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What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatments are favored treatments for missing teeth. The natural loss of teeth over time or the loss of teeth due to an accident significantly reduces a person’s quality of life. Because your teeth not only allow you to eat, they also allow you to say words. Deficiencies in the anterior teeth or other teeth not only reduce the chewing function of food, but also cause incorrect pronunciation during speech and will not be aesthetically pleasant. It is therefore important to have dental implants and to improve the quality of life. Izmir Dental Implant clinics will give you many advantages.

Advantages of a Dental Implant.

Dental implant treatments are an area of aesthetic dentistry. They are more convenient and optional treatments used to treat missing teeth. As a result, it can be costly for patients to obtain dental implants. (This does not mean, of course, that it will be expensive for each clinic and each country). However, you should always know how much it costs to treat a dental implant;

  1. Enhances the quality of life.Gives a natural dental aspect
  2. Restores the chewability.
  3. Restores cosmetic look and feel.
  4. Helps prevent jaw shrinkage as a result of bone loss.
  5. Keeps the surrounding bones and gums healthy.
  6. Helps keep adjacent teeth stable

Dental Implant Risks

Although dental implant treatments provide very comfortable and easy-to-use oral health, unfortunately, there can be risks in some instances. These risks can be caused by the development of your bones or the failure of your dentist’s procedures. If you plan to receive dental implant treatment because of this, you need to obtain treatment from a successful dentist.

Because our content is specific to Izmir dental implant treatments, you can facilitate successful dental implant treatments by reading our content. Alternatively, your dental implant treatments can lead to:

  • Damage to the natural teeth surrounding the implant.
  • Damage to surrounding tissue during surgery, like sinus perforation.
  • Wound during the operation.
  • Insufficient functionality
  • Uncomfortable feeling.
  • Implant body failure
  • Delayed recovery
  • Difficulty clearing gums around the implant.
  • Untreated periodontal disease
  • Loss of feeling caused by nervous compression or damage.
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Dental Implant Treatment Stages

  • Consultation & Treatment Planning :We examine your teeth and gums, discuss your medical history, and take a 3D cone beam scan and a digital impression of your bite. These recordings can be used to plan your surgery ahead of time and create a surgical guide to help the dentist position the implant precisely in your jaw.
  • Placing Your Dental Implants: Your dental implant is placed on the day of your procedure (free hand or digitally guided surgical procedure if you prefer). Your dentist incises the gums and carefully inserts the implant into the jawbone. The implant is then left to heal under the gum or with a small metal cap or healing abutment.
  • Designing Your New Tooth: After two to three months, your dentist will verify that your jaw has healed properly before taking digital impressions for the dental laboratory to design your crown.
  • Creating Your New Tooth: We organize your visit to the dental laboratory to meet our dental technician, who will carefully match and color your new crown with the existing teeth.
  • Fitting Your New Tooth: Once your crown is complete, your abutment and crown are attached to the dental implant.
  • Protecting Your Smile: Six months after the installation of your crown, you will have a follow-up appointment to check your dental implant and crown, then have your teeth cleaned and polished by a professional.

Why Do People Go to Izmir For Dental Implants?

Treatment with Izmir dental implants is the first choice for many patients. As mentioned above, implant treatments offer patients extremely comfortable oral health and increase their quality of life. So this can be very costly. But it is precisely the answer to the question. The primary reason why Izmir dental implant treatments are preferred is that quality treatments can be obtained at affordable prices.

The starting price for dental implants in most regions of the world is about 1,600 euros, which of course prevents a person from having several dental implants.

İzmir dental implants treatments provide patients with multiple successful dental implants at affordable prices. As mentioned above, the success of dental implant treatments is dependent upon the experience of Izmir dental clinics. Because of this, if you can’t access costly dental implant treatments in your country, you can get quality dental implant treatments at very affordable prices with dental implant treatments from Izmir.

İzmir Dental Clinics

The dental clinics of Izmir are sanitary and equipped. Same-day dental implant, which is preferred by many patients in dental implant treatments, is available in dental clinics in Izmir. On the same day, dental implant treatments require adequate technological equipment at dental clinics. Due to this, of course, it is not possible to obtain these treatments at each dental clinic. Because most dental centers in Izmir treat foreign patients, they have that technology.

We, CureHoliday, provide  the best treatments in Izmir dental clinics, and you can reach us for treatment in a luxurious and comfortable design in very hygienic and well-equipped dental clinics. 

İzmir Dental Holiday

Izmir dental implant treatments not only provide inexpensive dental implant treatment for foreign patients, but also allow patients to take vacation time while receiving dental implant treatment. Dental implant treatments from Izmir also allow patients to enjoy a cheap vacation with a cheap dental implant treatment. Given that dental implant treatments are costly in many countries, patients prefer Izmir dental implant treatments. You can schedule a dental holiday in Izmir for a single package with cheap dental implant treatments. You can contact us for further information on dental holidays in Izmir.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants In Izmir?

There are many reasons why you should be treated with an Izmir implant. If we need to examine them in detail;

Izmir Inexpensive Dental Implant: Implant treatments are highly expensive in many countries. But this is not the case for Turkey. Moreover, although there are cases where implantation treatments are expensive in Turkey, it is not like in other countries. As well, the prices of Izmir dental implants are very affordable.

İzmir Cheap Hotel Prices: Izmir’s dental implant treatments will need to stay in my life, even for a short period of time. Consequently, you do not need to pay additional fees for accommodation. Package prices for Izmir dental implants, even if you don’t prefer package service with free accommodation, Izmir hotels are affordable and inexpensive.

Izmir Hygienic Dental Clinics: It should be pointed out that the dental clinics in Izmir are very hygienic. Considering that dental implant treatments are serious and important procedures, you will be far more likely to receive effective treatment in dental centers in Izmir.

İzmir İmplant Package Prices: Having more than one implant treatment as described below will result in the patient spending more. For this reason, dental implant treatments from Izmir are possible at very affordable prices with the standard prices of dental implants from Izmir. You can continue reading our content to learn more about the prices of Izmir dental implants.

Izmir Dental Implants Prices

Izmir dental implant package services ensure that patients do not pay additional charges for hotel accommodation, transportation and other tests or consultations while receiving dental implants. To give an example, if you plan your own dental vacation, you have chosen one of the hotels close to the dental clinics of Izmir. Besides, you paid for a hotel for a week. Let’s say you don’t pay for transportation.

Because you are near, it is possible to receive dental implant treatment at high cost, as well as walking distance. At the same time, dental consultations and radiographs will not be included in this price. The price you will schedule and extract all this will be much more than the prices of the Izmir Dental implant package. That’s why you can choose the Izmir Dental Implant Package for your Izmir Dental Implant treatments. You’ll find out how much you’ll save.

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