Even while men seem to like hair transplantation more, women do occasionally require this type of transplantation. Periodic hair loss may be hereditary or congenital. Spills can occasionally be very annoying even if they are so minute that they are not visible to the human eye. Treatments for hair transplantation are necessary.

There is no external hair transplant surgery while using hair transplant therapies. It involves moving the hair from the parts of your scalp that aren’t prone to shedding to the bald spots. With the aid of specific procedures, the hair is transplanted into the bald area from the donor portion of your head, which is split into the donor area and recipient area.  gradually thickening and lengthening your new hair, this helps to treat the balding issue.


Treatments for hair transplantation do not need to meet any additional requirements. There are, of course, some characteristics that those who are thinking about obtaining a hair transplant should have. The majority of those who are thinking about getting a hair transplant share these traits.

  • Not Being Completely Bald
  • Sufficient donor area
  • Having a healthy body


Like other treatments, hair transplants have side effects. Every treatment has hazards, even if they are minor. because they are medical procedures that call for an anesthetic. Even the easiest treatments and the healthiest patients are at risk from anesthesia. There are dangers associated with hair transplant procedures in addition to the anesthetic risk. Depending on the desired clinic, these risks may change. For your hair transplant procedures to be successful and trouble-free, you should carefully select the clinic you like. Otherwise, many risks are likely to be experienced. the risk associated with hair transplant surgery;

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction to anesthetics
  • Loss of Transplanted Hair
  • Unnatural Appearance


If you are planning to get hair transplant treatment, you should definitely choose to get it in a different country. Because therapies for hair transplants shouldn’t be left to chance. Selecting a nation whose name you commonly hear in relation to hair transplant treatments is quite necessary if you want to receive successful hair transplant procedures. You don’t sound like a foreigner in this country.

Turkey is considered the capital of the world! You can plan to receive treatment in this country, which provides the most successful treatments in hair transplant treatments. Because, even if the treatments result in any country without complications, it will take a long time to see the results and you don’t want to be late, do you?

A few months after planting, you will be able to view the complete outcome. Even though that is a considerable amount of time, what if the transplants seem so fake and absurd? There is too much at stake. Even when you believe the treatments are going well, as your hair begins to grow, you could feel anxious rather than excited. They might take a different path or make a skewed path of progression. You should also receive therapy in a good nation that has a successful track record if you want to avoid going through all of them.


Prices are as important as success in hair transplant treatments. This can make quite a difference. Therefore, the country selection is important. You will learn how expensive beauty treatments are if you do some research on hair transplant procedures. You can also look at the table below for this. Some nations believe it to be a joke! If you don’t do enough research, you can regret it because the price disparities are so great. Additionally, the choice of the country where you will receive the treatments will significantly affect the prices. It would be wiser to give up on this matter right away if you intend to obtain treatment in a nation like Germany or England.

The number of hair transplant specialists is limited in these nations since there are few hair transplant facilities there and because they are not favored nations. It also explains why its costs are so astronomically high, making it one of the nations you should certainly stay away from. Instead, as was previously indicated, you can receive the best care at the most affordable cost by receiving treatment in Turkey, which is effective. The low cost of living and high demand for hair transplants in Turkey significantly lower the price of hair transplant procedures. When compared to other nations, savings of up to 80% are possible.


Although the cost of treatment in Turkey is extremely low, we at CureHoliday ensure that you receive the best treatments from the most successful surgeons with our years of experience so that you can be treated at the lowest possible cost. Unlike many clinics, we offer an unlimited number of grafts for a single price!

At the same time, we provide services that will keep your extra expenses to a minimum with our package prices for accommodation, transportation, and many hospital examinations.

The cost of our treatment is 1,350€.

The cost of our treatment package is 1.650€.

The package includes the following services:

  • Full-time transplant treatment in the hospital
  • PRP therapy
  • Medicines
  • shampoo set
  • 2 days stay in a 5star hotel
  • Airport transfers
  • PCR test
  • nursing service
  • Medication


There are multiple reasons for this;

  • There are a lot of Hair Transplant Clinics: Competition is created by a large number of Hair Transplant clinics. Clinics offer the best prices to attract foreign patients so that they can be the patients’ first choice.
  • Exchange Rate Extremely High: Due to Turkey’s extremely high exchange rate, foreign patients must pay extremely low prices for even the best treatments. 1 euro is 16.19 TL in Turkey as of 14.03.2022. This is a significant factor influencing foreigners’ purchasing power.
  • Low cost of living: When compared to other nations, Turkey has a lower cost of living. This has an impact on treatment costs. In actuality, the final two elements considerably lower the cost of not only treatments but also lodging, travel, and other necessities of life in Turkey. Your excess spending will therefore be at least considered.


Hair transplant procedures are extremely important. As a result, it would be inappropriate to treat people ignorantly. There are some things you should start with and things you should do before making a treatment decision. Obtain specific information about them;

  • It is important for hair transplant treatments to look natural: Before getting hair transplant treatments, remember that you must choose experienced surgeons. Hair Transplants should be transplanted correctly depending on the direction of the hair. Otherwise, an unpleasant and unnatural-looking image is possible and irreversible.
  • Hair transplant treatments do not have to cost thousands of euros: Hair transplant treatments are often quite expensive because they are cosmetic procedures. However, you should be aware that you do not have to pay that much for it. If you make the right decision to get Hair Transplantation treatments, you can get them at a very low cost.
  • You should know the responsibilities of hair transplantation. You should know that your responsibilities do not end with planning the treatment and making the payment. There are some behaviors you should avoid after treatments. For this reason, you should definitely apply post-treatment care and use special shampoos.
  • You should be aware that following hair transplantation, your hair will fall out: Your hair will shed suddenly after transplantation; this is known as shock shedding. Later, it will resurface. Don’t worry, the likelihood that you will encounter a treatment-related issue will be incredibly low as long as you make sure your doctor has experience.
  • Do Not Allow Post-treatment Edema: Edema is a common complication after treatments. You can, however, avoid it. Edema will cause swelling and bruises as well as a delay in healing. By applying cold pressure, you can provide the least amount of edema (with ice).


  • Hair Transplant treatments have care that requires a lot of attention. As a result, you must follow these steps.
  • You should use the medicines given regularly. While medications are necessary for normal blood flow and pain relief, they are also necessary for infection prevention. . As a result, the most important thing is to take the prescribed medications on a regular basis.
  • Sweating is bad for your hair follicles and prevents them from growing healthy.
  • Because of the stress caused by hair loss, take care to spend time away from stress after planting. You can do this by taking a two-week vacation in the country where you will transplant. There is information for this in the remainder of our content.
  • Remember that you will be using medication after planting, so abstain from alcohol for one week. Alcohol is harmful to newly planted hair because it enters the circulatory system directly from the blood circulation.
  • The next day after hair transplantation, the bandages in the neck epilation area should be removed and dressing should be done. Then apply ice to prevent edema from falling on the head and eyes.
  • Nothing will be applied to the transplantation area after the second day of hair transplantation. Only use medications and solutions that have been prescribed by your doctor.


  • On the first day, never wash your hair. On the second day, you must visit the hospital to obtain a dressing. We recommend washing your hair after the third day. It is difficult to achieve the desired outcome from planting if it has previously been washed. In this case, the doctor will usually wash the patient’s hair.
  • If you must go outside, wear a soft hat that does not irritate your head.
  • It is important to ensure that the transplanted part does not touch or bump into anything.
  • You should avoid smoking, coffee, tea, and alcohol for the first three days following hair transplantation. Because they contain drugs and irritants that enter the blood directly, newly planted hair follicles are affected very quickly.


  • The planted area should be protected from sun and rain for at least 15 days
  • You should avoid entering very hot or very cold environments, wash with warm water instead of hot or cold water, and stay away from pools, the sea, and, The Turkısh sauna. Such sites also increase the risk of infection and reduce the success rate of the surgery.
  • It is mandatory to wash the unwashed head for the first three days with a pH 5.5, antibacterial, low chemical shampoo for 15 days beginning on the third day. This shampoo kills bacteria and microbes on the scalp and promotes hair follicle growth after hair transplantation. (You will most likely be given this shampoo set by the clinic.)
  • About one week after planting, wounds and crusting on the scalp disappear.

           You don’t have to worry about that.

           The area where the hair follicles are retrieved shows little redness and pimples a few days following the procedure. If you use the medicine regularly and pay attention to hygiene, the medicine ends after a while.


  • If you’re washing your hair for the first time after 3 days, we recommend starting in the center where you applied it. Because the materials used are expert, this ensures post-operative management and that the cleaning process is trouble-free.
  • The special solution provided for use after sowing should be applied on a regular and careful basis. It is critical to use it, especially during the first 15 days. Once or twice a day, apply this lotion with your fingertips and rinse with warm water.
  • There will be a loss of hair. You don’t need to fear or believe that transplantation is ineffective. This is a routine procedure. New hair starts to grow from the hair follicles positioned 1.5 cm below the epidermis a few months after the transplantation.
  • Ten days following the hair transplant, the crusting on the scalp starts to peel off. Give a gentle massage while washing your face to improve your skin.
  • After hair transplantation, if you feel itching, tell your doctor and ask for medication. Never apply substances like jellies, sprays, or gloss in planting areas.


Treatments for hair transplants can be incredibly thought-provoking. You must do research before the treatments and get the answers to the questions in your mind. As a result, you can relax a little by reading the FAQ below.


Hair transplant procedures are usually somewhat unpleasant. Of course, thinking about a needle going in and out of your head will be unsettling. However, your head will become completely numb during the treatments. Local anesthesia allows you to feel nothing during the procedure. This makes treatments painless. Furthermore, the method of treatment you select will be selective in terms of post-treatment pain. If you choose a technique such as the FUT technique, you can expect to experience pain after the treatments. However, if you choose a technique like FUE or DHI, you will not feel any pain.


The amount of hair needed is determined by the hair analysis to be performed by the physician. After the spill type is determined, compaction can be applied to the areas that are likely to spill. In cases where a single session is not enough, the best results are usually obtained after the second session.


The type of shedding is more important than the age for the procedure. When the skin is visible to the naked eye, it means that the hair density in that area has fallen below 50% of normal density. In this case, hair transplantation is the most effective treatment for the individual.


The most important factor in determining age in the transplantation process is whether or not the hair loss has stopped. Male pattern hair loss is a permanent condition and the rate of shedding slows after the age of 35. It should be noted that shedding may occur when the supplement is made in patients under these ages, and the patient may require a second or third session.


Hair transplantation takes between 4 and 8 hours. If the person does not want this process to be known in his work and social environment, he needs about 7 days after hair transplantation. If he has no such concerns, he can return to his normal life within one day.

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