What Is Involved In A Breast Enlargement/Augmentation In Turkey?

What Is The Procedure For Boob Job In Turkey?

In Turkey, breast augmentation surgery has been performed for many years by our reputable medical centers. In clinics, where you will be met by both your designated plastic surgeon and a committed host, this common aesthetic procedure will be carried out by doctors who have attained ISAPS (International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) certification.

At this session, the doctor and you will go over the breast enlargement Turkey procedure, and you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have. In addition, they will analyze you before your breast augmentation surgery to determine the optimal form, height, and kind of implant for you. Your expectations will be addressed and determined. You will then put your signature on the permission paperwork.

If you are a suitable candidate for breast implant surgery in Turkey, the treatment will be performed under general anesthesia after a series of basic exams.

Breast enlargement surgery in Turkey takes two to three hours, depending on your condition, and you will be requested to stay overnight following the treatment to ensure that you are watched by a trained doctor during the night and that any bandages need to be changed.

You can stay in the hospital for 4 days, but on the second day of your breast implant/boob job operation in Turkey, you can go to your hotel and recuperate there. You might also attend some peaceful events or activities around your hotel.

How Many Days After The Surgery Can I Return To My Country?

Following the fourth day and your visit at the doctor’s private clinic to remove the drainage and change the dressing, you will be given a thorough aftercare regimen that includes medications, things you should do, and any other advice specifically for your circumstance.

You can then decide between taking a flight home and remaining in contact with our physicians while you heal or staying in Turkey for a few extra days to continue your holiday.

If you experience any negative effects or the appearance of any dangers after returning home, you should contact one of the private hospitals in your home country to visit as part of your aftercare treatment.

Surgery for breast augmentation or enlargement in Turkey carries some dangers, just like any other aesthetic operation. These include bleeding, infection, insufficient breast healing, breast feeling alterations, implant breakage, blood clots, and skin wrinkles. This danger proportion is really low, though. Although there are dangers, we take all necessary precautions to make sure your breast augmentation Turkey procedure is carried out accurately and safely. To ensure that the operation is safe and won’t have a long-term effect on you or your safety, you must let the surgeon know if you have any medical issues before to it.

Why Choose Turkey For Breast Implants/ Augmentation Surgery?

The most well-known and frequent treatment that our plastic surgeons in Turkey have carried out is breast augmentation. No of your reason for wanting to have breast augmentation, you may discover globally approved facilities and specialized doctors that are knowledgeable about both the procedure and the medical tourism industry as a whole.

Each of our breast job complete packages in Turkey includes round-trip airport transportation, hotel, surgery, and all necessary post-operative care for up to 12 months. In particular, our aftercare program offers assistance with any discomfort or worries you might experience following surgery, as well as advice on how to take care of your healing breasts and what you can do during that time.

Breast implants must fit your body type and general health to be effective. As a consequence, our doctors will discuss the appropriate type, style, and form of implant for breast augmentation surgery in Turkey to get the best possible outcomes.

Although we are dedicated to supporting each of our patients in achieving their objectives, your health always comes first, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands. Turkey is a good place to learn more about affordable breast implants

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