section.

Thus, you can easily decide whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment. If this content containing all kinds of information is not enough for you, you can contact us and ask any question you want.

What Is Gastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloon is one of the non-surgical weight loss methods. It is suitable for patients who are overweight. When patients cannot achieve sufficient weight loss with sports and diet, they prefer gastric balloon. For this, there are some conditions for patients to receive a gastric balloonGastric Balloon involves inflating the balloon placed in the patient’s stomach. Thus, the patient does not feel empty in his stomach and this prevents the feeling of hunger.

Turkey Gastric Balloon Prices

Who Is Suitable For Gastric Balloon ?

Gastric Balloon is suitable for patients with a body mass index between 30 and 40. Gastric Balloon therapy can be used primarily as a weight loss treatment, as well as as an adjunctive therapy in preparation for bariatric surgery. Patients who want to receive Gastric Balloon should have a BMI between 30 and 40, and have not undergone surgery on the stomach and esophagus at the same time.

Is It Possible To Lose Weight With Gastric Balloon?

The purpose of the Gastric Balloon is to lose weight. However, in some cases, it is difficult for patients to lose weight. Gastric Balloon gives a feeling of satiety in the stomach from the moment it is placed in the stomach. This rate continues for 6 months and the patient does not feel hunger. This, of course, makes it easier for the patient to diet and allows the patient to lose weight.

How Much Weight Loss Does The Gastric Balloon Provide?

It is not possible to say how much weight the patient will lose, even in gastric balloon, stomach botox and even weight loss surgeries. therefore, it would not be correct to say how much weight loss the gastric balloon will provide you. However, if we look at the potential of the gastric balloon, it can reduce the body weight of patients by 20 or even 30 kilos. But you should know that it also depends on the patient’s diet.

How Does The Gastric Balloon Work?

Gastric balloon creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach of patients. The ghrelin hormone in the stomach makes the patient feel hungry when the stomach is empty. The fact that the gastric balloon makes the stomach feel full also prevents the patient from feeling hungry. This provides a serious weight loss when supported with calorie-restricted diets.

Gastric Balloon Risks

What Should Be The BMI For Gastric Balloon ?

Gastric balloon can be preferred for two different treatment purposes. One of them is mainly to lose weight with gastric balloon, and the other is to lose weight before bariatric surgery. While it’s the same treatment for both, balloon treatment for baiatric surgery usually involves removing the balloon after adequate weight loss. For both purposes, the appropriate BMI for gastric balloon is between 30 and 40.

Gastric Balloon Is There Any Harm Or Side Effects?

Gastric balloon does not require any surgery. It contains a balloon that can be easily inserted into the patient’s stomach. This reduces the risks and side effects. It is also possible, of course, to experience some nausea and pain immediately after the procedure. If you take the necessary medicines, this will pass. On the other hand, you may have read somewhere before about the very small risk of bursting a gastric balloon. To explain this, too;

The balloon placed in your stomach during the treatment consists of blue dyed salt water. For this reason, although the probability of the balloon bursting is low, it does not harm the patient when it bursts. Since this has a color difference that can be seen from the stool of the patient, there is no harm or risk. When this possibility comes to the fore, it will be sufficient to talk to your doctor.

Is Gastric Balloon Painful?

Gastric balloon is a procedure that the patient receives during sleep. Therefore, the patient does not feel pain during the treatment. The procedure takes 20 minutes and the patient wakes up within 1 hour. When the patient wakes up, there is a small chance of stomach pain, but you should know that it is not an unbearable pain. This is also treated with the drugs you will use after the treatment and the patient gets a successful result.

Will There Be A Suture Scar After The Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon is done by reaching your stomach through your mouth. Therefore, it does not require any incisions or stitches. This ensures that you don’t have any scars.

Is Gastric Balloon Painful?

Do I Need To Stay In The Hospital After Gastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloon is such an easy procedure that patients do not need to stay in the hospital after treatment. It is enough to be observed for 4 hours after the operation. Then you can return to your daily life. So if you get the operation early in the morning, you will have nothing in the afternoon!

How To Inflate Gastric Balloon?

Gastric Balloon consists of filling the deflated balloon placed in the stomach of the patient with saline solution. When the thin tube extending from the mouth to the stomach takes its place in the stomach, the balloon begins to inflate. The patient is asleep during the procedure and does not feel anything. The balloon is inflated to a sufficient size with blue salt water. Thus, the process is completed

Will I Have To Diet Along With Gastric Balloon ?

You do not have to diet after Gastric Balloon. Although weight loss surgeries require this, non-surgical weight loss procedures do not require it. But of course, it is better to diet for faster and surer weight loss. Thus, you can get more efficiency from the Gastric Balloon.

Does The Gastric Balloon Pop?

Gastric balloon is very unlikely to burst. But you should know that in this case too, there is nothing to worry about. If the gastric balloon is inflated with salt water and is dark blue, it means that all precautions have been taken. It is not possible for you to feel that your gastric balloon has burst. However, if you see blue stool after the big toilet, it is possible to understand this. In this case, you should know that it will not harm you and you should call your doctor.

How Long Is The Gastric Balloon Used?

Gastric Balloon has 2 different types and 3 different usage times. These;

  • Smart gastric balloon; Although this is a new technique that has emerged recently, many doctors do not recommend it. Because swallowing the balloon is very difficult and nauseous for patients. For this reason, patients start taking drugs before they can swallow the balloon and their vomiting reflexes disappear. However, it is still quite alarming to swallow a deflated balloon that is not small and then feel it inflate from the thin string that runs from your stomach to your mouth. Although this treatment is not a treatment preferred by us, it has a duration of use of 4 months.
  • Traditional Gastric Balloon Short Term; Suitable for 6 months of use. At the end of 6 months, the balloon is removed.
  • Traditional Gastric Balloon Long Term; It is suitable for 12 months of use. At the end of 12 months, the balloon is removed.
Cheap Gastric Balloon

What Are The Types Of Gastric Balloons?

Although there are 4 different types of balloons, the Allurion Elipse Swallowable Gastric Balloon is not a recommended type. For this reason, the first three types of balloons are more preferred. You can also evaluate this in your gastric balloon preference;

  • Medsil Gastric Balloon
  • Orbera Gastric Balloon
  • Spatz 3 Gastric Balloon
  • Allurion Elipse Swallowable Gastric Balloon

Does Gastric Balloon Guarantee Weight Loss?

Gastric Balloon, gastric Botox or even bariatric surgery cannot guarantee weight loss. The diet you follow after treatment will affect your weight loss. Therefore, if you stick to the nutrition plan after the treatment, your weight loss will be proportional to it.

How To Remove Gastric Balloon?

The same procedures applied while attaching are also applied when removing and there is no difference.

Gastric Balloon Payment And Prices

You can read this section to get information about gastric balloon prices, gastric balloon costs, gastric balloon insurance applications and gastric balloon FDA approvals.

Is Gastric Balloon Covered By Insurance?

Although weight loss surgeries are covered by insurance, unfortunately, non-surgical weight loss methods are not covered by insurance. Patients pay for gastric balloon privately, since the excess weight of the patients is not so much as to affect their health.

What are the Gastric Balloon Prices?

What Is The Cost Of Gastric Balloon?

Gastric balloon costs are variable. In order to receive gastric balloon, patients must first decide where they will receive the treatment. Even the hospital where you will receive treatment is a big factor in changing prices. For this reason, you should examine the Countries section in the continuation of our content to learn the averages. So it will be easy for you to find the best Gastric Balloon at the best price.

What Are The Gastric Balloon Prices?

Gastric balloon prices are different from Gastric balloon costs. Gastric balloon cost can vary greatly between countries and patients may need to seek treatment in a different country for the best price. However, gastric balloon prices vary greatly within a country. The fact that the cost of the gastric balloon is X€ in country A does not mean that the prices will be the same throughout the country. For this reason, it is important that you do a good research about Gastric balloon prices and costs.

Can I Get Cheap Gastric Balloon?

In fact, although it is possible to get cheap gastric balloon, patients should also follow their success rates while receiving treatment. Because although gastric balloon are simple treatments, patients need relevant doctors and a hygienic treatment environment for a good weight loss and a painless process.

In this case, while it is a very right decision for the patient to receive cheap treatment in countries where the treatment cost is cheap, it may be a wrong decision to receive cheap treatment in a country where the treatment cost is expensive. In such a case, you should make sure that you are receiving treatment from a specialist doctor. Otherwise, the reason for the low cost of treatment will be that you receive treatment from unauthorized persons. By continuing to read our content, you can get both successful and high quality gastric balloon and have them done very cheaply.

Istanbul Gastric Balloon Prices

Country And City Selection For Gastric Balloon

It is possible to get inexpensive gastric balloon . For this, you need to choose a country that provides both successful and inexpensive gastric balloon. Otherwise, it will be very risky for your health for someone who is not authorized to make a gastric balloon for you cheaply. That’s why you can find the best place for cheap treatment by reading Country and City Selection for Gastric Balloon. Thus, you will receive successful treatment and benefit from the best prices.

Which Country Is Best For Gastric Balloon ?

As mentioned above, gastric balloon have many risks and advantages. Before choosing a good country to receive good treatment, you should know that there are more than one issue to be considered. Because it is important that gastric balloon is as cheap as they are successful. You don’t have to pay as much as a surgical procedure. For this reason, you should pay attention to the following when choosing a country;

Cheap Treatment Prices: You should know that gastric balloon have cheap costs. Therefore, make sure that the prices you pay are also cheap.

Successful treatments: The other point that pays as much as the treatment prices is that the treatments are successful. Although gastric balloon are quite easy, if they are not performed in a hygienic environment and are not performed by an authorized doctor, you will be likely to receive painful and poor treatment.

Cheap Cost of Living: If you want to stay in the country you go to for treatment, even for 2 or 3 days, pay attention to the living costs to stay cheap in a luxury hotel. Thus, your transportation between the hospital and the hotel will be cheap.

Gastric Balloon Treatment Turkey

Which Country Is The Cheapest For Gastric Balloon Treatment?

Turkey is one of the countries that are very successful and cheap in gastric balloon . For this reason, many people come to Turkey to receive Turkey gastric balloon. But why is gastric balloon cheap in Turkey? What is the cost of  Turkey Gastric balloon ? You can continue reading our content for details. However, you should know that Turkey gastric balloon are successful in many ways, as mentioned above;

Turkey’s low cost of living, very high exchange rate and experienced surgeons offer the best opportunities for treatment. Would you like to get gastric balloon at these cheap prices?

Gastric Balloon Treatment Turkey

Have you heard about gastric balloon in Turkey before? Turkey gastric balloon treatment prices, Turkey gastric balloon success rates and more, believe it is the best for you!
We wrote above how to choose the best country for gastric balloon treatments. Turkey is suitable for all these criteria in gastric balloon treatments. Turkey Gastric Balloon will bring more advantages for you.

With the cheap gastric balloon, successful gastric balloon and low cost of living, patients who receive gastric balloon in Turkey are quite satisfied. You can see how much advantage you will gain by examining the prices of Turkey gastric balloon

Turkey Gastric Balloon Prices

Turkey Gastric balloon treatment prices  depend on which city you will receive treatment and which hospital you will receive treatment in. In addition, it is possible to get treatment at the best prices by following the campaigns carried out once or twice a year. Turkey Gastric balloon prices vary between €2,500 – €4,000 on average.

However, you should know that it is possible to get treatment at cheaper prices. Due to the low cost of living in Turkey, Turkey gastric balloon costs  are also very cheap. However, there is a problem that, no matter how good the costs are, the prices that hospitals receive can be high. Therefore, paying high costs for gastric balloon prices in Turkey will not affect the success and results of the treatment. In short, there will be no harm in choosing the cheapest Turkey gastric balloon treatments.

Is Turkey Gastric Balloon Treatment Successful?

Since Turkey is a frequently preferred country for gastric balloon treatments, it is of course possible for you to receive highly successful treatments from experienced surgeons. However, as this is not valid for every Hospital, you should make sure that the hospital or doctors you prefer are experienced in Gastric Balloon treatments. For this, you can contact us and get treatment from surgeons who are experienced in their field.

Why Is Turkey Gastric Balloon Cheap?

There are several reasons why gastric balloon treatment prices in Turkey are cheap. The 3 biggest reasons are as follows;

Cheap cost of living: The low cost of living in Turkey not only affects the cost of treatment, but also enables patients to spend less on basic needs such as accommodation, transportation and nutrition.

High exchange rate: Turkey’s high exchange rate increases the purchasing power of foreign patients. For this reason, patients who cannot receive treatment in their country can get gastric balloon treatment very cheaply in Turkey.

Frequently preferred for Gastric Balloon treatment: Since it is a country that is frequently preferred for gastric balloon treatments, hospitals give the best prices to patients in order to attract patients due to the competition among themselves.

Best City For Gastric Balloon In Turkey

You have many options for gastric balloon treatments in Turkey. Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir… All these cities are the 3 most preferred cities. However, it should be noted that Kusadasi is frequently preferred in order to receive cheap and successful treatments. Even for patients who want to combine vacation and treatment, Kusadasi gastric balloon prices and advantages are also very high. Even if you get about 10 prices for Istanbul gastric balloon prices, there will not be much difference between the prices.

However, Kusadasi is an easy location to access and it is often preferred because it provides the cheapest and most successful treatments in its immediate surroundings. We also recommend Kusadasi for the best gastricbalon treatment. However, it will be sufficient to contact us for other cities where you still want to receive treatment. So you can find out the best prices.

Kusadasi Gastric Balloon Prices

Although Kusadasi gastric balloon prices are variable, we provide the best fixed prices. Although it is sometimes possible to provide treatment with package services in our Kusadasi treatment prices, our prices are 450€ as gastric balloon do not require staying in the hospital and spending a long time in Turkey.

Isn’t that an extremely good price? To compare with Istanbul gastric balloon prices or Antalya gastric balloon prices, Kusadasi gastric balloon prices are quite affordable.

How Does the Gastric Balloon Provide Weight Loss?